This Week's Games

Friday 29th August
Evo Stik North
Matlock T v Barwell 3-1

Saturday 30th August
Evo Stik North
Ashton Utd v Stamford 0-1	 
FCUM v Ramsbottom Utd 3-1	 
Grantham T v Belper T 	 1-0
Halesowen T v Blyth Sp	 1-2
Ilkeston  v Curzon Ashton 1-1	 
Kings Lynn T v Trafford 0-1 
Marine v Buxton 1-2
Nantwich T v Frickley Ath 3-2
Rushall v Skelmersdale Utd 0-0	 
Whitby T v Witton Albion 1-1 
Workington v Stourbridge 1-0
FA Cup
Holbeach Utd v Boston T 2-4
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Sudbury Res v Debenham LC 2-4
Braintree T Res v Downham T 1-1
Cornard Utd v Needham Mkt Res 1-3
Halstead T v King's Lynn Res 2-1
Leiston Res v Dereham T Res 0-1
March T Utd v Long Melford 0-4
Stowmarket T v Woodbridge T4-1
Swaffham T v Team Bury 5-2

Monday 1st September
Evo Stik North
Curzon Ashton v Workington 0-0

Tuesday 2nd September
Evo Stik North
Barwell v Rushall Olympic 3-1
Belper T v Kings Lynn T 3-3
Blyth Spartans v FCUM  0-1
Buxton v Grantham T 5-1
Frickley Ath v Matlock T 1-0 
Ramsbottom Utd v Marine 3-2
Skelmersdale v Ashton Utd 1-1
Stamford v Ilkeston FC 0-4
Stourbridge v Nantwich T 5-3
Trafford v Whitby T 3-3
Witton Alb v Halesowen 2-0
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Debenham LC v Woodbridge T 3-0
Gt Yarmouth  v  Lynn Res 0-5
Stowmarket T v Leiston Res 3-3
Team Bury v  Sudbury Res 1-0

Wednesday 3rd September
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Haverhill Borough v Cornard Utd
Long Melford v Halstead T

Saturday 6th September
Evo Stik North
Barwell  v Witton Albion 	  
Belper T  v Whitby T 	  
Blyth Spartans  v Buxton 	  
Curzon Ash  v Rushall  	  
Frickley Ath  v Skelmersdale Utd 	  
Grantham T  v Ashton Utd 	  
Halesowen T  v Workington 	  
Kings Lynn T  v Nantwich T 	  
Marine  v FCUM 	  
Matlock T  v Ilkeston FC 	  
Ramsbottom Utd  v Stamford 	  
Trafford  v Stourbridge 
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
AFC Sudbury Res v Stowmarket T    
Debenham LC v Dereham T Res 
Gt Yarmouth T v Braintree T Res     
Needham Mkt Res v Lynn Res    
Team Bury v Saffron Walden T   
Woodbridge T v March T Utd   

Monday 8th September
Evo Stik North
Ilkeston v King's Lynn T

Tuesday 9th September
Evo Stik North
Ashton Utd  v Trafford 	  
Buxton  v Frickley Ath	  
FCUM  v Matlock T 	  
Nantwich T  v Grantham T 	  
Rushall Olym  v Halesowen T 	  
Skelmersdale Utd  v Blyth Sp	  
Stamford  v Barwell 	  
Stourbridge  v Belper T 	  
Witton Alb  v Curzon Ashton 	  
Workington  v Marine 

Wednesday 10th September
Evo Stik North
Whitby T v Ramsbottom Utd
On This Day
Year F-A
1910 Carrow H 2-1
1921 North Walsham H 3-0
1927 Thetford Town H 5-2
1930 Lowestoft H 1-1
1932 Cromer H 2-0
1938 Chelmsford Reserves A 3-1
1949 West Ham 'A' H 3-1
1955 Notts County Res A 1-4
1957 Worksop Town A 2-1
1958 Yiewsley (SLC) H 2-1
1959 Bedford Town (CVC) A 6-5
1960 Dartford H 6-1
1966 Skegness (FAC) H 4-3
1977 Burton Albion A 1-0
1979 Holbeach United (EAC) A 1-1
1983 Cheltenham Town H 3-2
1988 Evesham United (FAC) A 0-3
1994 Dudley Town A 4-0
1996 Chelmsford City H 2-2
2001 Chelmsford City A 2-2
2005 Cheshunt A 1-0
2011 Soham Town Rangers (FAC) H 2-1
2013 Grantham Town H 1-1

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A little know fact is how the area surrounding the ground, also known as 'the Walks' was so named. In the 18th century the river running through the area was known to have healing power. Much like Lourdes in France. People would travel the world in order to bath in the holy waters. People with disabilities who were previously immobile would get out of the water and straight up onto their feet. Hence the name 'the Walks'. To this day the home players, who are in on the now closely guarded secret, bath in the waters to heal there injuries.

To this day the home physio will have a bucket full of the healing water in the dressing room during the half time interval. Players who may have limped off will come running out for the second half.

Loudes, France

Linnets' Forum / Leon Mettam to Tamworth
« on: June 10, 2014, 10:25:59 PM »
It was only a dream that we'd sign him I suppose.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Worksop
« on: May 28, 2014, 04:06:00 PM »
A real shame. It seems the board were a bit hasty making the decision. I recall Hastings Town resigned and then tried to have it withdrawn unsuccessfully from the Southern League in 98/99. For all the board knew a money man could have been waiting in the wings.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Different league next season
« on: May 24, 2014, 02:53:37 PM »
It would fantastic to get Leon Mettam in the side, but I think clubs higher in the pyramid will appeal to him more.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Poor Little Lad
« on: May 21, 2014, 06:16:23 PM »
It was probably the final straw as they didn't wish him a Merry Christmas in December.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Looking ahead!!
« on: April 25, 2014, 12:01:48 AM »
How about Mark Jones if we could prise him from Spalding.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Looking ahead!!
« on: April 23, 2014, 05:01:51 PM »
He might well have returned to Boston, but I wonder if they have noticed ?

Ouch ! LOL. He was at the Walks on Monday.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Re: todays match
« on: March 30, 2014, 09:15:39 PM »
i am being a. bit thick here but what does i m o stand for
In my opinion.

In your opinion what? :dontknow:

 :laughuntilicry:  :laughuntilicry:  :laughuntilicry:

Well as I'm married, whatever it is, it don't really matter!

In that case what you're looking for is IMWO. :clapping:

Linnets' Forum / Re: Tomorrow
« on: March 22, 2014, 08:53:47 AM »
Has he been playing regularly ?

He's been a regular in a not very successful Bedford Town side. It would be great to see his return. Player of the season before the injury. Though I haven't seen anything official saying he's coming back.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Proof of the 2nd goal wasnt a goal
« on: March 17, 2014, 02:41:44 PM »
I'm sure Chorley, AFC Fylde, Worksop or Skem will be thrilled to bits if that one goal gives FCUM home advantage in the play offs.

Alex was too casual perhaps. I wonder what Ashley Timms would have done? :cardr:

Linnets' Forum / Re: Pedro
« on: March 10, 2014, 03:20:32 PM »
I can't see that it would be a wise move to become dependant on Ashley Timms. He doesn't appear to hang around at any club for any duration. Maybe he thinks its time to settle at a club, maybe not. We could let Pedro go then a week later Timms ups and leaves.

Linnets' Forum / Re: They must be proud of him
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:48:25 AM »
I see he has his hands behind his back there...

He's playing guess which hand the w~@#er sign is in.

Linnets' Forum / Re: todays match
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:09:18 AM »
Reading about Ryan Fryatt's knee injury I'm reminded of Stuart Wall. What a player he was, our player of the season before the cruciate injury. I understand he's back playing for Bedford Town who play at the same level as us. Could we interest him in a return?

Linnets' Forum / Re: Next Season
« on: March 04, 2014, 07:58:32 PM »
These 25-30 goals a season strikers may be hard to come by as they're all at Worksop. Leon Mettam 34, Tom Denton 20 and Jack Muldoon 16. All beat our top scorer with 12.

Linnets' Forum / Re: Play-off place still up for grabs
« on: February 28, 2014, 04:14:44 PM »
In order to have a chance of reaching the play offs the players have to believe it's still possible. It needs very motivated players to go the extra mile. If they don't think we have a chance there's the possibility of them just going through the motions.

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