This Week's Games

Friday 29th August
Evo Stik North
Matlock T v Barwell 3-1

Saturday 30th August
Evo Stik North
Ashton Utd v Stamford 0-1	 
FCUM v Ramsbottom Utd 3-1	 
Grantham T v Belper T 	 1-0
Halesowen T v Blyth Sp	 1-2
Ilkeston  v Curzon Ashton 1-1	 
Kings Lynn T v Trafford 0-1 
Marine v Buxton 1-2
Nantwich T v Frickley Ath 3-2
Rushall v Skelmersdale Utd 0-0	 
Whitby T v Witton Albion 1-1 
Workington v Stourbridge 1-0
FA Cup
Holbeach Utd v Boston T 2-4
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Sudbury Res v Debenham LC 2-4
Braintree T Res v Downham T 1-1
Cornard Utd v Needham Mkt Res 1-3
Halstead T v King's Lynn Res 2-1
Leiston Res v Dereham T Res 0-1
March T Utd v Long Melford 0-4
Stowmarket T v Woodbridge T4-1
Swaffham T v Team Bury 5-2

Monday 1st September
Evo Stik North
Curzon Ashton v Workington 0-0

Tuesday 2nd September
Evo Stik North
Barwell v Rushall Olympic 3-1
Belper T v Kings Lynn T 3-3
Blyth Spartans v FCUM  0-1
Buxton v Grantham T 5-1
Frickley Ath v Matlock T 1-0 
Ramsbottom Utd v Marine 3-2
Skelmersdale v Ashton Utd 1-1
Stamford v Ilkeston FC 0-4
Stourbridge v Nantwich T 5-3
Trafford v Whitby T 3-3
Witton Alb v Halesowen 2-0
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Debenham LC v Woodbridge T
Gt Yarmouth  v  Lynn Res 0-5
Stowmarket T v Leiston Res
Team Bury v  Sudbury Res

Wednesday 3rd September
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Haverhill Borough v Cornard Utd
Long Melford v Halstead T

Saturday 6th September
Evo Stik North
Barwell  v Witton Albion 	  
Belper T  v Whitby T 	  
Blyth Spartans  v Buxton 	  
Curzon Ash  v Rushall  	  
Frickley Ath  v Skelmersdale Utd 	  
Grantham T  v Ashton Utd 	  
Halesowen T  v Workington 	  
Kings Lynn T  v Nantwich T 	  
Marine  v FCUM 	  
Matlock T  v Ilkeston FC 	  
Ramsbottom Utd  v Stamford 	  
Trafford  v Stourbridge 
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
AFC Sudbury Res v Stowmarket T    
Debenham LC v Dereham T Res 
Gt Yarmouth T v Braintree T Res     
Needham Mkt Res v Lynn Res    
Team Bury v Saffron Walden T   
Woodbridge T v March T Utd   

Monday 8th September
Evo Stik North
Ilkeston v King's Lynn T

Tuesday 9th September
Evo Stik North
Ashton Utd  v Trafford 	  
Buxton  v Frickley Ath	  
FCUM  v Matlock T 	  
Nantwich T  v Grantham T 	  
Rushall Olym  v Halesowen T 	  
Skelmersdale Utd  v Blyth Sp	  
Stamford  v Barwell 	  
Stourbridge  v Belper T 	  
Witton Alb  v Curzon Ashton 	  
Workington  v Marine 

Wednesday 10th September
Evo Stik North
Whitby T v Ramsbottom Utd
On This Day
Year F-A
1905 Fakenham Town (Fr) A 8-3
1911 Carrow H 3-1
1922 Lowestoft Town H 4-1
1925 Thetford Town H 4-1
1926 Bury Town A 2-1
1933 Histon Institute (FAC) A 2-0
1936 Norwich CEYMS (MS) H 5-1
1950 Norwich City (LC) H 2-1
1952 Eynesbury H 5-1
1957 Lincoln City Reserves H 1-1
1961 Bath City A 2-1
1963 Cambridge Utd (LC) A 0-2
1967 Guildford City A 2-2
1970 Bury Town (FAC) A 2-1
1972 Thetford Town (FAC) A 1-2
1978 Bury Town (FAC) A 2-1
1980 Matlock A 3-3
1986 Bedworth A 0-3
1989 Oldbury United (FAC) A 1-1
1995 Racing Club Warwick A 1-2
1997 Nuneaton Borough H 1-1
2000 Havant & Waterlooville A 1-4
2006 Cirencester Town A 6-1
2008 Stafford Rangers A 0-0

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Linnets' Forum / Re: Buster on low gates
« on: October 21, 2013, 07:22:53 PM »
Getting back to the initial issue raised which appears to be lack of cash coming into club.

Over last 2 weeks I've been to Lynn v FCUM (1440) & Camb Utd v Salisbury (3300)

Not withstanding the huge gulf in quality between the games, the most striking difference was the apparent way the clubs go about utilising what they have.

At 1.30 the previous Saturday, at least two local pubs were packed out with a mixture of Lynn but mainly FCUM supporters, having turned up at ground to be told that facilities weren't open (this was from them) now this is not a unique position, it seems to happen quite a lot.

Contrast that with Camb Utd, at 12.45 the club bar was busy and by 1.15 was packed. Football was on big screen, beer was reasonably priced and hot food was being dished out at a regular rate, OK I had to pay 1.50 to get in as a non member but deemed it worth it, and was clear that two pubs close to ground we're not full with football fans, they were also very keen to remind people that the bar would be open after the game and into evening with entertainment (I'm not suggesting that's suitable for Lynn) and would be open all day Sunday.

Allied to this was the community element, there had been a kids football tournament played in the morning and during 1st half on park by ground, with what appeared to be final on pitch at half time, these kids all had a parent with then, had a very passionate community officer looking after them, now I'm sure these parents got in free but a significant number were buying drinks and food for themselves and kids. You could also see the absolute joy these kids had at being there.

It was clear that they see themselves very much at the heart of the football supporting community in Cambridge, whereas I'm not sure Lynn see that as a requirement.

Now these are only 2 small things but maximising the facilities and community to the full on match days must be as much a priority as the need to attract another 150-200 people in.

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Matt Nolan
« on: September 20, 2009, 07:49:32 PM »
And scored twice today as Lowestoft went top, what an asset he would have been for us at this level

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Defty's Fury @ King's Lynn Exit
« on: June 26, 2009, 11:46:25 PM »
Move it to the ex-player forum where it belongs

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Defty's Fury @ King's Lynn Exit
« on: June 20, 2009, 12:24:47 PM »
Have to agree with that, like I said PR nous....

And just changing tact, great to see the Purple nosed one not getting his own way for once, that must come as a shock to the bully boy

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Defty's Fury @ King's Lynn Exit
« on: June 19, 2009, 08:05:31 PM »
Totally agree with Jack with this one. The way the club have treated last season squad is shocking. Some people seem to have very short memories, wasn't it that most of last season squad were part of the Champion winning squad of a few seasons ago, the same level which we find ourselves now yet not good enough all of a sudden. Wasnt it these guys that went for weeks on end without pay yet stuck with the club whilst others like Frewy jumped ship. Their loyalty has been repaid with a right royal middle finger.....shocking.

IMHO the same board the brought us to the brink of great things have taken us back years, bringing in a novice of a manager that has wripped the heart and soul out of the club, that shows utter comtempt for last years players that is agrogant beyond comprehension is depressing.

An example of how our club is now being run: We let our leading goal scorer leave whilst our novice manager registers himself because we're short of numbers. Maybe Jack was asking to much money........Oh hang on a mo we will never know because he was never called.

Well said Bristol.

Is this the same novice manager that led a team on 1/10th of our budget to 4 places higher than us in the league.

As for ripping the heart and soul of our club, that's not down to Heggs, that was done by the ineffective management, tactics, poor performances on the pitch and the way the club was run last season.

In retrospect, I do believe that out of courtesy a phone call could have been made even if it was to say that a clean sweep of the club was being made, but if the budget allows for one top quality striker and the choice is Sheldon or Jack then it is a no contest and as unpalatable for those who believe Jack was Mr King's Lynn it is Sheldon. That is no to deride the contribution Jack has made to our club as it has been an excellent one over a large number of years - but sometimes a club just has to move on.

I would also add that whoever from the club is responsible for the continued inane response to every bit of criticism levelled at it is just making matters worse, it causes just even more criticisms and abuse to be levelled at it, either get someone with PR nous in to help make more appropriate statements or just let it ride

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Defty's Fury @ King's Lynn Exit
« on: June 19, 2009, 06:44:41 PM »
Perhaps the fact that we will not be paying over inflated wages for average players might be a clue.

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Michael Frew
« on: May 27, 2009, 07:50:05 PM »
In the BBC article Frewy makes reference to being played out of position for the majority of the time he was with us

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Gavin Hoyte released
« on: February 02, 2009, 05:30:41 PM »
Having signed Thomas & Graham on loan to the end of the season, I suspect neither can be released back to their relevant clubs.

So where does that leave us? Of all the above mentioned names Crane is the most obvious, but there again would Hoyte be prepared to come here and just be a squad player competing with Thomas and Graham (I think Peters has to play)?

Or do we look to sign him now and loan him out for the rest of the season on the understanding he will be major part of next season's squad?

Or do we believe that the current set up fine and don't chase his signature?

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Rikki Bains
« on: January 13, 2009, 12:26:20 PM »
Jesus Wrote:
> Good luck to him. We won't be held to ransom......

Why not, we were by a defender we signed in the summer and caved in after he rejected offer

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Matty Nolan
« on: September 22, 2008, 12:35:55 PM »
Class is permanent my boy - he will score wherever he plays

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Matty Nolan
« on: September 21, 2008, 01:39:16 PM »
Matty N scores again - 5 in 7 league games, how we could do with that!!

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Matty Nolan
« on: September 14, 2008, 12:17:05 PM »
Yet another goal today in the FA Cup

News of Ex-Linnets / Re: Matty Nolan
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:39:35 PM »
Another 2 today as Corby went 2nd

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