This Week's Games

Friday 29th August
Evo Stik North
Matlock T v Barwell 3-1

Saturday 30th August
Evo Stik North
Ashton Utd v Stamford 0-1	 
FCUM v Ramsbottom Utd 3-1	 
Grantham T v Belper T 	 1-0
Halesowen T v Blyth Sp	 1-2
Ilkeston  v Curzon Ashton 1-1	 
Kings Lynn T v Trafford 0-1 
Marine v Buxton 1-2
Nantwich T v Frickley Ath 3-2
Rushall v Skelmersdale Utd 0-0	 
Whitby T v Witton Albion 1-1 
Workington v Stourbridge 1-0
FA Cup
Holbeach Utd v Boston T 2-4
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Sudbury Res v Debenham LC 2-4
Braintree T Res v Downham T 1-1
Cornard Utd v Needham Mkt Res 1-3
Halstead T v King's Lynn Res 2-1
Leiston Res v Dereham T Res 0-1
March T Utd v Long Melford 0-4
Stowmarket T v Woodbridge T4-1
Swaffham T v Team Bury 5-2

Monday 1st September
Evo Stik North
Curzon Ashton v Workington 0-0

Tuesday 2nd September
Evo Stik North
Barwell v Rushall Olympic 3-1
Belper T v Kings Lynn T 3-3
Blyth Spartans v FCUM  0-1
Buxton v Grantham T 5-1
Frickley Ath v Matlock T 1-0 
Ramsbottom Utd v Marine 3-2
Skelmersdale v Ashton Utd 1-1
Stamford v Ilkeston FC 0-4
Stourbridge v Nantwich T 5-3
Trafford v Whitby T 3-3
Witton Alb v Halesowen 2-0
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Debenham LC v Woodbridge T 3-0
Gt Yarmouth  v  Lynn Res 0-5
Stowmarket T v Leiston Res 3-3
Team Bury v  Sudbury Res 1-0

Wednesday 3rd September
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
Haverhill Borough v Cornard Utd
Long Melford v Halstead T

Saturday 6th September
Evo Stik North
Barwell  v Witton Albion 	  
Belper T  v Whitby T 	  
Blyth Spartans  v Buxton 	  
Curzon Ash  v Rushall  	  
Frickley Ath  v Skelmersdale Utd 	  
Grantham T  v Ashton Utd 	  
Halesowen T  v Workington 	  
Kings Lynn T  v Nantwich T 	  
Marine  v FCUM 	  
Matlock T  v Ilkeston FC 	  
Ramsbottom Utd  v Stamford 	  
Trafford  v Stourbridge 
Thurlow Nunn League Div One
AFC Sudbury Res v Stowmarket T    
Debenham LC v Dereham T Res 
Gt Yarmouth T v Braintree T Res     
Needham Mkt Res v Lynn Res    
Team Bury v Saffron Walden T   
Woodbridge T v March T Utd   

Monday 8th September
Evo Stik North
Ilkeston v King's Lynn T

Tuesday 9th September
Evo Stik North
Ashton Utd  v Trafford 	  
Buxton  v Frickley Ath	  
FCUM  v Matlock T 	  
Nantwich T  v Grantham T 	  
Rushall Olym  v Halesowen T 	  
Skelmersdale Utd  v Blyth Sp	  
Stamford  v Barwell 	  
Stourbridge  v Belper T 	  
Witton Alb  v Curzon Ashton 	  
Workington  v Marine 

Wednesday 10th September
Evo Stik North
Whitby T v Ramsbottom Utd
On This Day
Year F-A
1910 Carrow H 2-1
1921 North Walsham H 3-0
1927 Thetford Town H 5-2
1930 Lowestoft H 1-1
1932 Cromer H 2-0
1938 Chelmsford Reserves A 3-1
1949 West Ham 'A' H 3-1
1955 Notts County Res A 1-4
1957 Worksop Town A 2-1
1958 Yiewsley (SLC) H 2-1
1959 Bedford Town (CVC) A 6-5
1960 Dartford H 6-1
1966 Skegness (FAC) H 4-3
1977 Burton Albion A 1-0
1979 Holbeach United (EAC) A 1-1
1983 Cheltenham Town H 3-2
1988 Evesham United (FAC) A 0-3
1994 Dudley Town A 4-0
1996 Chelmsford City H 2-2
2001 Chelmsford City A 2-2
2005 Cheshunt A 1-0
2011 Soham Town Rangers (FAC) H 2-1
2013 Grantham Town H 1-1

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Welcome & Rules for Posting
« on: November 11, 2008, 08:01:19 PM »
If your IP address indicates you are  outside the UK then send an e-mail to registrations @
(remove the spaces) prior to registration.
Otherwise you will be rejected and the IP address banned
If you register but your e-mail address is not on Facebook you may be put on probation for a short time - i.e. your posts will be subject to moderator approval before they appear.

The rules of this Forum are pretty simple:

1) Only registered users can post.
Registering is by e-mail so you MUST supply a VALID e-mail address.
When registering please choose a name that is not offensive, abusive or has sexual connotations,
otherwise it will not be approved.
Registration is not automatic although we will try to approve applications as soon as possible.
Using a meaningful e-mail address such as will be faster than
Using the e-mail address you use for a social networking site such as Facebook or Bebo will also help.

2) Use of this website forum implies acceptance of its Terms & Conditions
Regular offenders will have their IP addresses blocked.
The Administrator's judgement is final even when wrong.

3) Posts will be removed after they are one year old.

4) Users will be suspended if they have not logged into the Forum for more than a year.

5) Posts advertising non football related products and events will be deleted.

6) Unregistered users have read access only.

7) New registrants have a month to activate  their accounts. If not activated after this time the account will be deleted.

8) The administrators are only human and prone to making typing errors etc (they are deadly with Cut & Paste).
Please let me (Admin)  know of any errors - preferably by Private Message as opposed to telling the whole world.

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Re: Welcome & Rules for Posting
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2009, 01:11:49 PM »
A couple of points:

1) When inserting a smiley please leave a space after it, i.e. before the next word, otherwise it won't work and you will end up with something like this  :banghead:which is probably not what you wanted.

2) PM's. If, when sending a PM, you save it, you can go back and check in your outbox whether it has been read.