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Previous Season 1904-05 FIXTURES/RESULTS Next Season
Date       Opponents                          F-A    Att  Scorers
Sat 10 Sep Lincoln Liberal Club    (Fr)   H   8-2         Stevens 3 (1 pen), R Bannister, Ransome 2, ??
Sat 17 Sep Norwich CEYMS           (FAC)  H   5-1         Benefer, ? (pen), Wells, Ransome 2  
Sat 24 Sep Great Yarmouth Town            A   0-1          
Sat 01 Oct Great Yarmouth Town     (FAC)  H   3-5         Haylock, Bannister, Dines (pen)
Sat 08 Oct Cromer                         A   4-2         Stevens, Bannister, W Bannister, Dines (pen) 
Sat 15 Oct Peterborough Loco       (Fr)   H   6-1         W Bannister, Stevens 4, Ransome
Sat 22 Oct Wisbech                 (Fr)   A   5-2         W Bannister, Benefer, Stevens 3
Sat 29 Oct Peterborough Loco       (AC)   H   4-2         W Bannister, Dines (pen),B Bannister, S Stevens [Check scorers]
Sat 05 Nov Yarmouth                (NCC)  H   1-1         Ransome             [Abandoned in extra time - bad light]
Sat 12 Nov Beccles Caxton                 H   4-0         Lowings, Chamberlain, Stevens 2
Sat 19 Nov Yarmouth                (NCC)  A   4-0         Godfrey, B Bannister, Ransome(?), Lowings
Sat 26 Nov HMS Hearty              (Fr)   H  10-0         W Bannister, Chamberlain 4, Stevens 5
Sat 03 Dec Kirkley                 (AC)   A   1-3         W Bannister
Sat 10 Dec Diss                    (DCC)  H   8-0         Jolly (o.g), Stevens 3, B Bannister, Ransome, Lowings, W Bannister
Sat 17 Dec Kirkley                        A   1-1         Stevens (pen)
Mon 26 Dec Yarborough United       (Fr)   H   3-1         W Martin 2, Ransome
Tue 27 Dec Ipswich Town                   A   1-5         Stevens
Sat 31 Dec Cromer                         H   3-0         G Martin 2, ?
Sat 07 Jan Lowestoft                      A   0-1          
Sat 14 Jan Lynn Albion             (Fr)   H   4-3         Ransome, G Martin 2, Bannister
Sat 21 Jan Norwich CEYMS                  A   2-2         Ransome Ollett
Sat 28 Jan Yarmouth                       H   4-3         Ransome 2, Ollett, Stevens
Sat 04 Feb Lowestoft                      H   1-2         Chamberlain
Sat 11 Feb Beccles Caxton                 A   2-3         Dines 2
Sat 18 Feb Norwich CEYMS                  H   2-5         Benefer, Chamberlain                                        
Sat 25 Feb Caius College           (Fr)   H   6-2         Ransome, Stevens, Wilson, Chamberlain, Benefer, ? (pen)
Sat 04 Mar Norwich CEYMS           (NSC)  -   6-2         Steven 3, Lowings 2, Ransome
Sat 11 Mar Ipswich Town                   H   3-1         Medlock, Ransome 2
Sat 18 Mar Kirkley                        H   8-0         Ransome 3, Stevens 3, Lowings, Hodd 
Sat 25 Mar Norwich City                   H   4-3         Bannister, Stevens, Ransome, Medlock
Sat 01 Apr Norwich City                   A   2-2         Medlock, Stevens
Sat 08 Apr Peterborough Town       (LCC)  H   5-3         Benefer 2, Bannister, Chamberlain 2 (1 pen)
    12 Apr Lowestoft               (DCC)  -   2-2         Chamberlain, Ransome
Sat 15 Apr Cromer                  (LCC)  H   5-1         Medlock 2, Stevens 2, Benefer
Fri 21 Apr Sheffield               (Fr)   H   5-2         Martin 3, Chamberlain, Stevens
Mon 24 Apr Yarmouth                (NSC)  -   0-1   6500    
Wed 26 Apr Derby                   (Fr)       1-9         Medlock
Sat 29 Apr Fakenham Town           (DCC)  -   3-2         Medlock, Benefer, Bannister

The above is incomplete, seems to be a 5-0 win missing
The Club AGM (reported in the EDP)  gave the figures as P39 W24 D5 L10  F141 A76

In the semi-final of the Dereham Charity Cup Lynn drew with Lowestoft, the latter refused to play extra timem despite Lynn and the Committee offering to pay ther hotel expenses,
 and Lynn were awarded the game. Lowestoft, the holders of the cup,  were willing to replay the game but Lynn weren't.
On 23 April a team of "Lynn Fellows" took on the British Ladies FA at The Walks.
Lynn allowed use of the Walks Field as proceeds from the game were going to the building of a new hospital.
The following appeared in the Eastern Daily Press.
"Of football there was none, the ladies not being a very dashing set of Amazons. They were very late, 
short of two in number, and, beyond being arrayed in bloomers, knickers or divided skirts, could claim little 
semblance to footballers.
The crowd began to thin shortly after the start of the game, and got visibly less before the finish.
Football is taken seriously in King's Lynn, even when ladies claim to be exponents of the game."
Despite the above the ladies beat the men 3-1.
At the club AGM, Lynn distanced themselves from the event, which they were blamed for, pointing out it was not under their management
but allowed use of the field as   part of the receipts were going to the hospital.

Lynn should have played Norwich City in the final of the Norfolk Charity Cup but the City side had been ruled ineligible.