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Thanks to you guys for the information again. Ticket is paid at least I can reassure my family they won't get a ticket for parking at the front... And never to park at the back... Lesson learned... Coyl...  :cup2: :scarf: :bus:

Many thanks for both your replies. So a 60 parking charge /fine has been imposed whilst having a valid parking permit on the dashboard. This will need to be paid and then appealed if both the front & back car parks are covered by the permit. NTC issuing the parking notice do appear to have issued a number of Fines to other persons with valid tickets /permits on other sites according to the www? I'm sure legitimate errors. I will clarify as soon as I find out information so know one else incurs Charges/penalty notice with valid parking permit? Thanks   :scarf:

Can anyone help with information? Does anyone know if the Parking permits issued by the football club for Extons Road covers the front & back car parks? Our Parking Permit was on full view on the front dashboard but a parking fine/notice from NTC was received minutes after the car was parked behind the St James clinic yesterday before 3pm? Thanks

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