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General Discussion / Re: Expectations
« on: September 04, 2019, 12:46:48 PM »
I think realistically we still aim to stay up... It has to be the main aim, anything above this is fantastic.

The current run of form is great and IC has worked wonders. I personally would like to see a CB added as felt we looked a bit dodgy at the back at times last night.

The lads as a whole are doing great and lets hope they keep on this rich vein of form.

The only negatives for me last night were two things... the chairmans programme notes, I tend to find these quite cringeworthy, last night slating two clubs and moaning at fans again and secondly.. the beer in the B & G, I had two pints both which tasted poor (pipes need cleaning I imagine), so in the end settled for a can.

I must say the B&G itself looks great and the crowd last night were also on top form!

General Discussion / Random Question
« on: August 01, 2019, 09:23:45 PM »
Many years ago I was a mascot for Lynn against Boston Town in the FA Cup and I believe we won 5-1..

This was originally filmed and I had a copy on trusty VHS... However.. Due to moving house this has been lost and wondered if anyone had a copy I could copy??

I know this isn't what the forum is for but was hoping fellow Linnets maybe able to help..

I cant remember the exact year I would hazard a guess of 1995/6, the team would have had players like Lewis/Hales, Pascoe, McNamara, Hudson etc.

Thanks :)

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