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General Discussion / Dumb and Dumber
« on: February 09, 2021, 04:23:11 PM »
What a mess!At a time we need leaders of men,we find ourselves subject to sheep (some may say clowns) that are apparently incapable of making a decision. A decision that the man in the Street would be capable of making.Solely blaming the NL Board is so easy to do.Some of the Chairmen of the NL Clubs appear quite happy to criticise them but ignore their own part in it all.Quite happy to support them when free money was being given away,but not so keen when its not.Nothingís new when it comes to finances in football.Are Chairman only now realising that it takes serious money to run a football club at this level?Are there really no contingency plans at any of the Clubs?Money can run out for reasons other than a Pandemic,for example when a clubs sole benefactor has to call time on things.The Pandemic has been with us over a year and  many would say we look in a far worse shape than we did a year ago. I have to feel for some Clubs and their Chairman as they have conducted themselves in both a professional and morally correct manner.Take a bow Mr Parmenter! Itís a shame there are not a few more such as you and Dave Newton around.
To be granted as much money as they have been,and spend it in the manner that many of them have,only to cry can we have some more please,is nothing short of disgusting!Whatever sort of people do we have running this sport? Itís no good crying that they were told they would be granted more money,unless they can evidence this.They have been asked to do so but as far as I can see,not one Club or supporter has been able to do so.These are supposed to be successful businessmen running these Football Clubs.This in itself proves a lot.What other business would be given so much,then expect more? Iíll tell you. They are the same so called business people that always expect the hard working supporters to bail them out when they mess up,Pandemic or not!A policy of charging the absolute maximum they dare and then still ask for more when they have spent more than whatís come in!
Plan A or Plan B? Thatís laughable. What Plan? The only one Iíve ever seen is to open the gates and let it happen.If that is plan A,whereís Plan B?
As far as I can see there a few options going forward for The Linnets but probably very unpalatable to certain individuals.
a)Do nothing and follow other peoples lead.The easiest to do and suits people who act in a reactive manner rather than a proactive manner and have no ideaís of their own.Dangerous,as it gives you little time to react when you need to.
b)Carry on financing.Very apt that it sounds like a carry on film! Itís no secret that the Chairman has LOANED the Club several hundreds of thousands of pounds to get the Club to its current league standing.Pandemic or not everyone has now seen that despite this,unless money continues to be pumped in at such an alarming rate or much higher rate,this level is too rich for a Club such as Lynn. The important word here is LOAN.Itís basically a debt that the Club has taken on.If itís a loan it has to be paid back unless the person that lends the money is prepared to right it off.Please donít believe any statements such as it being loaned for tax purposes,unless the person saying it wants to tell you how that works.Unlikely!
c)We hear Supporters of other Clubs have raised this amount or that amount for their Clubs.Many are huge sums,some in excess of over £100,000.Our Chairman seems to be bemused that the same doesnít happen here.This could be for a number of reasons but the Lynn supporters probably donít like to be called Buffoons,see other football supporters being trolled and insulted on social media,think its throwing good money after bad,or they want to have a say in where the money goes etc. One thing that seems to have flown below the radar when other clubs fund raising is quoted against Lynnís is that these clubs mentioned are very often Fan owned clubs,or clubs that fans at least have an involvement in. Its not difficult to work this out and its only natural that supporters will give more freely if they are actively involved with the running of their Clubs.This is not just a football Club thing or indeed a Sports thing.It happens everywhere.The Clubs not only benefit from the increased opportunity to the availability of money from far more supporters willing to offer their financial support which is could well help the long term sustainability of their Club.Sharing the workload,sharing the responsibility and in my opinion something that is very important,share the knowledge and ability to get things done.If Clubs want to compete with the big boys on the pitch they need to compete with them off the pitch.WeItís no good being miles behind with this.If  Chairmen wants to continue with a sole ownership model they need to continue with the sole benefactor model as well and supply all the money required themselves.Itís all down to the people that have made the decision to put themselves in this position.Thereís been several attempts to get supporters to donate money to the Club money but sooner or later the penny is going to drop that itís just not happening at Lynn,and probably wonít in sufficient amounts unless there are some major changes.
d)Go into Administration to protect the long term future of the Club. This would probably enable the Club to survive albeit at the expense of its NL position.
e)Cancel contracts/furlough players/reduce wages and play reserves.Youíd really see which players wear the Linnets badge on their hearts and those that choose to kiss their chequebooks. The argument about these players being part time and having to travel all over the country and hold down other jobs comes up here.I suppose itís a pain when you are playing but a bonus when you are not,as they will all probably still be receiving their main income from their day jobs,unlike the poor full time professionals.Even if the wage bill was to be cut in half,carrying on until the end of the season is still likely to cost 10ís, maybe 100ís of of thousand of pounds to do,so appears as if its all down to the Chairmanís willingness or ability to do this.
f)Refuse to play and see what the result is.Relegation?Where would they put us?What if half a dozen clubs followed this route?Let them do it and put then put them in Court?What court in the land is going to go against a club that is forced to take this decision during an unprecedented Pandemic?Other Clubs would very likely support those that take this route and could make it very awkward for the NL Board if they want a fight.
Whatever happens or is decided upon,for our sanity and for the sake of basic common sense,just get it done!
Other ideas from anyone?

General Discussion / Back to The Future
« on: October 18, 2020, 08:35:55 PM »
The results are nowhere good enough at the moment,but should we expect anything different from the current squad?Culverhouse has remained loyal to his players with the majority of the  players from last season still with the Club.
If the last 5 results from the 19/20 season,when we played at a lower level,are compared to the 5 results we have played this season then it could be that our current league position shows a more realistic picture than when we were promoted by default as Champions.
If the 5 results we have had this season had been played as part of the curtailed 19/20 season,then far from winning the title we would have missed the play offs! 

Tue 18 Feb Chester                                     A   2-3  1736  Barrows, Henderson                                           
Tue 03 Mar Leamington                             A   0-0   345                                                               
Sat 07 Mar Gateshead                                A   2-1  1084  Power 2                                                       
Tue 10 Mar Bradford Park Avenue           H   0-1  1220                                                               
Sat 14 Mar Guiseley                                    H   0-1  1432

Last 5 games from last season  4 points from 15.
First 5 games from this season   4 points from 15.

I don't think there's a lot to argue with on this one.

With the current squad,Henderson leaving is a massive lost.The additions of King,Brown and Loza only gives us players of similar quality as we already have.Playing at a higher level means you need better players than the previous season to be able to compete.More of the same just won't cut it.
Messing around with the goalkeepers position has left me completely bemused and has no doubt caused concern amongst a shakey defence thats playing at the extremes of their ability.If on the one hand the squad is tight and all one unit and fighting for each other,how does that make the other players feel when they see the ever present and consistent Alex Street being dropped for reasons unbeknown to everyone other than Culverhouse,Back,Bastock and Cleeve.No disrespect meant to any of the players named,I'm just trying to bring matters into context.
Previously its been the case of congratulations for all the great work that's been done on the playing side of the Club with supporters hoping that the non playing side would start to catch up.The on field success is now history.The non playing side shows no sign of improving or even wanting to improve.Communication appears at an all time low.
Cleeve must take credit,or maybe that should be responsibilty,for getting the Club to it's current position.It's no secret how that has been achieved.If he is not in a position to continue to play exactly the same role within the Cub as he has in previous seasons this can only go one way.
It's so easy to blame the Pandemic,The Government,The NL,The FA,The EFL,The PL.The hard fact is that what we are now experiencing at the Club has its origins long before any current crisis,but the picture has only recently come into focus for many of the Clubs supporters.

General Discussion / Indecent Proposal
« on: October 07, 2020, 08:56:25 PM »
Football Chairmen are still waiting to get their hands on the taxpayer's money.

Ollie Bayliss
National League clubs are still awaiting news of how the Government's funding will be shared.
The League has been promised £10 million over the next 3 months.
A decision on how the grants will be distributed will be decided by the National League, the FA & the Government.

Football Chairmen will keep taking if others keep giving.

Rick Parry, chairman of the EFL, claims the Championship, League One and League Two sides need an injection of £250m to survive the financial damage caused by coronavirus and has met with Premier League chief Richard Masters to discuss a package.
EFL clubs are in desperate need for a cash bailout amid the coronavirus crisis,  but a previous meeting between Premier League and EFL didn't reach a resolution.
Several League One and Two clubs are struggling to pay wages this month but Premier League clubs have little sympathy with wealthy Championship Club owners.
Premier League club bosses are resisting the demand of a £250 million bailout for the EFL because Championship Club owners are worth more than £32 billion combined.

By my calculations it would only take about  .7% of the combined wealth of the Championship Chairmen to sort out the problem that these Limited Company Football Clubs find themselves in.The vast majority of the Chairmen of these Clubs want sole ownership of the Clubs and to run them on an individual basis.If that's how they feel about football and its Clubs then let them let them run it themselves and keep their grubby hands off other peoples money.It's obvious they don't need it.These are not OUR clubs, even though we support them.They usually belong to individual people or their families and thats how most of them intend to continue to operate.Why are others expected to support Millionaire/Billionaire owned Clubs when they so obviously have money available to support matters themselves.

General Discussion / The Future of the Club
« on: September 22, 2020, 04:43:50 PM »
Stephen Cleeve in the edp states ďIf we could cover the wages from the streaming from our home games I could likely cover the other expenses, the coach travel, utility expenses and stuff like that, myself. I do think without the stream money weíre finished. If not, would the players take less money during this period”?

If thatís the plan and we are relying on that,I fear for the worst.
It reminds of the time I read a book by Miguel de Cervantes.

General Discussion / Re: Another one bites the dust.
« on: September 15, 2020, 12:15:09 PM »
So it looks as if the person that is causing all the concern has not even had it confirmed that they actually have the virus.I presume that's down to the delays in the test results arriving,as was covered on the BBC News this morning.Its not just football thats having problems due to this as its happening everywhere.With this particular issue at the Club,who has or needed access to all three teams that have been effected.Could we have been a bit smarter on this issue and avoided cross contamination?The only people I can think that would possibly need to be in contact with all three are the Physio's and Sports analysts we now have.Or was the person who's family member is involved at the game played behind closed doors last week?It appears that some people who were there should not have been so is it a case of us being involved in our own downfall?

General Discussion / Re: Fundraising
« on: August 11, 2020, 10:46:24 AM »

Not sure on that one for the moment, as apparently NL have advised Clubs not to sell season tickets for the time being.   :dontknow:

Given that the club Tweeted this yesterday evening I guess the advice is being ignored.
"King's Lynn Town FC

The box office is open tomorrow between 11 and 4 for season ticket sales and collections. Please bring relevant ID for collections if required."

It looks and sounds as if two issues have been ignored.1)The advice from the National League that Clubs should not sell season tickets.2)That it appears illegal to promote that there will be no refunds or to sell tickets with these conditions.In all my years in football I have never known such a shambles and disregard for the supporters.
Whats going on?If Mr Cleeve is too busy to answer then let Mark Hearle of Rob Back answer.They are all responsible for what goes on at the club both legally and morally.
Why is the Club still selling tickets against the advice of the National League and why have they not commented on the legality of a no refund policy?
The supporters need to know!

General Discussion / Re: Next Season
« on: July 31, 2020, 04:20:33 PM »
A prolonged and enforced sabbatical forces me to look for entertainment elsewhere. Having watched numerous reruns of Dave, England's previous European exploits, and some rather underwhelming non-league playoffs and other various mind-numbing programs I find myself drawn, like a moth to a flame, to the ramblings of a podcast.
Itís now clear that these are obviously not to promote a business, but more to stroke an ego. None the less, it is still good for a few minutes giggling and diverts attention from the more serious issues facing the world these days.
This one however does leaves me wondering. Just as our Government seem to be preparing us for a 2nd wave of the virus and further lockdowns, are we as a Club being prepared for a second wave of the dramatic events we suffered in 2009.
If we start on the subject of season tickets, which on the one hand we are informed are selling very well, then on the other, we are told that some are holding back on buying them as they wonít get their money back if the season falls apart. Basically the usual case of someone appearing to be claiming success in one area, but not being responsible for any shortcomings in another. Quite a common theme these days.
In this case, the fact that there is a no refund policy appears to be illegal. Quite easily checked on website. In fact it appears illegal to even advertise that you donít offer refunds. The website states "Itís illegal to display any notice that deliberately misleads consumers or deceives them about their rights, for example a sign that says you do not accept returns or offer refunds."
Wouldnít it be prudent to check these things before going to print and go off half cock? If the reason behind not checking such things is due to the cost involved, a quick check on official websites that are available to all of us would surely be advised. Itís what they are there for!
The podcast states that no refunds would be offered as it would bankrupt the Club. That's a really worrying statement to make and begs the question of how tight the finances are already. The reason that they may be very tight is irrelevant to this question. It does not matter if itís down to mismanagement, overspending, Covid19 or a combination of all. If giving refunds would bankrupt the Club, then let supporters know the true extent of the finances and any black hole we are looking into. The supporters who are being asked to assist financially deserve and need this information to be able to make informed decisions, especially if they are being asked to purchase non-refundable season tickets.
If refunds of season tickets would bankrupt the Club, what will happen if there are insufficient sold? It must equate to the same thing! As an example, selling £10,000 of season tickets then having to refund £10,000 equals zero income. Not selling £10,000 of season tickets also equals zero. Is the Club really that dependent upon selling a certain amount of season tickets to avoid going bankrupt before the season even starts?
Due to social distancing restrictions, there could be as few as 500 allowed in to watch the games. If thatís the case, it was said that the price of a match day ticket could go as high as £30. With past experience of how such things appear to happen I would suggest that people be prepared for this irrespective of the capacity of the ground being 500/1000/1300. Some people never miss the opportunity to charge more!
This brings us on to the program.£3.50 for a 64-page effort! I guess we can expect 3 or 4 pages of ramblings about whatís wrong with the game and the world in general, and if the Commercial department get their act together, the majority of the remainder will be filled with adverts. How many people will purchase this at £3.50?  When compared to our illustrious neighbours along the A47 who sell theirs for the same money, and offer 116 pages and were the winners of the Program of the year award, it appears expensive.
This is Kings Lynn.£3.50 for a match day program? Good luck with that one! Learn by previously made mistakes. Lynn fans may want success and to play at a higher level but financially the majority of them only want to turn up on the day, pay their entrance fee, have a bit of a swear at the Ref and Lino, see Lynn win and then go home. This is something that previous owners had to learn the hard way and it appears to still be the case as evidenced by the rather embarrassing amounts donated to the club's last two fund raising attempts. For me itís not just the relatively small amounts raised, but also the small numbers of individuals that donated.If the Club is now going to rely on going back to the same small number of people time after time, and apologies if I have missed any new initiatives,we are on a hiding to nothing. Expecting enough people to spend between £40-£50 on a Saturday afternoon, which is what it will be when you take into account admission,travel cost,parking, refreshments, programs etc, is expecting far too much of them.It may be what someone wantís so as to be able to fund his own business interests, but in reality is unlikely to happen. All adds up yet again to lack of Commercial thinking and awareness which we have experienced previously.
So, confirmation of no pre-season friendlies. Understandable reason why and as to be expected. We are informed that we were expecting two clubs from Division one and one from a higher division. Personally Iím surprised that any professional club would even contemplate travelling to Kings Lynn with all the risks and costs involved due to the virus, but who am I to dispute that this was really going to happen or not? Iíll leave that one on the table for people to make up their own minds.
On the subject of tableís,I assume this is where news of the new shirt sponsor is at the moment,as we are informed that they are to be announced in the next few days or weeks.
Well, which is it?Next few days or weeks? Deja vue? Maybe Walker Design will be up for it? Well I suppose it is important to make sure any new Sponsor is a good fit for the Club. We are fortunate to always have so many Business's interested each season.
A mention that no League clubs at Walks for pre season friendlies is a disaster as the money from that is relied on. Well ,I guess the majority of businessís world wide are in the position of not being able to trade as they have previously and are in same boat.
It was also mentioned that personal finances have been hit. Again thatís the same as the majority of people but I would think those that have pushed everything to the limit and borrowed considerable sums will suffer more than others.It really baffles me when on the one hand someone bemoans the fact that personal finances have been hit but obviously does not take on board that Supporters income have also been hit,and just thinks and expect them to pay more and more all the time.Has it ever been considered that there is another option where you spend less and therefore donít require as much income?
It was mentioned that Fryatt and Fox were not invited to the Championship presentation.An oversight made by someone else and not the Chairman.Now thereís a surprise!
A suggestion.Let the Head of Media run through these Podcasts prior to them being released.Hopefully the Diane Abbott like Gaffs can then be avoided!
As usual thereís nothing to get excited about with this podcast although in my opinion ,it did come across as a big hint that the money required was no longer available to support the Club alone.
If thatís the case, whatís next?
Have a listen and form your own opinion.

General Discussion / Re: Next season's prices
« on: July 16, 2020, 08:41:22 PM »
Just when you think you've heard and seen it all!
It's been said on quite a few occasions that the only things Mr Cleeve has in is armoury(apart from splashing the dosh around which he has previously said he's not going to continue to do)is the ability to charge top dollar for everything.That sometimes works for a while if a team is being successful,but if they are struggling I really believe you will see a drop in gates and therefore revenue, irrespective of the level they play at.The higher the cost of admission the easier it will be for people to consider missing a few games.
There's been a ridiculous amount of money spent and put in as Directors loans to get us to this level and to me it does not look as if the infrastructure has ever been successfully put in place to allow the Chairman to reduce the amounts he loans to the Club.Don't believe what you're told about it being put in as loans rather than a gift for tax reasons.There's other methods that don't involve loans that also offer tax breaks.Any doubts,just ask the person that stated this how it works!My money's on the answer to that one producing a real little gem!
This is the problem I see with the Sole Benefactor model.When a Club appears to have been built on a foundation of Directors loans and not commercial activity and a Football Club Director wants to,or more likely needs to, stop funding a Club,is often the time when the fun and games begin.The road to success is littered with such examples.Supporters know this but not all want to admit it.
Over the last four years or so we have heard numerous comments about what was going to happen with the Commercial side of our Club,and also who was going to do it.Nothing ever seemed to materialise.The Club obviously needs increased revenue to operate (quote) at the level it now finds itself. If the Chairman no longer wants to or is able to fund the Club as he has been for the last four years, the money has to come from elsewhere.Unless this is generated by Commercial activity or by the Clubs controlled Supporters Club, its always going to fall into the lap of the supporters walking through the gate on match day.That's unless we suddenly score big in the transfer market.
Yes we need the Commercial side to massively up its game.It won't be easy due to several factors but Mark Hearle has to be given the chance to turn it around.We appear to be suffering due to past failures in this area
Mr Cleeve has mentioned what other Supporters donate to their Clubs.We may be in the same league as these other Clubs on the pitch,but we appear to be three divisions below them when it comes to fund raising.This is the domain of the Supporters Club.They need to raise funds commensurate with the level we are now at.We wouldn't expect one of Setch's teams to operate at National League level so equally we can't have the Supporters Club fund raising activites coming up with raised funds more suitable to a Southern League level Club.If they haven't increased the money they have raised at the same rate as the gate prices,player wages etc etc, then something is wrong.If the Club is now paying twice the amount in players wages as it was Four years ago and if the cost of entry has doubled in the last 4 years,then hopefully the fund raising activities have generated twice as much in the same period.I doubt that it has but also doubt we will ever know anyway.
If players wages go up,expenses go up,cost of admission goes up as we go through the leagues,the fund raising activities of both the Commercial department and Supporters Club need to up their game to this level as well.We need the both of these departments to perform like a Bentley and not a Ford Escort,or heaven only knows what the cost of admission will end up at.It's a tough game we in.If people aren't up to the job,then get people in that are.Problem here of course is that there's a chance that these capable people won't be yes men who are more concerned with their positions at Club than anything else..
We have previously been informed that theres a management committee in place which consists of Cleeve,Hearle and Back.It would therefore be unfair to place the unpopular decision to increase the admission prices by such an amount entirely on Cleeves shoulders.That's one for all of us to remember for the future.Joint decisions bring joint responsibility.
I've just noticed a post about face masks.Subjecting such loyal supporters as  Lynn's to these price increases,for some people wearing a mask is probably the right thing to do!

General Discussion / Re: Champions
« on: July 08, 2020, 07:51:11 PM »

Well,just listened to the podcast that Cleeve was interviewed on.This one has got to be the most hilarious thing Iíve heard in years.
And the interviewers were falling for it hook line and sinker which made it even more hilarious.
They really should do their research before they start the interviews!
I have to say that I was expecting to hear something on social distancing and why Footballers should be exempt from the rules,but sadly no mention of that particular subject.

General Discussion / Re: Club and Community Football.
« on: July 04, 2020, 01:00:15 PM »
Let's go to war again!
Predictable as ever and proof if needed that this someone lacks the personable and business skills so badly needed at the Club.
Success on the field for the Club has been gained by two main elements.The money that has been loaned to  the Club to enable it to punch well above its financial weight and being lucky enough to regain the services of Culverhouse.The first is down to the Chairman, and I don't think that should be seen as any sort of endorsement of him.As far as I can see,he's never declared how he expects the Club ever to be in a position to repay this amount.The debt,and whichever way you look at it that's what is is,is now horrendous for a club our size.It's not a gift and won't be until its written of by the creditor.This is the Achilles heal of the Club.Be careful what you wish for.
The second element of the on field success,the return of Culverhouse was entirely down to other people at the Club.Remember that Cleeves answer to the departure of Culverhouse was bringing Clarke in.What a joke that was!
With regards to the subject of this post,Mr Cleeve should try to understand that he controls Kings Lynn Football Club.He does NOT control football in Kings Lynn!
I really do question the ability to work harmoniously with anyone.Does the Club really ever look at the bigger picture when they respond in this manner? Apparently they are trying to get more sponsors and advertisers on board,and more people through the gate.They must realise that issuing statements such as this  are counter productive.Many potential sponsors or advertisers will see this continual abbrasive attitude towards others when things don't go the way a certain individual wants them to, and will just not want to be associated with the Club because of it.You don't have to be a genius to work that one out!You need to make friends and not create enemies.
If the Club does not want to work with others for whatever reason,then that's down to them.It's pointless posting something such as this just to try and prove a point or to get a reaction so to be able to go on Twitter again to try and prove how important one is(fail).
You don't wash your dirty linen in public!
My biggest disappointment with this current episode at the Club is the endorsement of all this by certain local boys involved at the Club.All managers and Directors are apparently in agreement with this according to the piece on the Clubs website. Even if they do really  believe that the Club should break ties with Community Football,despite their previous history with them,I really don't think they should have been involved with this method of communicating this news.
A case of some people being more concerned with protecting their positions at the Club than doing the right thing?If so,shame on you.If not,I and many others look forward to seeing or hearing their individual comments on the matter.

General Discussion / Re: The big vote
« on: May 06, 2020, 08:24:24 AM »
Over  £200 million!
Whats wrong with the owners of these Clubs that they think its ok to run football this way?They say money makes the world go round but the world has now stopped and some should take this opportunity to get off!
Too many Owners still appear to be prepared to risk the future of Clubs by buying glory.Then they decide they have had enough and run for the hills,or bad management results in them being forced to go leaving behind a shattered community with its heart ripped out!
We currently have unusual circumstances due to the pandemic,but the speed which so many Clubs started  to hold out their begging bowls clearly demonstrates the financial tightrope so many of them walk!
I just hope the football authorities look upon the current crisis as an opportunity to get things sorted for when the "new normal" is here and we can say goodbye to the Cavalier attitudes of so many people currently involved in the game.
A far more strict fit and proper test for all future owners at all levels of the game would be a good start.It's a ludicrous situation when some people are stopped from owning Clubs in other Countries as they are not deemed fit and proper,but are allowed to own a Club in the UK.
Something's got to be done and its no good the current club owners blaming the pandemic for all their woes.
So many had messed things up long before someone in China decided to eat a Bat!

General Discussion / Re: Chairman's podcast
« on: April 19, 2020, 09:51:35 PM »
The blogs are as predictable as ever. Repetitive and using half the facts so as to be able to state something that he believes will assist his arguement. I really think this kind of behaviour shows how he really views the intelligence of the Clubs supporters. The Chairman just does not seem to be able to help himself. I really don't think this will ever change as its the way he appears to go about everything.
If he really believes he has some good people working at the Club who would maybe like the opportunity to be board members, he has the answer to his cash flow problems in his own hands.
Let these same good people put their hands into their pockets and buy shares into the Club. If they support him all the way as they claim, then 4 x 25k really should not be a problem. The 100k he wanted is there at the stroke of a pen! He will have his own good people on the board who will all see things the same way as he does, therefore avoiding  any dissent.
Finance should not be a problem as he claims he can assist people that want to purchase Clubs. Making arrangements for his own good people to buy into his own Club should therefore be easy to accomplish.

General Discussion / Re: CLUB STATEMENT + NEW JustGiving Donation Page
« on: March 27, 2020, 08:34:57 PM »
I have to say that I was dismayed by the hysteria whipped up, by the look of it deliberately, on Social Media over the last two days.
It appears yet again that a certain individual has not got his own way again, so the toys have been thrown out of the pram. Dismayed but not too surprised, as he is if nothing else a creature of habit and predictable. At a time where it appears its back to the wall, there's still time to alienate others, burn rather than build bridges, blame all the ills of the world on a certain sector of the local community, and to ensure everyone is aware that he's not to blame for anything.
I have been a supporter of this club for a long, long time. Theres been good times and there have been bad times. Far, far to many bad times. I have never been  a member of the Trust and I am no longer a member of the Friends of the Linnets. I therefore fall into the largest category of supporters.. Probably 90% of us supporters are just that, with no particular allegiance to either the Trust or the Friends.
So when the Club, Trust or Friends attempt to raise money, I'm always interested in the reason behind the fundraising. It appears to me, that some wil give money to the Trust, some to the Friends, and some to the Club. Has nobody else performed some simple Maths? Be it Trust, Friends or Club, their request for fund raising looks to me as if its generally only supported by their own kind. Do the Trust support the Friends fund raising, do the Friends supports the Trusts efforts? Not as far as I can see!
Do either of these two groups of Lynn supporters appeal to people such as me, an everyday Lynn supporter,  and one of the 90% that has no involvement with either group? Those with no axe to grind, those willing to support the Club by paying the cost for admission,  willing to pay for food and drink, programs, 50/50 tickets etc. Supporting the Chairman and his club in the way supporters should, and not because there's something in it for them.
The biggest section of the fans are not interested in the Trust or the Friends of the Linnets, but we are interested in the Club.
Sadly I believe the majority are not interested in these two group efforts to raise funds!
So this leaves the Clubs efforts. If we, the vast majority of the supporters, won't support the Friends of the Linnets or Trust, surely we would want to support the Clubs own efforts?
This is clearly not the case! Look at how much and how many individuals have supported Cleeves cry for help. He has informed us that he needs £100,000 to get him over the next 2 months, £40,000 of which he claims he will put in himself. It's  not for me to say if he actually will or not, you'll have to make your own mind up on that one. Last time I looked, there was £840 donated by 29 individuals. I'm sure that there's more to come, but we have gates of over 1200! Other Clubs wouldn't suffer by having so few people donating. People that are involved with the running of Football Clubs will tell you that they look for and usually achieve 70% of their supporters contributing in some way. If Mr Cleeve believes the supporters are behind him, then he is delusional. At best he can claim that they are behind him putting £400,000 into the Club (money he clearly wants back), but the majority are proving to to their unwillingness to contribute, even in what is increasing looking like a critical time and a struggle for survival.
The 90% majority will all have their reasons as to why they won't contribute. For some it will be that they just can't afford it. Others will think they pay enough via the gate. Others have more important things to donate their money to, and a football Club wholly owned by one man is well down their list of priorities.
I have my own reasons, some of which I have adopted from other supporters on the terraces. If I was ever in two minds about putting my hand in my pocket to help the club, I'm afraid that the much too obviously orchestrated hysteria, whipped up in the Press and on Social Media has made my mind up.  It's nice to see the results that £400,000 put into a Club can produce on the field, but my money  is staying in my pocket, for the time bring at least. I actually compiled a list of reasons I, and maybe the vast majority, are adopting this approach, but this post has gone on far too long as it is.
I maybe wrong, but I really do think that people are throwing goo money after bad. I believe we passed the point of no return quite a while ago, and the end of the season could have ended up bitter sweet. An unexpected title and another end result that we have seen before and dread.
Irrespective of the above, always a Linnet.

General Discussion / Food for Thought
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:41:58 AM »
I suppose on paper, Busters business model was the same as Cleeves.
I well remember Buster saying when he decided to leave, he would sell the Club to the Trust. Now Iím sure that Trust would not have paid anywhere near what Cleeve did as the Club appeared worthless at the time, on paper at least. In Cleeve, Buster found the ideal purchaser. Buster must thought all his Christmasís had come at same time when Cleeve walked through his door.
So probably feeling misled by one Club Chairman, you canít blame the Trust for being wary about another especially when he was involved in the transaction.
The first thing that suffered when Cleeve came on board was the disappearance of the Stand sponsors. A prominent local Company with the potential of doing lots for the Club.
After that was a shirt sponsor resulting in the Chairman having to put his own website on the shirts.
Say what you want about Buster, but getting money from sponsors was never something he struggled with.
Even finding match day sponsors has been a struggle. Of course the debacle about the food hygiene certificate and the saga over that sorry episode probably caused a lot of damage in this area. How was this even allowed to happen when you consider what the Owner of the Club did for a living at that moment in time.
A local business that has supported the club and in particular the Reserves for years and given them a substantial amount of money over the years has been lost. You would have to work very hard and be a bit Special to do something that would result in losing this particular Company when it comes to supporting the Club.
Since Cleeve has been here numerous  people have been appointed to obtain sponsors and increase the revenue from sponsorship but it looks as that has been to no avail. Even now when the Club has the highest profile Manager in 50 years and is riding as high in the leagues as it ever has done, it still fails to attract the amount of sponsors that it deserves. There has to be a reason for that, and probably there is only one!
So where does the money to survive and move forward comes from? We are informed gate receipts alone are insufficient to fund the Club. Commercial activity had been neglected (is that being kind and should it be failed?) and does not appeared to have increased to any great degree since we have had a person dedicated  to this area. If it has improved we have not been informed and the Club has certainly not been banging the drum.
We have a dedicated Media team but news of whatís happening at Club is pitiful. Why? They are there to communicate with supporters and if active enough would increase the profile of the Club. A higher profile Club is easier to sell to sponsors than a low profile club.
A few months ago some news did come out. That was the formation of a steering committee (Cleeve, Hearle, Back). The initial announcement was the last we heard of it. Is it still going and if so what has it achieved?
Positions at the Club appear to always come from a small group of a preferred few. If youíre not a member of the little group of friends but wish to volunteer, the best job you are likely to be offered is one clearing the bins out at the end of a game.
Not opening up the positions at the Club to all severely restricts the clubs development. Itís obvious that selecting from a large gene pool rather than a small one would will result in better results as you gain access to better quality and more skills just by the increase in numbers.
When Cleeve arrived on the scene one of his first comments in his program notes was insulting a part of the Clubs fan base. At the time he didnít know these supporters and had never met them.
So where are we now? On the pitch even taking into account below standard performances since January, we are having a fantastic season. Off field it would be very generous to say things are improving. The Clubs accounts up until April 2019 show figures that many would call very worrying. Obviously we are not party to what the situation is at the moment but with the investment in both playing and non playing staff many would think itís going to be worse.
Then a cash flow crisis develops. Some will say itís as a result of the Corona Virus but others will believe this was coming anyway and the Club has lived beyond its means.
The Club then appeals for help, very much to the amusement of other Clubs. It does seem that the Clubs only real method of raising additional cash is by continually going to the supporters who already pay the highest entrance fees in the league and the highest cost match day food and drink. Clearly this shows a lack of Commercial thinking from the Club although in fairness it does appear to have tried to rectify this. Too little too late?
Then thereís the Supporters Trust who have shown that they can be successful when it comes to Commercial activity. Itís worth remembering that the Trust is not some Alien entity or a bunch of young yobs intent on causing trouble, but a group of supporters of all ages with the well being and long term survival of the Club at heart. Their aims and ambitions have always remained the same. Yes they sit on a reasonable amount of money but being registered with the FCA they have rules to follow and laws to obey when it comes to what can be done with it. The Directors have a legal obligation to Trust members first and foremost. In no way can they even be seen to throw good money after bad. Apparently the Chairman is well aware of this and understands the situation. Although he has previously stated that he will never ask the Trust for money, apparently he knows the Trusts door is always open for him.
Basically we need a different approach to the running of the Club. Maybe sitting somewhere between Busters business model and Cleeves. New blood, new ideas, access to more people with more ability which hopefully will result in increased revenue for the Club.
Thereís only one person that can start this particular ball rolling in the right direction. Improve to survive and together we can achieve more.

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