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General Discussion / Des Stewart
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:52:23 PM »
I was called tonight by Gary Stewart to tell me his father, Des Stewart has passed away after a short illness. Des was Secretary of the Club during the late 70's and through the 80's. During the 90's and into 2000  he held various support roles with the Reserves. A more honest hard working man for the Club there was not and he will be sorely missed by many who knew of his kindness and caring for the Club.

General Discussion / Mick Wright Council latest!!!
« on: April 05, 2017, 05:32:56 PM »
I have just seen todays EDP and the following is peculiar in the context of Mr Harding's apology.

The EDP piece;

Council chief executive Ray Harding said: “We got it wrong, we have accepted that, and we’re doing what we can to put the mistake right. “Ultimately it is my responsibility, which I fully accept.
Members will now formally consider the proposal, as has been requested.”

The nomination (there are actually 8 nominations) will now be considered by the council’s cabinet on Tuesday, April 11.
But while most items on the agenda will be discussed in public, the press and public will be excluded while Mr Wright’s nomination is discussed

What is weird ,but not beyond Daubney and Long's approach to the 8 nominations, is the acknowledgement of failing to legally follow the protocol and then decide to corrupt the agenda in such a manner!

General Discussion / David Brooks
« on: November 21, 2016, 12:09:28 AM »
Today I have been contacted by John Brooks, late sixties player that his brother David has died.
He played over 500 games in the 60''s as a magnificent midfield dynamo with Mick Wright together a sight to behold.
David emigrated to Australia in early 80''s and had a great career and life.
Latterly he had onset of illness and has died of a stroke!
We would like the recognition of David's life at King's Lynn to be held at a future game!!
Never touched alcohol; healthy food eater and great player and person.

General Discussion / Freedom of Borough
« on: July 16, 2016, 02:01:34 PM »
As most know Robbie B took up my desire to ask the Council to bestow the Freedom of the Borough on Mick Wright and did some marvellous work before submission. The Council Leader, Mr Daubney (self confessed non footy man) was quite dismissive before Xmas
Just to bring the young supporter up to speed on the Legend!
Mick was born in Northamptonshire and became a very talented footballer who drew the attention of Football League Clubs such as West Ham!
He signed for Northampton Town FC in 1958 and progressed towards the odd 1st Team appearance.  under Dave Bowen and this was a period when they were promoted from the Fourth Division to the First Division in the space of five seasons.

At 19 years old Mick was sent on loan to Kings Lynn FC in 1960-61. He was a Len Richley signing and the Club were on the up culminating in the only appearance in the 3rd Round of FA Cup.

In the 2nd Round, Mick scored the winner in a 2-1 victory at Coventry and the ultimate 3rd Round game at Everton, losing 4-0 but not disgraced.  £4000 cheque was useful reward!

In September 1965 Len Richley left for Bury Town in the 'now' Championship! Mick still has the letter asking him to sign for them but as he was settled in Kings Lynn with Wife Ruth he turned it down.

He worked for Humphries, in Kings Lynn,  tarpaulin manufacturer and repair Company.  There was the prolonged reasonable success in one tier below Football League with Reg Davies (ex Newcastle & Wales) as Manager.

On January 17th 1968 Kings Lynn FC played Corby in what was Micks 445th consecutive appearance! He sustained a ruptured spleen and was operated on in Hospital. Typical of Mick; he tried to discharge himself on the Friday so as not to miss the Saturday game.

High Non League level of Competition was sustained up to the 1970-71 season when the Club embarked on self destruction. Money was no object and overspending did not stop relegation, dropping gates and bankruptcy! 

The Rats jumped ship and the Fraud Squad were interested. 6 or more houses owned by KLFC were sold off cheaply but a mass of debt lingered until 1982.
This is where Mick took on the Managers job in 1971-72 with a meagre budget. The highlight of the season was a replayed FA Cup 2nd Round replayed game which was lost 1-0 at Hereford Utd in front of 12000 people.

Mick stepped down as Manager in 1973 and continued playing until at 39 years old he left the Club having played 1155 games and never been cautioned (yellow carded). He was booked once apparently but it was rescinded at end of game for some reason by the Referee.

He continued at Watton in the Anglian Combination up til his 50th Birthday. In this time he went into business as WWS Tarpaulins and was operating until retirement.

Shortly after this he had a severe stroke which has limited the activity of this special man. However, he is active working with his wife Ruth in their Antiques business in Kings Lynn.

Still sharp in mind; continually a practical joker, who has never been heard to use a swear word over his lifetime!

Mick has contributed enormously to the West Norfolk Community and Business.

In doing so he entertained so many and remains a humble and interesting man!!

He did receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from KLFM / LNews in January. Also Fans put him in the inaugural Hall of Fame.

General Discussion / Youth Final at Diss.
« on: May 17, 2016, 11:34:57 AM »
Why has there been no report on the Youth Teams game last Thursday at Diss?

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