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The B&G Supporters Trust is now (nearly) seven years into it's being - and in all honesty I struggle to see where it's going or what it's ambition is?

From what I've gathered, the Trust have never really supported the club in any way shape or form - they seem to think that the club owe them something before they are willing to help. As Marcus Rose said on another post ''The trust has some money. He [Stephen Cleeve] knows what he has to do to get his hands on it.'' What is it the Trust expect from Mr Cleeve? Is it the rumor that was thrown around with Buster that they expect a seat on the board? Or is it something else?

It has always seemed to me that the Trust was quite happy to raise money in the expectancy that one day something would go wrong - don't get me wrong, I feel it is great to have a contingency plan - but why not help the club that you are supposedly there to support? (That being said, many of the original trust members have turned their backs on the club).

I have felt since Buster first got the club (and still feel) that the Trust have just played sour grapes over the fact that they did not get given the club by the council - and that is why they refuse to try to support the club in any real way.

When Mr Cleeve took over the club - it was a new start for all. Why did the trust not make a conscious effort to get involved with the club. It didn't have to be a huge effort - but why not offer there services to help the club in any way that they could? Or if they did, why did they not bother to tell anyone.

The worst bit for me, is that the Trust still make out that they are a KLTFC supporters club - but do very little actual supporting.

Now, I know I'm going to get a backlash for asking the questions, but in all honesty I just want to know - and I think many people do.

But the thing is - in seven years from now, is the Trust going to be sat on 100K (based on the 50K figure that's been thrown about) that's been raised in the name of King's Lynn Town FC but still not actually supported the club in any way.

There's a chance to build bridges like never before under Buster - does it make no sense to start building?

EDIT/DISCLAIMER: Nothing here takes away what the Trust do for the community - they are doing a great job.

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