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General Discussion / Back to The Future
« on: October 18, 2020, 08:35:55 PM »
The results are nowhere good enough at the moment,but should we expect anything different from the current squad?Culverhouse has remained loyal to his players with the majority of the  players from last season still with the Club.
If the last 5 results from the 19/20 season,when we played at a lower level,are compared to the 5 results we have played this season then it could be that our current league position shows a more realistic picture than when we were promoted by default as Champions.
If the 5 results we have had this season had been played as part of the curtailed 19/20 season,then far from winning the title we would have missed the play offs! 

Tue 18 Feb Chester                                     A   2-3  1736  Barrows, Henderson                                           
Tue 03 Mar Leamington                             A   0-0   345                                                               
Sat 07 Mar Gateshead                                A   2-1  1084  Power 2                                                       
Tue 10 Mar Bradford Park Avenue           H   0-1  1220                                                               
Sat 14 Mar Guiseley                                    H   0-1  1432

Last 5 games from last season  4 points from 15.
First 5 games from this season   4 points from 15.

I don't think there's a lot to argue with on this one.

With the current squad,Henderson leaving is a massive lost.The additions of King,Brown and Loza only gives us players of similar quality as we already have.Playing at a higher level means you need better players than the previous season to be able to compete.More of the same just won't cut it.
Messing around with the goalkeepers position has left me completely bemused and has no doubt caused concern amongst a shakey defence thats playing at the extremes of their ability.If on the one hand the squad is tight and all one unit and fighting for each other,how does that make the other players feel when they see the ever present and consistent Alex Street being dropped for reasons unbeknown to everyone other than Culverhouse,Back,Bastock and Cleeve.No disrespect meant to any of the players named,I'm just trying to bring matters into context.
Previously its been the case of congratulations for all the great work that's been done on the playing side of the Club with supporters hoping that the non playing side would start to catch up.The on field success is now history.The non playing side shows no sign of improving or even wanting to improve.Communication appears at an all time low.
Cleeve must take credit,or maybe that should be responsibilty,for getting the Club to it's current position.It's no secret how that has been achieved.If he is not in a position to continue to play exactly the same role within the Cub as he has in previous seasons this can only go one way.
It's so easy to blame the Pandemic,The Government,The NL,The FA,The EFL,The PL.The hard fact is that what we are now experiencing at the Club has its origins long before any current crisis,but the picture has only recently come into focus for many of the Clubs supporters.

General Discussion / Indecent Proposal
« on: October 07, 2020, 08:56:25 PM »
Football Chairmen are still waiting to get their hands on the taxpayer's money.

Ollie Bayliss
National League clubs are still awaiting news of how the Government's funding will be shared.
The League has been promised £10 million over the next 3 months.
A decision on how the grants will be distributed will be decided by the National League, the FA & the Government.

Football Chairmen will keep taking if others keep giving.

Rick Parry, chairman of the EFL, claims the Championship, League One and League Two sides need an injection of £250m to survive the financial damage caused by coronavirus and has met with Premier League chief Richard Masters to discuss a package.
EFL clubs are in desperate need for a cash bailout amid the coronavirus crisis,  but a previous meeting between Premier League and EFL didn't reach a resolution.
Several League One and Two clubs are struggling to pay wages this month but Premier League clubs have little sympathy with wealthy Championship Club owners.
Premier League club bosses are resisting the demand of a £250 million bailout for the EFL because Championship Club owners are worth more than £32 billion combined.

By my calculations it would only take about  .7% of the combined wealth of the Championship Chairmen to sort out the problem that these Limited Company Football Clubs find themselves in.The vast majority of the Chairmen of these Clubs want sole ownership of the Clubs and to run them on an individual basis.If that's how they feel about football and its Clubs then let them let them run it themselves and keep their grubby hands off other peoples money.It's obvious they don't need it.These are not OUR clubs, even though we support them.They usually belong to individual people or their families and thats how most of them intend to continue to operate.Why are others expected to support Millionaire/Billionaire owned Clubs when they so obviously have money available to support matters themselves.

General Discussion / The Future of the Club
« on: September 22, 2020, 04:43:50 PM »
Stephen Cleeve in the edp states ďIf we could cover the wages from the streaming from our home games I could likely cover the other expenses, the coach travel, utility expenses and stuff like that, myself. I do think without the stream money weíre finished. If not, would the players take less money during this period”?

If thatís the plan and we are relying on that,I fear for the worst.
It reminds of the time I read a book by Miguel de Cervantes.

General Discussion / Food for Thought
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:41:58 AM »
I suppose on paper, Busters business model was the same as Cleeves.
I well remember Buster saying when he decided to leave, he would sell the Club to the Trust. Now Iím sure that Trust would not have paid anywhere near what Cleeve did as the Club appeared worthless at the time, on paper at least. In Cleeve, Buster found the ideal purchaser. Buster must thought all his Christmasís had come at same time when Cleeve walked through his door.
So probably feeling misled by one Club Chairman, you canít blame the Trust for being wary about another especially when he was involved in the transaction.
The first thing that suffered when Cleeve came on board was the disappearance of the Stand sponsors. A prominent local Company with the potential of doing lots for the Club.
After that was a shirt sponsor resulting in the Chairman having to put his own website on the shirts.
Say what you want about Buster, but getting money from sponsors was never something he struggled with.
Even finding match day sponsors has been a struggle. Of course the debacle about the food hygiene certificate and the saga over that sorry episode probably caused a lot of damage in this area. How was this even allowed to happen when you consider what the Owner of the Club did for a living at that moment in time.
A local business that has supported the club and in particular the Reserves for years and given them a substantial amount of money over the years has been lost. You would have to work very hard and be a bit Special to do something that would result in losing this particular Company when it comes to supporting the Club.
Since Cleeve has been here numerous  people have been appointed to obtain sponsors and increase the revenue from sponsorship but it looks as that has been to no avail. Even now when the Club has the highest profile Manager in 50 years and is riding as high in the leagues as it ever has done, it still fails to attract the amount of sponsors that it deserves. There has to be a reason for that, and probably there is only one!
So where does the money to survive and move forward comes from? We are informed gate receipts alone are insufficient to fund the Club. Commercial activity had been neglected (is that being kind and should it be failed?) and does not appeared to have increased to any great degree since we have had a person dedicated  to this area. If it has improved we have not been informed and the Club has certainly not been banging the drum.
We have a dedicated Media team but news of whatís happening at Club is pitiful. Why? They are there to communicate with supporters and if active enough would increase the profile of the Club. A higher profile Club is easier to sell to sponsors than a low profile club.
A few months ago some news did come out. That was the formation of a steering committee (Cleeve, Hearle, Back). The initial announcement was the last we heard of it. Is it still going and if so what has it achieved?
Positions at the Club appear to always come from a small group of a preferred few. If youíre not a member of the little group of friends but wish to volunteer, the best job you are likely to be offered is one clearing the bins out at the end of a game.
Not opening up the positions at the Club to all severely restricts the clubs development. Itís obvious that selecting from a large gene pool rather than a small one would will result in better results as you gain access to better quality and more skills just by the increase in numbers.
When Cleeve arrived on the scene one of his first comments in his program notes was insulting a part of the Clubs fan base. At the time he didnít know these supporters and had never met them.
So where are we now? On the pitch even taking into account below standard performances since January, we are having a fantastic season. Off field it would be very generous to say things are improving. The Clubs accounts up until April 2019 show figures that many would call very worrying. Obviously we are not party to what the situation is at the moment but with the investment in both playing and non playing staff many would think itís going to be worse.
Then a cash flow crisis develops. Some will say itís as a result of the Corona Virus but others will believe this was coming anyway and the Club has lived beyond its means.
The Club then appeals for help, very much to the amusement of other Clubs. It does seem that the Clubs only real method of raising additional cash is by continually going to the supporters who already pay the highest entrance fees in the league and the highest cost match day food and drink. Clearly this shows a lack of Commercial thinking from the Club although in fairness it does appear to have tried to rectify this. Too little too late?
Then thereís the Supporters Trust who have shown that they can be successful when it comes to Commercial activity. Itís worth remembering that the Trust is not some Alien entity or a bunch of young yobs intent on causing trouble, but a group of supporters of all ages with the well being and long term survival of the Club at heart. Their aims and ambitions have always remained the same. Yes they sit on a reasonable amount of money but being registered with the FCA they have rules to follow and laws to obey when it comes to what can be done with it. The Directors have a legal obligation to Trust members first and foremost. In no way can they even be seen to throw good money after bad. Apparently the Chairman is well aware of this and understands the situation. Although he has previously stated that he will never ask the Trust for money, apparently he knows the Trusts door is always open for him.
Basically we need a different approach to the running of the Club. Maybe sitting somewhere between Busters business model and Cleeves. New blood, new ideas, access to more people with more ability which hopefully will result in increased revenue for the Club.
Thereís only one person that can start this particular ball rolling in the right direction. Improve to survive and together we can achieve more.

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