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General Discussion / Re: El Tel
« on: November 26, 2023, 09:31:30 PM »
R.I.P Terry Venables

Euro 96 was a great time to be alive

General Discussion / Managers Interview Post Buxton
« on: October 08, 2023, 11:17:28 PM »

An honest assessment which gives me positive vibes.

Without actually criticising the previous regime, he alludes to the group not being up to it (fitness wise) and the recruitment not being the greatest which again, alludes to what we were all thinking in that Hughes was a nice chap, but not up to it.

I genuinely think that given a bit of time, Adam Lakeford will do a very good job at Lynn

General Discussion / Re: BUXTON SATURDAY
« on: October 07, 2023, 11:03:50 PM »
Have to say, I haven't come away so disappointed from the Walks in a long, long time.

On the positive side, Hargreaves' return showed what we have been missing for most of 2023, MotM for me by a country mile, also good to see Barrett playing more of a role although ultimately the most positive thing from today will be that AL and SW will be left in no doubt about the size of the task ahead of them, saw AL's comments about 'rebalancing' the squad but think he may struggle moving some on - we are already the bottom rung of full time football so where can we move them to?

Biggest negative was that we went in with 3 centre halves, two wing backs, two midfielders and then a front three a system that we have gone with for the majority of home games this season but which doesn't work with the players in the squad, even with the new pairing of Hargreaves and Oke playing in the middle of the park.  We did eventually change but next week's training has to focus on a different formation, the problem being that most of the centre halves are better in a 3 whereas neither of the full backs look close to having the skill set of being wingbacks and the starting front three continue to look like individuals battling with the system rather than more than the sum of their parts.

I don't think it's that bad.

I agree we didn't offer a lot, but up to when we equalised, I thought we had the momentum and I thought we would push on and possibly win.

Their second goal killed that and from where I was standing, it did look a hell of a strike.

Their third, we got punished for a poor backpass (I think that's what he was trying) and then it was game over.

Regarding the formation, I firmly believe the management team are astute enough to pick the best formation they can, with the players available - so with his comments after the match, if he can get players in / ship players out, we may see a change in that formation.........

........who knows, they've only been in charge for one match.

If we are all saying the same things in three or six months time, then it will have been a failure, but we have to have some belief and faith

Adam Lakeland is the best manager in the league after all (that was a joke by the way, quoting our chairman!!)

General Discussion / Re: Hughes gone.
« on: September 25, 2023, 09:29:35 PM »
I think it's for the best that Hughes has gone and, more importantly, that waste of space Whitbread.

I wonder if Whitbread was appointed as a "more experienced" guy who could assist Hughes, but from what I can make out Whitbread offered nothing - maybe with a better number two, Hughes may have faired better??
But we'll never know.

I'm quite underwhelmed at a Coulson / Jones partnership - too inexperienced for the situation we are in now.

We need either a seasoned pro, or a young hungry manager, with contacts who can draw quality players to the club,

Also, to be fair to Cleeve, he has acted on the situation, before it became worse

General Discussion / Adrian Whitbread
« on: September 19, 2023, 09:40:30 AM »
We are all quick to moan about Mark Hughes and agreed, Hughes isn't setting the world on fire at the moment

But his assistant seems more clueless than even Hughes.

What does Whitbread bring to the party?? and my fear is that if Hughes does depart, be it resign or get sacked, Cleeve will appoint Whitbread.

General Discussion / Mark Hughes Post Match Interview (Aveley 16/09/23)
« on: September 17, 2023, 10:52:40 PM »

I'm on the fence with Hughes and really want him to succeed......

.......but, I'm rapidly losing faith after our start to the season and this interview.

If he's "happy" with this Saturday, then he really has set the benchmark low this season.

Interview full of cliches and it isn't "half time".........half time is in a two legged tie, this was a one off cup tie which we failed to win, at home

General Discussion / Re: Managers comments
« on: September 10, 2023, 10:10:20 PM »
I can't speak for all fans (obviously) but I think the majority really want Mark Hughes to succeed - I know for a fact that I do.

We can all agree that the free kick was a great free kick and a couple of individual errors cost other goals, but the harsh reality is, we were 4-0 down, at half time, at home.

Somebody on another thread put that the cup game is a "free hit" - it really isn't as it would mean it's only one win from ten games and at this level, any prize money would be welcomed, plus defeat puts Hughes under more pressure.

Also, others have said that we don't know what Hughes' remit is for the season - well why not announce it?? It would help manage the expectations of the crowd as we are all hoping for promotion - I said hoping, not expecting!!

Obviously the players need to show desire and application as their collective body language yesterday wasn't great.

We also need a bit of luck - all managers need that, including Alex Ferguson.......he got that stroke of luck all those years ago when Mark Robins scored vs Forest which kept fergie in a job and the rest is history.
Yesterday if we had scored first instead of hitting the post, that bit of luck could have seen a different result yesterday and a completely different mood amongst us fans than we are currently feeling.

I'll be supporting the team and Hughes on Saturday in the cup - but if the performance is like it was on saturday, then I (we) have the right to let the manager/team know that we aren't happy

General Discussion / Re: Manager
« on: September 09, 2023, 10:57:27 PM »
Today was terrible.

The players looked defeated and devoid of any ideas before half time - irrespective that we were four down at that point.

Second half and an early goal, but we couldn;t build on it and what annoyed me, was when our goal went in, Hughes was gesturing to the crowd to "come on"

Yes we had just then scored, but as much as we need to get behind the team, they need to give us something to cheer - four down at half time against a team who were bottom just over a week ago, really isn;t good enough.

Hughes seems a nice enough guy, but questions have to be raised of his ability to manage King's Lynn.

Defeat next week, could see him on his way - at the same stage of the season Cleeve got rid of Simon Clark, when we failed to beat Hitchin (I think it was) at home in the cup

General Discussion / Re: Baby Widdy
« on: September 03, 2023, 11:09:59 PM »
Theo is a poor player, got slated by many here during his time with us.

When his father jumped ship, I thought Theo would have gone then, but, in the games he played for us, he showed character in what must have been a difficult time for him.

Having said that........he really is a bad player, out of his depth at this level or above

General Discussion / Re: Monday's F A Cup draw
« on: September 03, 2023, 11:02:52 PM »
I guess we'll be in the Nothern section so Royston, Sudbury etc. will be out of the equation??

I hope for a home tie against a team ranked lower than us - who will hopefully be worse than us on the day!!

So Scunthorpe away it is then!!!

Does anyone know the time of the draw?? Is it dinner time??

General Discussion / Re: gloucester game
« on: August 20, 2023, 10:07:08 PM »
For me there were both positives and negatives.

Player wise.  Ronan, Bartley and Spence.  Way short of what is needed.  Only had to look at Ponchís frustration at playing along side Bartley.   Plusís on the playing side, of the new lads were Smith, Oke and Clifford. 

As for the style of play have to admit I had no idea what that was.  We didnít seem capable of stringing anything worthwhile together.   It looked a total mess.  First half canít even remember us creating a single half chance let along anything close to having anything on target.  Back line looked comfy, midfield, huffed and puffed but looked devoid of ideas.  Every deadball delivery failed to beat the first man.  What do they actually work on as full timers ?

2nd half started more positivity with Barret and Stephens on for Spence and Bartley.   We looked lively and on the front foot for 15-20 min, there after we kind of lost the plot again.

Once Gloucester took the leads you could see the confidence visibly drain from the players. Luckily we did Nick one right at the death after throwing Coulson up top to try and Salvage  something.

I know itís only 4 games into the season but if Hughes sticks with some of what he has invested Cleeveís money in then that will see us in a relegation battle and probably cost the Irishman his job.  Iím not sure if Cleeve has employed another Clark ( he lasted 10 games).

I think back to when Cully was in charge at this level and style of Football we played that was so enjoyable on the eye, then look at that today.  Miles apart.

Crowd of just shy of 1,000 seemed very flat as well.   Have to say the Programme was a vast improvement on previous.  Interesting article in there from Chris Lakey giving his views on Managers he had interviewed both at Lynn and Norwich.  He certainly had Widdrington sussed out.

The commercial side looks a worry.  No match day sponsor and not one player being sponsored.

Be interesting to hear what others made of todayís fayre.  Maybe Iím being over harsh. That today will not keep average attendances at 4 figures.

This is pretty much spot on for me.

It was one of the worst matches I've watched, featuring two poor teams.

I don't want to be over critical but Bartley...........every time he was involved in the first half, it resulted in me just shaking my head - hopefully it was just one poor performance, but if that is his calibre, then it isn't looking good.

As for the crowd - I was surprised how flat it all felt - I know the team and crowd need to feed each other, but it was just sooooo flat from the off.

Still, a long way to go, lots of points to be won and lost, only one defeat in four matches..........but we do need to get better.

I like Mark Hughes, but the jury is out for me on his appointment

General Discussion / Re: Today's game.
« on: August 05, 2023, 10:04:10 PM »
Thoroughly enjoyable match.

With no form (obviously) it's hard to guage if it's a decent result - thats not being pesimistic, quite the opposite in fact.

Disappointing to concede immediately after going 2-1 up, but far more positives than negatives today, including the attendance.
Yes Hereford brought a good following but I din't think the attendance would be as high as it was.

As mentioned by others, Tommy Hughes was excellent today and could, on todays performance, easily fill the void left by Clunan's departure.
Given a run in the side, Hughes could prove to be a real asset to the team and certainly better than the last midfielder at Lynn to have the same surname as the boss  :laughcry:

Can't wait until the next home match now!!

General Discussion / Re: Trevor Francis
« on: July 28, 2023, 12:07:28 AM »
As a City fan of old, Trevor Francis spent one season at Maine Road and wrote himself into City folklore.

City were a different animal back then ( we were rubbish!!) and the signing of Trevor Francis made us all dream under the leardership of John Bond..........Francis swelled City's attendance by 5k .

Unfortunately back then there wasn't the widespread tv coverage that exist now, but Francis' debut for City away at Stoke was phenomonal, thousands of Blues travelling to the Victoria Ground to see Francis have a dream debut.
City were top of the league around Christmas beating an exceptional Liverpool team 3-1 at Anfield.

Unfortunately Trevor Francis was a little injury prone and missed a few games and City tailed off and finished 10th (I think)

2 goals in 5 games at Espana 82 and City fans continued to dream.........then Peter Swales sold him to Sampdoria!!

Trevor Francis is one of those players/pundits/people who seems to be universally liked........ R.I.P Trevor Francis

General Discussion / Re: Michael Clunan...
« on: May 23, 2023, 03:02:24 PM »
Would be nice to get an interview with him before he departs

General Discussion / Re: manager appointed
« on: May 13, 2023, 10:56:54 PM »

Also stick to part time, reduce the outlay as the latter part of the season there was no difference in fitness due to being a full time outfit.....

Mark Hughes has already said we are to remain full time.

It's a shame Hugo has left as he seemed pretty clued up on the touchline.
Paul Jones, new to the role, but in the video of Mark Hughes appointment, Jones looked like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights!!

Will be interesting to see who Hughes/Jones (and Cleeve??) can bring into the club.

We have some skilful players, I think we need some "streetwise" players with a bit of tenacity for when the going gets tough - last Sunday, we almost rolled over, we needed some fight

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