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General Discussion / Re: Cleeve in the Norwich paper.
« on: September 17, 2022, 11:17:09 AM »
I have to disagree with "Lynski's" post .... Boston, demographically, is no where near as large as King's Lynn, with a population of some 35,000, Lynn has more than 8,000 more inhabitants (Wikapedia). I agree, however with the bulk of "Blue & Golds" post.
The town does not deserve a professional football team. In recent years, the ‘fickle’ fans of King’s Lynn have been fair weather fans ….. not sufficient to support a full time team!

For 70 years I have been following this club and with a whiff of nostalgia, I remember as a lad, the heady days of the ‘old’ Midland League in the 50’s, when teams like Peterborough were regular visitors to the Walks, with gates of a few thousand. I suppose one could argue that, in those days, people had less distractions; cars, mobile phones, personal computers and other high tech devices that seem to preoccupy the modern generation but one just can’t beat standing on the terraces stamping one’s feet to stay warm and feasting on some damned good football.

I despair at the many negative comments about the manager and chairman! I agree the forum, with its ancient roman roots, should be a place for free expression, but some of the vitriolic language on here is so unnecessary. One can express an opinion without resorting to downright nastiness.

Humans have since time immemorial, erred in decision making and running a football club as the chairman does, is no exception but for goodness sake without his money there would not be a club at all.

Having lived and worked overseas for most of my life, I now live in the West Country, and it pains me to witness a ‘village’ club like Forest Green Rovers, getting promoted to League One … all down to one former ‘hippie’ who had a vision, and through his commendable efforts on everything surrounding protecting the climate, and through his ‘Ecotricity’ success, ploughed funds into the club. Not suggesting our current chairman pursues a path in eco correctness, nor do I condone feeding our players vegan food, but for goodness sake, let’s cut Mr. Cleeve some slack.

Sorry if I come across as taking the simple and moral high ground but I feel passionately about our little club and long may it prosper! 

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