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General Discussion / The Pitch
« on: November 28, 2019, 04:21:58 PM »
It's that time of the year when we are prone to getting the part of the pitch in the shadow of the main stand frozen when ever we get 2 or 3 days/nights of heavy frost. It does not get any Sunlight. It has cost us money with postponements in the past. Let's get some sort of cover for this. Perhaps the trust would be willing to help with a few quid, I shall put in a 3 figure sum. What do you think?

News of former Linnets / Re: George Thomson
« on: November 27, 2019, 02:52:52 PM »
Still scoring for Harrogate, on the mark again last night.

General Discussion / Re: Hereford
« on: November 27, 2019, 02:50:20 PM »
Don't forget the wooden rattle, my grandad gave me his, painted blue and yellow, with A.R.P. etched on it. I knew the war was good for something.

General Discussion / Re: Hereford
« on: November 27, 2019, 12:01:21 PM »
B and G, adults a shilling (5p) for me it was sixpence, 2 1/2 p, the programme was a sickly yellow colour and was 3p, this was 1960. And we would have  3P cup of tea from one of the small tea bars on each end of the small stand.

General Discussion / Re: Sack Race
« on: November 27, 2019, 11:53:21 AM »
Buxton have sacked their manager. NPL. Big Budget, bottom 6. 

General Discussion / Re: Hereford
« on: November 27, 2019, 11:51:05 AM »
Nigel, you are not wrong, I used to go with my father in the 50s and early 60s, we would stand behind the goal at the hospital end, which in those days  was well banked, with a huge scoreboard, at times to would climb the ladder onto the score board and sit on the walkway, great view! At times it would be so packed, the children were allowed to sit on the grass, at their own risk of course. while we are talking about attendances the last full season we had in the northern section, Blue Square , our average attendance was 987, which was second best, and we finished 17th! We do have 2 big paydays to come, Boston and York, but if we stay in contention there is no reason we should not get 1200/1400 most games, for 15 its great value. Quick comment on last night, we have to find room for Kelly and Carey. Well done lads.   

General Discussion / Sam Kelly
« on: November 11, 2019, 07:49:44 PM »
I am becoming a fan of Sam Kelly, when he came on against Altrincham he made the difference, by running at their defence and put some great balls in the box, in fact he made the second goal. He was harshly given a yellow card in the last minute (right in front of me) for a foul where their player just fell over. he has also provided assists in the last few days. I think he is a talented player and he does not look out of place in our midfield. Carey is another player who can do the business, Some of our players are predictable with their passing, if we are looking for a make shift striker when Gash is suspended, what about Ross Burrows, he looks like he can play anywhere, and can head a ball, as well as a good passer.  Just ideas.  Brett McNamara has been mentioned on other posts, well he was a full back, came to Lynn as a striker, scored a hat full of goals.  Does anybody agree? 

General Discussion / Re: Poster Identity
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:25:52 PM »
This post is getting silly, if you have an account on E-bay or Amazon, or similar sites, do you give your proper name to these? You are asking for trouble if you do, account hacking comes to mind, and also there is such thing as data protection, but if that doesn't bother you then good luck.

General Discussion / Re: Youth Team
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:19:50 PM »
Well done the youth team, it would be great if they could get a league outfit on the walks. Is there cash involved in the youth cup, does anybody know?

General Discussion / Re: Chester
« on: October 13, 2019, 10:59:09 AM »
Just when I thought the football on the Walks could not get much better, we were served up a treat yesterday. Superb entertainment. There were 2 Chester fans sitting behind me and they agreed that was the best match they had seen this season. It was remarkable because the ref did his best to spoil it, with some shocking decisions on both sides. I felt for Smith, he has been unlucky with injuries because he looks a more than capable defender, but lets give credit to Burrows who looked like he was born to play in the centre of defence. It was hard to tell who were the full timers because at the end  Lynn looked the fitter. Well done both teams, but shame on you ref. 

General Discussion / Re: FA Cup draw
« on: October 07, 2019, 06:45:53 PM »
Its not easy, and as already stated if a replay, we go to Kidderminster the following Saturday. But also remember that Lemington will have to come to us on a Tuesday night now. Unless we both get free Saturdays, which is unlikely. It is swings and whatever!

General Discussion / Re: York
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:58:50 AM »
Lets not get to despondent, only our 2nd defeat this season, and I don't think we are punching above our weight, we are 3rd on merit, and there is no reason for us to think we will not be in the top half come the end of the season. Lets go to Leek and make it to the 4th qualifying round, and then who knows. If some of you want to watch York again (why should you?) they are 10 miles down the road at Buxton.  With reference to Gash, IMO he should not have played, it could have and may have made his injury worse.

General Discussion / Re: Alfreton FA Cup
« on: September 21, 2019, 09:10:29 PM »
Lynn fans love a cup run, last time was 2006, as well as making money it also puts the club on the map, with business and more fans will come out of the woodwork, 6500+ is not to be sniffed at, ask SC.

General Discussion / Re: York city here we come
« on: September 21, 2019, 09:06:44 PM »
In reply to Mallards question, York are full time. I also watched them at lunch time on the BBC red button. They did not look anything special, against what looked a very poor side.

Another three great points!!!!!     

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