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General Discussion / Re: Kidderminster away
« on: November 05, 2019, 08:42:50 AM »
Have to agree Stan.  I think we are looking down the barrel at one here. With the shoe on the other foot this Manager and his group of players are always capable of pulling one out of the hat.

Stan,  for sure having a mic thrust under ya nose 20 mins after dropping 2 points to 94th equaliser is going to come across as frustration. Couple that together with a trip to in form Kidderminster in 72 hours with a dressing room that is nursing injuries and tired limbs then it just shows the human side of IC coming out.

Would any of us feel different ?

Gs,  the best manager the club has had in X number of years is not happy and could well leave.  Why would that not be a topic for discussion ?  I’d like to think there is way forward to try and keep him, wouldnt you ?

Well constructed and thought provoking post Tony, as per.

This however does seem to a recurring issue at the Club between IC and SC.  Maybe it is just a case that they cannot work together.  I am starting to believe that IC did put his name in the hat for the Wrexham job so this is not something that has just raised its head again over the last week.

There is nothing coming out from SC or indeed the Clubs Media dept to shed any light on the situation or to even dampen down this story.

Hate to say it people but I think SC could be looking for Manager no4 in his tenure, sooner rather than later.

KES looking at the interview it  did end rather abruptly and makes me wonder what was said off camera.  The Lynn News were certainly there but was there a reporter there from the EDP ?

Have to assume that the budget was agreed to the satisfaction of all parties at the start of the season.  I do wonder if there was a reviewal date in there somewhere. Maybe dependant on FA Cup progress ?

At this stage it’s all supposition and 2nd guessing.  What does appear to be the case though that the relationship between the Chairman and the Manager seems to be ‘strained’. Let’s hope that they can get around a table and try and find some middle ground.

I would hope Mark Hearle will get a press release out there to dampen this story down and let the fans know what is going on. 

This all can’t be doing the  squad of players any favours.   We go to a Kiddie tomorrow night to play a team who took a point at York on Saturday.  If we go there less than 100% focused on the job we could be on the receiving end of one.  Then what ?

Stan, my memory tells me SC said he would only fund it for the last time this season, then it had to stand on its own two feet.

Mark Hearle stated at the start of the season we needed gates of 750/800 ( average) I would assume he was speaking on behalf of the Club and not himself.  I would suspect we are well in excess of 800 per game.  I do wonder if the FA Cup has caused bigger ripples than any of us would have guessed at.

Little John the central defenders have never had a chance to settle.   Fryatt missed several games now injured.  McAuley missed 3 with suspension.  Smith on his second spell of the season on the injured list. 

No one needs to throw anyone under any buses. However be good for Stephen Cleeve to open up and let everyone know where the club is.

Just viewed the latest Manager interview.  Is this about to be history repeating itself ?  Maybe the Chairman could make a statement to let us know what the full situation is. 

We have a great Manager an excellent Squad ( albeit small).  We have had a fantastic start to the season and are sitting in a great position.  The fans have bought into it this season big time and gates are massively up.

Come on Mr Cleeve you lost Culverhouse once let’s not see it happen again.

General Discussion / Re: Altrincham at Home
« on: November 01, 2019, 04:53:41 PM »
Good that Robbie keeps the fans updated on what’s happening at the Club

General Discussion / Re: Altrincham at Home
« on: November 01, 2019, 10:58:02 AM »
The squad is what it is.  Should be good enough to compete at this level.  IC has maybe not be able to find the right bodies to add to the quality he has in the squad.  Either that or the budget isn’t quite there to fill in for what is missing.  Maybe the Chairman will shed some light on the situation in his Programme notes tomorrow.   Also be interesting to see what his ‘Big News’ story is that was due to be made public by the end of October.  Or has that one fallen by the wayside as well ?   

Should be worth buying a programme tomorrow as might be some exciting news to read.

General Discussion / Re: Altrincham at Home
« on: November 01, 2019, 09:17:22 AM »
With rain today and more predicted for tomorrow is there any chance tomorrow’s game maybe off ?

General Discussion / Re: Kidderminster Harriers Away.
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:54:02 PM »
How far would they get this time ? :bus:

General Discussion / Re: Altrincham at Home
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:52:48 PM »
All about how we respond to both the Cup defeat and a two week break.  Hopefully one or two of the those on the injured list will be included in the Squad.   Will take a scrappy old 1-0 win.

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