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General Discussion / Re: Good day ! / Great 12 months
« on: December 23, 2019, 01:38:55 PM »
 :banghead; Sorry dillydilly but in fairness to linnet64 the words " dream of the football league " are used. We all realise better financial management is required to progress through the leagues, we already have terraces at both ends of our ground,what would be nice to see would be a roof over the hospital end to start with, however this is not a requirement to progress up the league ladder. :banghead;

General Discussion / Re: Good day ! / Great 12 months
« on: December 23, 2019, 07:57:32 AM »
Top of the league and seeing the teams, ex league teams below, I never thought I would see the day  :oldman"
Just hope we can hold on to Cully and the squad, to fight for even greater honours and dare we even dream of English League Football one day! :scarf: :scarf: :scarf: :comeon: :comeon: :cup2:

 :oldman" I have been thinking along the same lines as you Linnet, I believe there are 7 clubs below us in the league who have previously been members of the English Football League. This is definitely one of the high points in the history of this football club, and as you I hope we can keep hold of Mr Culverhouse at least until our fate in this season's title/promotion race is indeed settled.
I,as I am sure are many others,realise that our manager has ambitions to manage as higher level as possible, hopefully with KLTFC, but in reality we do expect he will indeed probably move on to better himself, but to do this hopefully he will keep winning with KLTFC thus putting himself in that managerial merrygorund melting pot. :farmer:

General Discussion / Good day ! / Great 12 months
« on: December 21, 2019, 05:04:21 PM »
 :oldman" Today's results mean it is a good day all round for KLTFC, York city losing and Chester city drawing means no drop in league position for KLTFC,we head into the Christmas fixtures topping NATIONAL LEAGUE NORTH, who would have thought this possible at the start of the season. Another good day and more time to hopefully get some of the injured squad ready to play again over the busy period of games to come. Well done to all concerned and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all involved with KLTFC and our great supporters.  :farmer:

General Discussion / Re: The Pitch
« on: December 08, 2019, 09:07:06 PM »
Having received numerous comments on the recent condition of the pitch, I thought I ought to respond.

With the greatest respect to the Chairman, Management, Players and of course the fans, I cannot be called to account for the amount of rain we have had in the last couple of months. For everyone’s information, we have had, without splitting hairs, 320 mm (old money 13 inches) of rain the the last 7 weeks.

Also, for your information, one inch of water equals 113 tons of water per acre.   The pitch is one and a half acres. Therefore, we have effectively had 2,200 tons of water in 7 weeks. Even with the new drainage installed, I have no control over the amount of rain we have had.  I can assure you that I will do my best to keep the pitch flat and divot free at 3 pm. What happens during the game is out of my hands.

Rant over.

 :farmer: :farmer: :farmer: :oldman" Well said Steve, I can't give you enough praise for the state our pitch is in, excellent compared to only 12 months ago is all I can say. Being a farmer myself and being unable to get on the land to plant our crops,I fully understand your dilemmas, if indeed people are complaining. Ignore them, they have obviously got no worthwhile knowledge of soil maintenance and condition. Please keep doing what you are doing the pitch looks the best it has ever done in my near 50 years of attending the Walks. :farmer: :farmer: :farmer: :oldman"

Which Blyth will turn up ?

Trousers down and ass smacked 6-0 at home to Brackley last Saturday.  Last night went to Alfreton in the Trophy and hit back with a 3-1 victory.

Manager Lee Clark has a hellva pedigree to be Managing at this level.

2-1 Lynn  Atten 890

 :banghead; :oldman" :farmer: Personally I don't see what his pedigree has to do with his management abilities, good players don't always make good managers and vice versa, some top managers never cut the mustard as players. We also have a top manager, who in his prime as a player had a half decent career.  :farmer: :oldman" :banghead;

General Discussion / Re: GATESHEAD.
« on: December 01, 2019, 04:01:02 PM »
 :farmer: :oldman" I was reading earlier today that York City have sold the naming  rights to there new stadium for next season to LNER (London Noth Eastern Railways , I believe), this is obviously good for them financially and a guaranteed income for next season already sorted. This is where the difference in the team behind the team are, we struggle to sell our sponsorship opportunities yet they are already sorting out next season. I realise they are ex league, but they are now in the same league as us, so therefore we need to be trying to pull in more sponsorship. Why, oh why, do KLTFC seem unable to attract sponsors? ( please do not blame the chairman). There are many large companies around West Norfolk, we really do need to keep banging on there doors while we are riding the crest of the wave and sell this football club to them.  :farmer: :oldman"

General Discussion / Re: GATESHEAD.
« on: December 01, 2019, 08:55:44 AM »
 :farmer: :oldman" Let's be clear here KLTFC are indeed punching well above our weight at this moment in the clubs history, I am not saying it is unsustainable( as we run at the moment I believe it is), however smaller teams do survive with the big boys and have done for many years, the old Wimbledon team are a perfect example and nowadays we have the likes of Bournemouth cutting it with the big boys on attendances that would look small in the championship. These clubs were and indeed are in there lofty positions due to somehow managing to bring money into the club through other means(yes Bournemouth now have premier league money, but they didn't when promoted).
We need to support this squad, management and indeed love him or hate him our Chairman, enjoy the ride and hope we can attract more sponsorship money in the future.  :farmer: :oldman"

General Discussion / Re: GATESHEAD.
« on: November 30, 2019, 06:04:18 PM »
 :oldman" just home and clicked on the internet to read the report, have to say, I have just read the Gateshead report via the link on the live feed, good balanced report and up loaded very quickly (putting KLTFC to shame) only thing I disagreed with was there attendance figure which was given in the 300s, not 1060. All in all credit to Gateshead they made it difficult, but KLTFC showed there class in the end to snatch those 3 points and keep us top of the league. :farmer:

General Discussion / Re: Hereford
« on: November 30, 2019, 02:13:58 PM »
Talking to a few Boston fans they feel their level is The National League.  They certainly over achieved with Steve Evans with dire consequence’s. ( that’s another story).  New ground ready to start next season.  Will miss my trips to York Street, ‘proper’ non League ground
What do Boston have in place that Lynn are apparently incapable of ever obtaining?
  :oldman" :oldman" :oldman" :oldman" :freezing: :freezing: :oldman" :oldman" : :oldman" :oldman"
Lots of full sponsors boards and serious money coming in through many other forms of sponsorship.
 :farmer:                                                                                                                      :farmer:

General Discussion / Re: Hereford
« on: November 27, 2019, 12:58:40 PM »
 :farmer: :oldman" There are so many more sporting events and cinemas and concerts etc etc, for people to now spend the income they have spare on now as opossed to years gone bye. Most families not only have 1 car but generally more, this means transportation to other events is easier than in the past. Many people with young families will say perhaps go to McDonald's,Burger King and then visit a cinema, there is hockey at lynnsport(free to watch) as is rugby at West Norfolk rufc to namebut a few, we are competing against.
Just as another point of interest, Only 10 days ago Northampton Saints Rugby were offering 3 matches in the European Champions cup for a total cost of £40 for adults, this is the equivalent competition as champions league football,so this is a slight journey by car but very reasonable priced sport, not a million miles down the road.

General Discussion / Re: Hereford
« on: November 27, 2019, 07:57:44 AM »
 :oldman"  :farmer: Does 715 attendance at Hereford last night,put to bed a lot of people questioning our attendance against the same team on Saturday. I firmly believe our attendance was good on Saturday and compare our attendance in accordance with other teams in our league and we certainly had a higher percentage of regular fans in. It is the early stages of the trophy and attendance will pick up the further we progress, many families can not afford to attend all games,so indeed priorities,given Christmas 🎄 also just around the corner,all the insecurities in modern life,our attendance on Saturday was I believe good. As I have stated on threads before I feel personally that 1500 people through the turnstiles is around as good as KLTFC could realistically hope for on a regular basis. There will be matches when this figure is exceeded and I feel we have at least 2 large gates to come later in the season,maybe more if we are still fighting for the title and involved in the latter stages of the trophy.
Onwards and upwards and I just felt I had to post this as in my nearly 50 years of attending matches at the Walks, we have always had peaks and troughs in attendance and this will always continue in my humble opinion.  :oldman" :farmer:

General Discussion / Re: Top of the league
« on: November 16, 2019, 05:48:37 PM »
 :farmer: :oldman" This result in my humble opinion proves that we have really arrived at this level of football, Southport are a well supported and financed football team,with the ability to attract players from the many cities and large towns around the North West of England, we are a medium sized provincial town stuck out on a limb on the East coast of England,but we are some how managing to compete. After today's results Southport are still in 5th place in the league,  so this just undermines my belief we are where we are on merit, with a great fighting team spirit. Well done to all involved today and good luck for the rest of the season. COYL.   :farmer: :oldman"

General Discussion / Re: Who was/is the better striker: Defty or Marriot ?
« on: November 10, 2019, 12:25:07 PM »
 :oldman" :farmer: A name from the not too distant past who scored and provided goals for fun, at a lower level yes but still quite prolific for Lynn was Stephen Spriggs. Love him or not he certainly helped this club on our climb up the leagues.  :farmer: :oldman"

General Discussion / Re: Who was/is the better striker: Defty or Marriot ?
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:10:40 AM »
I was originally going to put Defty or Gash but Gash's goal-scoring not a patch on Defty.

I’d say it’d be a mistake to judge Gash just on his goal scoring record; he’s more of a goal maker than a goal scorer.

 :farmer: :oldman" agreed, Michael Gash creates havoc amongst defenders and provides lots of goalscoring opportunities for others, do not judge just on his goals scored,as he brings so much more to the team.
I also have to say the statement by dillydilly about the best striker since Malcolm Lindsay is open to debate, just one name I would like to add in there is Brett McNamara. There are more over the years I could add,but as I said open to debate and personal opinions. :farmer:  :oldman"

An extract from my programme notes dated Aug 6th 2019.

'........ after the bad start it was a task to bring back the floaters , but the trickle gained momentum and eventually we were not far away from previous season's numbers. As ever, the play offs were well supported but the club has to be looking at a figure of around 750 - 800 as a minimum for most games this season..... '

In no part of the article have I ever said this was a break even figure etc. It was my thoughts on what kind of gates IMO the level of football should attract , nothing to do with finances, budgets. Happily at the moment we are above the figures I have said here. However how that stands us in relation to our financial position at present  I have no idea - that's not my area.

At the top of the article it also states ' takes a personal look forward... ' hopefully this post has made clear this part of this thread.

 :comeon:  :oldman"  :farmer: Well said Mark, why,oh why do people keep trying to rock the boat 🚣, as you say you or indeed us can,and do not know how much this club costs to run from week to week, it is a fickle business as attendances can vary from match to match by many hundreds. I am fully behind Mr Culverhouse and his team, but we are a small fish in a big sea at this level and do not have the monetary clout at this level of many other clubs. Mr Cleeve seems to have backed Mr Culverhouse so far, so let's wait and see what happens. I want this team and management to be more successful but not at any cost, we have been there already. I agree defensive cover is needed, but if money or indeed quality of players are not available we have to plough on with what we have , grit our teeth and fight for every point available.
In all honesty, if we are successful, as we have been recently, bigger clubs will come looking at our players and management and generally money talks, not always, but loyalty is generally outweighed by ££££££.   :farmer:  :oldman"

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