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General Discussion / Re: Breaking News
« on: May 27, 2016, 07:14:42 AM »
Wrexham fans group here wanting to tell you about our experience with Cleeve.
He appeared on the scene at a very low point for our club.The owners were absolutely despised and were looking to get out.
This brought forward a parade of chancers,scammers and fantasists amongst whom Cleeve was prominent.
His main problem was that he didnt have any money. Or at least ready money.
He offered to buy club if the owner loaned him the money to do so. When this played out he offered our Supporters Trust a deal. We gave him our 400k for a minority stake in the club and he would put in an un-named sum for majority ownership at some point in the future.
Not surprisingly this was declined.
It wasnt just the absurd offer. It was the fact that he seemed to be a man of no substance. Nothing about him seemed genuine.
His business record showed no success.
Fail land scamming business. Basically trying to sell green belt as development land.
Booze future speculations.

Football memorabilia cons. He was banned from Stamford Bridge by Bates.

He was also kicked out of UKIP.

His plans for our club were also a bit woolly.
It centred on importing and developing young African and Asian kids and then selling them on for a profit.     
It was a nonsense.

He also had an idea about selling off the pitch in squares. Not the stands around it though.
At Wrexham the ground ownership would probably have remained with the owners until he could have manufactured a development deal .
I understand that your ground is owned by the Council. If they are anything like Wrexham then that would be a worry.
His antipathy to fan involvement has been a feature of his approach. Since being bounced out of Wrexham he has utilised twitter and fans websites to rubbish the efforts of our Supporters Trust.Childish behaviour from a supposed serious businessman.
If your Trust has any funds he will be in for that in the near future.   

Its a real shame that he has attached himself to Kings Lynn. The FA do little or nothing to protect clubs from predators and even more so down the pyramid.
Join your Trust, be alert and start talking to your local council.

Good luck.
could be anyone doing this write up

General Discussion / Re: Cinderford
« on: May 26, 2016, 08:04:36 AM »
There is always an option Jesus, just maybe not the option that is obvious
another campaign of vote with your feet

General Discussion / Re: Breaking News
« on: May 26, 2016, 08:03:51 AM »
Mr Timms I find your outlook very sad but you maybe right all a really care about is that I have I team to go and watch
I agree with you

General Discussion / Re: Dylan
« on: October 24, 2015, 06:34:39 PM »
It's time setch played him and give him a run a natural goal scorer.ive seen this lad progress from a kid and he will score the goals Lynn need

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