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Alan Day was very busy, but Holbeach, Spalding and then Kings Lynn; somehow were left in debt when he left. Alan Day doubled the wage bill (or Board allowed it) and were in trouble Jan 91.
Sean Farrow Day's assistant) was sensible and brought in several of his Grimsby lads but only lasted 12 months. Why;; most likely money.
Musgrove; brought in lots of local players but was another 10 month Manager.

Probably the most weird of managers was Gidman; found on Knights Hill Pub car park; spaced out!! Sammy Morgan (Aston Villa; Ireland; Gorleston) said Giddy at Villa; At 18 he was an idiot but was laughed with / at!!  At 30yrs old he was an idiot but wasn't funny!!

Tommy Taylor fiddled with line up's and, admittedly had given Sam Gaughran debut at 16!  He had a hefty budget and decent bloke but saw Norfolk people as bumpkins!! Has never been a success n Management!!

Colin Foster had success with long ball game; by chance inherited Martin Cope and Claxton got Kevin Ready to Club and the 2 of them scored 80+goals that year. 2nd in League and Bristol Rovers in Cup. Despite that; Foster wasn't bothered with progress and did little to develop team and had very good budget. Cope decided to leave as he couldn't stand Foster and Ready was injured and did not return!!  Weeks into the next season, no wins / bad start;  Osborne, Rout and rest of Board ran out of money; cut budget in half and Foster walked out and took the Peterborough contingent with him.

Gary Mills was well liked and sensible manager; who, like Peter Morris was astute as a manager albeit not as Dour and difficult to approach.  Probably on the better Manager list

General Discussion / Mick Wright Council latest!!!
« on: April 05, 2017, 05:32:56 PM »
I have just seen todays EDP and the following is peculiar in the context of Mr Harding's apology.

The EDP piece;

Council chief executive Ray Harding said: “We got it wrong, we have accepted that, and we’re doing what we can to put the mistake right. “Ultimately it is my responsibility, which I fully accept.
Members will now formally consider the proposal, as has been requested.”

The nomination (there are actually 8 nominations) will now be considered by the council’s cabinet on Tuesday, April 11.
But while most items on the agenda will be discussed in public, the press and public will be excluded while Mr Wright’s nomination is discussed

What is weird ,but not beyond Daubney and Long's approach to the 8 nominations, is the acknowledgement of failing to legally follow the protocol and then decide to corrupt the agenda in such a manner!

£150K trusted to the Leaseholder in his Account+ peppercorn rent for service in the Community. That another businessman honoured in our Community for running a Speedway / Banger racing Business.  And apparently Mr Daubney was at the Game again yesterday; 2 weeks in a row. Not been seen there before!! That's interesting.

The amazing turn around after the nomination by 8 people (December 2015) for Mick's  recognition needs  added support before 11th April Meeting and any letters  to CEO  Ray Harding at KL & WN Council, and Lynn News would be very welcome! 
Daubney, Long and Nockholds having denied the correct legal procedure, for so long, will now have been shown to be dishonest. They are on the Cabinet of 8 Tory's who decide if it goes to Council which then needs 2/3rds majority.
Now knowing what unreliable and deceitful characters these 3 showed over a year you can see the chances of them agreeing to  forward it to be very slim.
'Cllr' Daubney is the main protagonist and now lies that he did produce the Criteria at the first meeting (but funnily enough) didn't implement it; thus the intervention of the Ombudsman!!
He has shown himself to be bigoted and dishonest up to this week, and ongoing!!  He has no shame! 
A plaque for juggling Jim; nothing for Borough achievement.
Mick also saved a drowning man from the Ouse in the 90's.

General Discussion / Re: Aspirations and assumptions
« on: February 24, 2017, 06:51:08 PM »
Correct Loopy;  Culverhouse isn't full-time to develop youth but to get Lynn into League Football!!
Big Money needed; he isn't being paid for development he's here to get ready made players to win the League next year and reach National League in another year!!
Miracles do happen; ala Leicester but its one mans money; the community and area won't sustain the commercial need!!
Ready to eat my words but....!

General Discussion / Re: Aspirations and assumptions
« on: February 24, 2017, 03:50:35 PM »
Mallard; Talk is Cheap!
Time will tell but my experience is that every time the Club gets the leaders with big ideas and get so called top Managers (who mostly have no non league experience) there is an all too common outcome!
This manager has one head, two arms, 2 legs just like me and you!! They have one brain like me and you
Has he ever led the way in terms of recruitment / management, with financial prudence? Has Cleeve thought through How Long / How much money it will take to get to National league?
The best Board was from 2000-2005 when Club well run and prudent!! In comes Ken Bobbins with big ideas, financially suicidal who recruits Chinn to destroy a business!!
You create a commercial solid base and work with the budget that keeps the Club solvent!!
Culverhouse as with so many career footballers take what they can and I am sure Mr Cleeve has sold him a fairy story!!!

General Discussion / Re: Culverhouse on Setch
« on: February 24, 2017, 01:13:17 PM »
Why then did Lambert finally disown Karsa and Culverhouse. It was common knowledge that they were bullying personnel at Norwich and not just the players!! Found them out at Villa!!

General Discussion / Re: Aspirations and assumptions
« on: February 24, 2017, 01:09:19 PM »
Well another step closer to a possible Trust running the Club.
A full time Manager, living 2 hours from the Club and high profile means Mr Cleeve has the magic wand of several directors of the past!! 1970-71; 85-86; 78-79; 2009-10!
Culverhouse will not be here on peanuts and he's not got time for 'developing' players!
The present training is Thursday 60 minutes, 1/3 pitch at Lynnsport.
All hallmarks of vision to be in football league is going to need a similar budget to Keith Webb £8-9K a week!!
It seems Mr Cleeve is gong to have to pump heavy money's into this move and may soon become disillusioned and leave debts around the Town!! 
One man running the show and going for broke on promotions is a 'pie in the sky' venture!!
This is bottom up business management; throwing big money at a project with NO Foundations!!
A fun ride ahead; be ready Trust!! The Council will learn someday!!

General Discussion / Re: Ray Hall
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:30:35 AM »
Hey Frontman. Do you that Setch is a fan of the Charlie Hughes school of coaching?
Very funny Smithy  :laughcry: . A bit of light relief there.
Are you really that old?
And Charlie Hughes??; well what about Alan Wade??
Gary Setchell is no fan of coaching, but was innately gifted as a player!! And there I was thinking this was a serious discussion Group ADAM.

General Discussion / Re: Ray Hall
« on: January 22, 2017, 06:09:04 PM »
Right on.....a simple game regularly over complicated by those hell bent on enhancing their self importance. Some of the most succesful (man) managers were not great coaches.....Cloughie to name but one!
Apologies for name dropping.
Clough (didn't) & O'Neill (doesn't) coach,for example,  but their work was at the Ist Team level where you pickup players already experienced and proven! They utilise very good scouts (for players)as did Shankley.
This is ability to manage men! As Frank Wignall said, 'at the front line its about the 11 players doing THEIR job!!
As Gordon Bennett (Norwich Academy 1988-2000 said the  best 'Coaches' are needed from 8yrs to 16yrs old. He could spot a future star at 11 years old!! Sutton, Mills, Bellamy Green etc!!
Good technical ability is learned with a few characters who are 'Innately Gifted'!!
Clough was a man who was a coach because he knew what was needed and he took players on that he knew could do a job!! Many players were signed and didn't do as they were told on the pitch  and didn't play again. Wallace, Megson, Sheridan, Hartford for example.
Steve Walford said the Under 18 Manager is vital to honing the players 'Game Understanding'
Reg Davies said 'a player needs to know the size of a pitch as Space is more important than the players'!

General Discussion / Re: Ray Hall
« on: January 21, 2017, 09:20:17 AM »
I don't have any inside knowledge of his coaching skills compared to locally based Coaches Frontman.  Do you ? 
That's the case for the defence Frontman.  Over to you.
Well; just about 40 years in this region, Mallard.  Football Development isn't rocket science and Norfolk Coaches do have good knowledge just like the CITY boys and girls! We have a rural environment against the City / Town!  But the Club has 5-6 local lads in team and the Community Programme and CWA are well run!!

General Discussion / Re: Ray Hall
« on: January 20, 2017, 02:13:29 PM »
Surely it would to be everyone's benefit to tap into the skills knowledge contacts etc.  Not wishing to play down the skills that might already be in place but this guys seems way ahead of anything that may be available coaching wise at local level.   For the Young Kids it would be crazy not to embrace what this guy has to offer.
That is well wide of the mark, Mallard!! What has he said that puts him ahead of the local 'A' Licence Coaches who work with or have worked with Norwich City Academy.  Locally; its always been seen that those from outside Norfolk HAVE to be better than the local equivalent.  :cry: How does Ray change things with 2-3 days a month in Kings Lynn. This may be more disruptive than constructive!

General Discussion / Re: Mick Wright Petition
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:20:29 PM »
Very True Rod!
On very good authority I was told that anything Daubney doesn't like, never gets to be put before the Council. He discards at will! Is that serving the Community or a Dictator. AND, now Long is his Apprentice!! How do Councillor's allow this???
We elect for them to Serve, not dictate!!

General Discussion / Re: Mick Wright Petition
« on: December 19, 2016, 12:50:11 PM »
Many, many  Councils recognise outstanding Sportsmen & women's achievements in their Boroughs! In many cases  they had not performed in their own Town / City of birth but recognised as one of their own!!
This Council has no understanding of what a great influence and entertainer Mick was; especially in the 1960-70's!!
Daubney asserted that Football was not his sport; thus Mick Wright was a nobody!!
What's the difference between a historian / Mayor and a Sportsman receiving the Award!!
Has Paul Richards influenced the Community any more than Mick had??
Anyone know what our present Mayor has done for our Town??

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