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General Discussion / Re: Southend (21st January)
« on: January 20, 2022, 05:33:02 PM »
So, with another midfielder joining, TW has even more of a selection headache with five in and no departures since he took over.  Assuming we go 4-3-3 to accommodate everyone that TW has signed (unless we adopt the Man City false 9 option), I guess we will look something like:

Jones, CB, CB, Scott
Phipps, MF, Widdrington
Barrett, Omotayo or KB, Walker

Seems a bit tough on Clunan or Coleman having to the bench if TW really has signed 'starters', I personally don't see Widdrington or Walker being any better than what we had in the squad at the end of November.  Likewise we now look heavily stocked with centre halves although whether you can find any combination that works as a 'pair' rather than 'in a three' is debatable.  Maybe tomorrow nights selection will give a better indication of how we are likely to play for the rest of the season

General Discussion / Southend (21st January)
« on: January 20, 2022, 01:49:56 PM »
Aside from the opening day at the Walks, Southend have had a pretty poor start to life in the NL but things seem to be picking up for them with two wins already in January and with their transfer ban lifted they are also starting to sign players, including a new centre forward signed today

Closer to home, we have signed Walker after his (unimpressive imo) loan spell earlier in the year and TW is on record saying he is signing starters not squad players so presumably we will have a change of shape tomorrow evening.  I still really don't know what to expect from a TW team, to date he seems to have picked roughly what IC did which isn't unreasonably given he has roughly the same squad but now with four TW additions (KB loan extended, TW jnr, Scott and Walker) and McFaddon and Denton back to fitness TW needs to find a set up that gets more out of his expanded squad than IC managed.  Personally I think a point would be a good result, Southend have improved and I don't think we look much closer to keeping a clean sheet or scoring than we did under IC.

General Discussion / Re: F.A.Trophy
« on: January 19, 2022, 01:47:05 PM »
Losing to Tonbridge could be a blessing I disguise, maybe there is a positive there.
With the current forward line it is unlikely that we will win enough games to stay up. Without wishing to disrespect Tonbridge, we weren't good enough to beat them, a team struggling one league lower.
If SC and TW King's Lynn to be a National League side next season, then they need to bring in at least one forward. It may cost, but what would be the cost of relegation. This is a level that we may not get to play in again anytime soon, so the ball is in their court. If a forward isn't brought in real soon, then we know what their answer is.

I think it would be unreasonable to assume that the club could afford a forward who could rescue the season from this point so maybe that is 'the answer' that it isn't worth yet another financial gamble to retain NL status on top of the debt we have accumulated financially doping our way into the NL in the first place.  You ask what the cost of relegation may be but what is the cost of retaining our NL place, what would change financially for the club not to need a massive cash injection for what, in all likelihood, would be another relegation battle?

General Discussion / Re: Striker
« on: January 19, 2022, 01:35:07 PM »
The Chairman said in one of his podcasts ( whatever happened to those ?) that there was plethora of ex League players floating about out there who would come for £400 a week.  Now was that just wishful thinking on his part ?

Have we ever considered that the reason Tommy hasnít signed a striker is that he lacks the connections ?  So far he has brought in a left back ( Denton is now back fit), his boy from step 3 ( I bet no one saw that coming). Plus two coaches. 

Sorry to say but it all feels a little underwhelming.  Next two games look very significant in the both the Clubs and Tommyís future.

Did TW do a pre or post match interview for the Tonbridge game ?

Do you think there's a chance he was the unseen force behind the Barrett signing?

... and also the Walker loan deal earlier in the year by the looks of it

based on the one game I have seen him play, Scott looks a reasonably signing but I have no idea why Walker is back at the Walks, of all the loanees we have had this season he has probably looked the least interested to be at the club, no doubt TW will blame the system he was playing in or the instructions he was under so look forward to seeing how much better he looks under TW.  That is now four signings in addition to some of the longer term injury returnees so at what point does TW start to trim that number?  Maybe we will see a change in formation that better suits the new personnel but have to seriously question whether the likes of Altintop, Iontton (still injured?), Sundire, Knowles or Charles will make a match day squad now

General Discussion / Re: End of the line?
« on: January 13, 2022, 10:52:04 PM »
I think one of two things will happen. If we get a bit of luck I think beating the drop is a possibility. This season isnít a lost cause as of yet. Thereís a lot of winnable games left and thereís enough positive signs (however small) that this isnít yet time to call it a day.

But if we do go down, I see the possibility of a double relegation. If we go down, the squad will be decimated, the NLN is a good standard with some good teams and it wonít be easy.

I feel a strange sense amongst some fans that they will take some pleasure in a relegation as it will somehow be a slap down for that Chairman. But regardless of who runs the club, I want to see national league football so we will be there supporting hoping the little part we play helps us stay up another season.

Not sure there are many who will take any pleasure in relegation or have much interest in what that would mean for the chairman but a quick question, if we do manage to stay up what do you see changing off the field that makes you think things could dramatically improve next season?   Whilst it has been great to see the club up against the likes of Chesterfield, Southend, Notts County etc we are so far away from having a sustainable model at step 1 that the risks to the finances that another season at this level would bring are too great for some, myself included, I stood on the terrace in 2009 vs Retford and never want to feel like that at a game again. 

As for the squad being decimated if we go down, I would suggest that we are unlikely to see half of the current crop back for 22-23 irrespective of what league we are in although multi year contracts may mean we see more back than the manager may like.

General Discussion / Re: End of the line?
« on: January 12, 2022, 05:42:17 PM »
Anton, there were some of us who have been championing a 'rebuild' for a while but it has to be off the pitch as well as on it although I would agree that the squad will need a clear out in the summer whether we survive in the NL or do go down and go back to part time.  The main stumbling block will be whether SC thinks it is 'the end of the line' and whether he has the determination and/or cash to oversee a NLN set up, which is probably as high as we could currently sustain.  Add into the mix that we have a number of the current squad on multi year deals who may prove difficult to offload given performances this season and the process of reverting to part time looks that much harder.

The way it came across Tony is that Gold didnít fit the system of IC and in a few short weeks TW has waved a magic wand and turned him into what we are missing. Not sure how you feel but Iím not convinced Gold is a NLP player no matter what the system.

Just maybe Tommy is convincing himself and anyone who will listen that Gold is the answer to his striking problem and doesnít need to bring anyone else in.

Not sure who TW was trying to convince (fans, Gold or even himself) but I think you may have got that last sentence back to front - maybe he can't bring anyone else in so therefore Omotayo is the answer to our striking problems by default and no, I am far from convinced there is any sort of system that makes him into a NL centre forward.  I would agree with one thing TW said about him though, he was very good at defensive headers last night but that can't be a justification for playing someone, again maybe TW just finding positives where he can?

Also on the subject of having to many of the same Ďtypeí of player then we can expect a few to be on the way. Presumably.

TW has signed three which now means we have fit players not even making the bench so you would imagine so, I did say the other week that I thought the comment TW made about being impressed with everyone smacked a bit of not wanting to upset players who he may need in the short term but can't see the point in keeping some of the loanees (McGavin, Fernandez and Linton) when they are getting limited game time.

Just listened to TWís post match interview.  He did seem a little disappointed with the result.  Which is a good sign as not many could have seen us expecting anything from this one.

Full steam ahead for a result at lowly NLS side Tonbridge. 

Have to say I was a little disappointed with a couple of sly digs TW had, indirectly at IC.  Culverhouse did win back to back promotions for us.  Including a NLN title.  Letís hope Tommy can win something with us during his time.

Not sure there is much to disagree with Mall, link here

As for the digs I think he is spot on that the system that Omotayo was asked to play in didn't suit him, the big question is can TW find such a system (I have my doubts, particularly at step 1 but we will see).  It was also a fair point about having a lot of 'similar' players, again going back to the recruitment both this year and last which just wasn't good enough and as for players being 'programmed' I think IC's record speaks for itself, whether you call it programming or philosophy it worked well at the Walks at steps 3 & 2. 

No further comment about players coming in / going out which is a disappointment given TW's history but maybe he is also finding the recruitment difficult for whatever reason (availability, location, £s or a combination of all three)

Well, I wasn't the only one who disagreed with some of Mr Whitton's decisions this evening, most notably the penalty that wasn't with Notts County adding insult to injury by going straight down the other end to take the lead.  County had some good individuals and opened us up a number of times but seems like an opportunity missed.

Positives for me tonight were Clunan (outstanding), Scott who looks a good find and the general intensity we showed in the first half.  Unfortunately even though Omotayo had a better game and got his first league goal he still doesn't look like someone who is going to help a side to escape relegation, same can probably be said about the other three forwards who came on as subs in the second half.  You can understand why Widdrington (jnr) has been brought in as he gave us a bit more edge in the centre but struggled with the pace of the game, particularly when County upped their game second half. 

Why is it that referees are seemingly the only people.qualified to determine whether a pitch is 'playable'?

Because it is part of their duties, in the same way assistant referees check the nets before a game.  Someone has to be responsible and who else would you suggest?

Checking the nets is surely a fairly black and white situation, whereas determining whether a pitch is playable brings many issues into play, leaving much to individual interpretation, unless an objective judgment is made against a set of consistent criteria????

Unless you are thinking there should be independent pitch assessors surely the person best positioned to make 'an objective judgement' is the match referee.  That said, I thought the ref got it wrong on Boxing Day, mainly based on the consistency criteria as we have seen other games go ahead in similar conditions but I still think it was his decision to make, sometimes refs will make decisions that we don't agree with (those who stand near me will atest that I don't always concur with the officials) but that is the nature of having individuals doing the job

Why is it that referees are seemingly the only people.qualified to determine whether a pitch is 'playable'?

Because it is part of their duties, in the same way assistant referees check the nets before a game.  Someone has to be responsible and who else would you suggest?

Pitch inspection at 11am, does anyone know if Rob Whitton was the original ref, if it is the same guy then I would say there is next to no chance of it going ahead, any other ref then with the forecast we should be in with a good chance of seeing some football tomorrow night.

General Discussion / Re: Game off.
« on: January 08, 2022, 03:23:47 PM »
Just seen the pictures on Twitter and it doesn't look good, certainly a much, much stronger case for an early call off today than was the case on Boxing Day but club doesn't do itself any favours with posts like "covers due to come of at 1pm but early reports are very good" when this was the picture two hours later, not sure we had that much rain this morning did we?

<br /><br />

General Discussion / Re: Boston Utd
« on: January 07, 2022, 01:57:08 PM »
Strange how a group of people (us) can all be on the same side, with the same hopes and aims (progress of KLTFC), yet disagree on aspects and personnel to achieve those ambitions.  Not being controversial for the sake of it, but I donít understand how SC often gets a bad press on here when he has personally paid for the most impressive progress in our rather unimpressive history, while IC is looked on as having great ability, even after two solid seasons with hardly a win, mainly, IMHO, through picking teams with up to eight defenders !  Itís all about a combination of contacts and cash availability, almost nothing more.  Will he have them at Boston ?  I suspect players may be more willing to go to Boston than us, but weíll see.  COYL, and HNY to all.

Maybe part of the disagreement comes from different views of what success looks like.  Just to explain why I personally have an issue with parts of SC's way of running the club, and to be fair to him he is more than happy to discuss this, is that it has been underpinned by a very short term view.  I think he thought that if he threw enough money at the on-field part of the club, fans would come in good numbers which would allow the club to eventually backfill the areas that were relatively underfunded.  Maybe if we hadn't got promoted from the NLN this may have transpired but to go into the NL with a step 3 infrastructure, particularly off the field has proved to be a disaster.  Others also have an issue around his management style and I still don't think he appreciates how much the club (effectively SC himself) needs to build not burn bridges with a wide range of organisations and individuals, I appreciate some may be 'beyond reconciliation' but that isn't a reason to continue to go around almost looking for battles. 

Also before heaping too much praise for how much SC has 'personally paid', I think that will only be apparent at the end of his time and we can see what proportion of his loans need to be repaid, given the level of debt at the club (both to SC and Sport England) it is going to take someone (or a group) with very deep pockets to take on the ownership of club unless deals can be done to reduce the debt dramatically - basically to date the short term 'impressive progress' has been achieved by mortgaging the club's future imo.  Unfortunately this has been a pattern across football and whilst it isn't a guarantee that this model automatically results in a 'crash and burn' ending, I think there are enough examples around that it isn't unreasonable to be concerned

Can't knock TW for always trying to put a positive spin on things and starting to sound a bit like a broken record re getting fans to back the club, particularly at home, I think he has a point but then I wasn't one of those who has stopped going so maybe he isn't speaking to me.  Not sure there has been as much progress as has been written about since he arrived although maybe it served as a chance to 'reset' for a number of players who had certainly lost confidence towards the end of IC's tenure.  The crucial thing for me was getting an attacking player (or two) in the door this week and we still haven't heard any news on that front

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