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General Discussion / Re: New sponsor
« on: August 07, 2020, 02:45:02 PM »
If there is an element of a percentage structured deal, I would think that will just be with the LinnetsBet app that will be available in September although assume that will be essentially the same Low6 app but with Linnets branding?

General Discussion / New sponsor
« on: August 07, 2020, 01:27:48 PM »
Well, those looking for more commercial activity - we now have a 'back of the shirt' sponsor

Had a quick look on Companies House - an 'interesting' Balance Sheet to say the least, but could just be a snapshot of a start up although I hope we have got the money up front.  Again SC seems to have found an obscure businesses with no apparent link to the club or area that is willing to put money into the club, not sure about the LinnetsBet idea but no doubt we will hear more as the season progresses.

General Discussion / Re: Next seasons Squad
« on: August 06, 2020, 06:05:26 PM »
I would think 600k would be the benchmark for the National League.  Some of the really ‘ambitious’ clubs are paying out much more than this.

Going on MH saying 1500 would not cover our wage bill I presume we come far over 600k? :dontknow:

Not really - I think he said 1500 'standing' season ticket holders wouldn't cover the wage bill. 

1500 x £380 = £570K, less the VAT comes to £475K, still a good chunk of money but not £600K, although I appreciate all any of us are doing is speculating at a figure.

Obviously the comment from MH was a worry as we (like most many other non-league sides) are heavily reliant on turnstyle income compared with clubs further up the pyramid and even if you allow for additional income from seated season tickets and non-season ticket holders paying a bit more on a match by match basis there are still concessions that will counter balance this so heaven only knows were the funds are coming from for things like electric, travel etc

General Discussion / Re: Droylsden
« on: August 06, 2020, 01:52:57 PM »
Premier league got to start helping lower leagues out. Imorale wages premier league players get. Perhaps we should all cancel our Sky Sports contracts.

Given that in 18/19 season there was £140m paid to EFL clubs in 'solidarity payments' (there is also a trickle down to steps 1 & 2 of non-league but I couldn't quickly find that number), I guess some EPL clubs might say this is already 'helping out', as B&G has said as much of the problem is then how those clubs choose to spend this money.  I am not defending the crazy wages at EPL but their justification is they are competing in a global market and the reason why they can command the massive tv rights is by clubs attracting the some of the worlds best players (at a cost). 

The generally accepted figure for 'sustainable' is wages is around 70% of income yet clubs up and down the leagues seem happy to point the finger elsewhere even though they know they are paying well in excess of this figure.  When the pandemic hit we heard lots of comments about using this as an opportunity to 'reset', lets see if the salary cap can get any traction in the EFL and hopefully, in time, it will then come into the NL along with some sensible fair play rules with appropriate sanctions for those found to be breaking them.

General Discussion / Re: Next seasons Squad
« on: August 06, 2020, 08:47:34 AM »
Need to add Fleming in there somewhere, if Fleming isn't able to hold his own then think we might be a defender and/or a defensive midfielder short.  Can't see Jarvis being able to play consistently at NL level, particularly if we end up with a condensed schedule, so moving him into the 'squad player' column does leave us short unless we are planning on playing 4-2-4 with two wingers! 

I personally don't understand the Power signing from either clubs perspective.  For Lynn he adds to an area we have depth in (probably means a lot less opportunities for Carey who might end up out on loan) when we are told budgets are tight and for Norwich, I assume they are willing to accept what would probably be less game time (Loza ahead on paper?) for the convenience of having him being able to train with them?

General Discussion / Re: National League Play off Final
« on: August 03, 2020, 05:14:54 PM »
Now here’s a club who knows how to get the fans onside.  Well done Harrogate Town.  Brand new all seater stand.  Rewarding the fans with Promotion to the Football League all for £17.  Lessons to be learned there Stephen & Mark.

Surely the lesson to be learned is find yourself a rich man who is easily parted from his cash and is willing to subsidise the club's route to league football?

General Discussion / Dover
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:13:50 PM »
Not the sort of statement you want to see from any club:

Worrying thing is we don't really know how much of this has been brought on by COVID and how much was there beforehand but, either way, I don't think we can be anything but concerned for football at steps 1 & 2 (where there are 'substantial' wages but very little non-match day income)

General Discussion / Re: Ground Improvements
« on: August 03, 2020, 01:39:40 PM »
No offence to contributors on this forum as they all have the stability and progress of the club at heart.  However, I don’t believe that schemes such as cigarette-style cards of the players, photo-ops, etc., would appeal to the wider area of people that we should now be able to interest and attract.

Not unreasonable and a fair indication of where we are and the sorts of funds necessary to maintain that level

SC has run this club better than any other Chairman, and in a way that a fan-rum club would never be able to better. 

Wholly debatable statement and whilst you could argue that given who SC is up against (Dolimore, Bobbins, Chapman et al) makes that title slightly irrelevant, I really don't think we have a model that many would want to emulate (unless you are from Histon, Lowestoft, etc)

We should now be able to attract people who in the past would never have thought of coming to a game, and that is where our attentions should be aimed.  We therefore need reps for all the villages to round up and enthuse new supporters, and THAT is where our efforts should be made to help finance the club.  We must think bigger.....

Whilst the football on offer next season will be the highest standard many of us will have witnessed at the Walks (if fans are able to watch) that doesn't mean the club has a right to expect that fans 'should' come.  Many times in the past a successful side at a lower level has had attendances comparable or better then the following, less successful, season at a higher level.  Tickets have been prices at the upper end of what 'neutrals' might expect to pay to watch NL standard football so generating bigger attendances won't be easy, although I would agree that isn't a reason not aim for them.  A couple of seasons ago there were posters available for 'this months fixtures', maybe something similar could be arranged for this season and your 'village reps' could make sure they are put up around West Norfolk?  Personally I don't know what more can be done - Lynn News/YLP/EDP have good coverage, Radio Norfolk does an excellent job and KLFM cover the Linnets as much as any other sporting side so how do you attract that floating football fan?

General Discussion / Re: Ground Improvements
« on: August 03, 2020, 01:17:45 PM »
We are already a fan run club as the bulk of the money taken to run the club is taken from the fans!

Obviously this was partially tongue in cheek but we are a long, long way from fan run / fan owned.  Paying an entrance fee for a product (in any walk of life) is far removed from investing and shouldn't ever really be seen as equivalent, it certainly isn't at truely 'fan run' clubs.  I would also question your definition of 'bulk' as I think the model SC is working to, unfortunately, needs a fair chunk of money from him every season.

General Discussion / Re: Ground Improvements
« on: August 03, 2020, 01:13:29 PM »

The Trust has a membership of around 80 people. That's all.

If you combine the number of people that have purchased tickets, and also contributed to the purchase of the ticket (i.e. so the cost of the season ticket prize does not have to be taken from the raffle ticket sales), that also gives you a figure of around 80. They may or may not be the same 80.

Compare this number to the amount of individuals that contributed to the Clubs/Fotl's last two fund raising efforts..........and they have 1400 regular supporters to go at.

More beneficial making a small donation to the Club (although its down to the individuals how they donate their own money)? Whys that? What can be more beneficial than 100"% of the Trusts season ticket raffle money raised going to the Club? Even the cost of the prize has been taken care of by kind donations.

Low key, when it can be argued that there's been a 100% take up?   :laughcry:

If the Club and their FOTL could repeat such success, then maybe things could start going in the right direction.
 :scarf: :scarf: :scarf:

B&G, just to pick you up on this, why do would you consider the Season Ticket raffle a success at 67 when it is open to anyone ie all of the 1400 average gate, in the same way as any club / FotL fundraiser?  Maybe this is part of the problem with certain sections of the fan base immediately dismissing any fundraising effort by a particular group when in fact we should all have a similar ultimate goal - the success of KLTFC (appreciate it isn't quite as simple as that as 'success' will be different for different people)

General Discussion / Re: Ground Improvements
« on: August 02, 2020, 12:51:48 PM »
...Second, the Trust's season ticket scheme....rather low key, no real target too low aspiration level if 66 is deemed good...heck that's a profit of around £300....come on it's National League, not Sunday League ! Have considered making it 67 B and G and then giving ticket back if I win, but even tho hard up, think some small donation to the club might be more beneficial.

Not sure there was 'a target' as such and whilst I would love to see the entrants in the hundreds you appear to have given an answer as to why that isn't the case.  Just for info, currently the raffle is set to generate £660 towards the Ground Development Fund (the price of the ticket was raised from donations by businesses / individuals)

General Discussion / Re: Ground Improvements
« on: August 02, 2020, 12:38:16 PM »
Agree with Mallard.  I’m speaking from a position of hypocrisy, but I believe the problem is psychological.  If I or perhaps many of the “reluctants” saw the money going in from a scheme starting to make a real difference to potential, then we’d chip in with decent sums.  However, if the number of participants and therefore input stays low, it feels psychologically that we might be throwing our hard earned down a hole.  More hypocrisy from me there, because mine is no longer hard earned as I’m retired !

Dilly, given the wide range of fund raising schemes that have been tried in the past couple of season, if you are still 'reluctant' (and I appreciate you are in a sizable majority here), I really don't think it is down to 'making a difference' as some of the schemes have been very specific:
   * supporters collection for frost protection cover - how much more specific can you get but still didn't raise half the cost with bucket collections
   * Ground Development Fund - funds protected in a separate bank account, only spent on specific items to improve the Walks as per FA ground grading requirements, track record of raising and spending the money as stated but still very little take up from fans
   * 12th man - all funds supposedly going to player budget, effectively a 'win bonus' scheme but not much of an incentive for the squad to share £65 for a win

I don't have an answer, a few hunches as to why people don't support the various schemes, but I think this could be a 'make or break' season for both fans and the current owner, he has chosen to run the club 'his way' but doesn't appear to have the funds to carry this on indefinitely so maybe a case of him having to change his MO or the fans changing their collective view of what is required to watch the club play at step 1 / 2 of the pyramid.

General Discussion / Re: Next season's squad
« on: August 01, 2020, 05:02:44 PM »
King started 32 games in a curtailed season Tony.  Scoring 7 goals.  I’d take that from a midfield player.    First hand experience of the National League as well.

Like you say all about opinions

Henderson 7 from 27 league starts, although appreciate that was in a lower league but would you bring in a player with 'questions' concerning his fitness to effectively replace a player who was named in the NLN side of the season?  Can't see how you can fit both in the starting 11 plus we have Loza, Kelly and Carey in that area.  We can only put 11 on the pitch and however much we might like to have 'options' they all have to be paid for somehow and I think we need a centre half first.

General Discussion / Re: Next season's squad
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:16:10 PM »
Cameron King on Twitter saying he is leaving Halifax, general impression on their forum seems to be however good he was when he did play, they might be better off / more settled without a player not able to play a full 90mins / two games in a week (particularly with a shortened season and more midweek fixtures).  Will we take a chance on him?  Personally I don't think there is a place in the squad with what we currently have and gaps elsewhere but appreciate others may see things differently

General Discussion / Re: Next Season
« on: August 01, 2020, 02:16:44 PM »
Probably a fair point Marcus, although somehow it has always seemed that the owners were pushing on an open door on this front.  The key question is how can this be changed and almost as importantly, who has the trust (lower case t) of enough of the 'divided' groups to start the ball rolling?  Heck it's hard enough to get the two formal supporter groups to co-ordinate their actions even though they probably share a reasonably common membership base (I don't have the figures so that is just a guess)

Listening to the most recent couple of podcasts, there is obviously genuine bewilderment on SC's behalf about the money KLTFC can raise when asking for fan donations compared to other (in his eyes) comparable clubs.  What I don't think he understands is many of us who were around in 2009, still feel the pain of that time and whether you agree or disagree with The Cap'n, what a lot of this boils down to, particularly for this group of fans, is how distrusting we are of owners in general and the path SC has followed which many think we have seen before, particularly in terms of racking up debts and the club overreaching itself on the pitch without the wherewithal off it to back up. 

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