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General Discussion / Re: Kings Langley at home
« on: October 12, 2017, 02:02:00 PM »
3-0 score, 900 attendance, with a couple of players resting :dontknow: Jarvis & clunan for mcquaid & lappin?

Even with the two new additions, I really don't think the squad is strong enough to rest either Jarvis or Clunan let alone both of them.  Hopefully if we can start better Saturday there maybe scope to give Lappin a bit more game time which will hopefully rectify that reliance.  Would like to see us revert to the previous back four for Saturday as I think Tuesday showed we don't currently have the personnel to play with a back three - limited the midfield, particularly in the first half against 11 and blunted both full back who were shadows of their usual selves.

General Discussion / Re: Match report v Hitchin
« on: October 11, 2017, 01:33:27 PM »
I think the key phrase in the report is "the formation of three centre halves took a while to settle in", bit like saying Holt & Lappin added a few extra people to the gate!  As good as Hitchin were, we helped them out massively by playing a system that appeared to have been given to the players just before they kicked off based on the number of arm waving conversations between players during the first half, the formation also played into Hitchin's hands by condensing the middle of the park which meant we struggled to build from the back with Jarvis and Clunan as previous home games.  Bit of an adjustment at half time splitting the three centre halves wider assisted by Hitchin being a man down and lo and behold Jarvis finds a bit of space to start the move for the first goal, second goal also coming from some slick passing (and a great turn from Parker).

Thought Gash was outstanding but unfortunately Sam looked like 'yesterdays man' reverting back to Setch's hoof ball too often and just wasn't on the same page as many of his teammates, if we are going to go with a back 3, and I hope not given how out of sorts both full backs were, then Lappin better get match fit quickly or we have to get someone else in, is anyone aware how Matty Castellan is doing at Dereham?

All in all a good 3 points against a possible play off challenger but more work needed on the training ground if that is going to be the formation going forward.  I still have faith in IC but we have to find something that plays to the strengths of the squad and remain to be convinced that was what we saw last night

General Discussion / Re: 10 games in.
« on: October 10, 2017, 02:21:24 PM »
Aside from the (much) better results, we now look to have a squad that is playing some good football and capable of mounting a serious play-off challenge made up predominately of good young lads who will only get better with the help of IC and whoever else is working with him on the training ground.

General Discussion / Re: Hitchin at Home
« on: October 10, 2017, 02:16:27 PM »
In The red corner you have Steve Cleeve, not afraid to put his hand in his pocket and sign big names but seemingly lacks the skills to get the right people in to market the product effectively.

Certainly a couple of big name signings but that wasn't his MO last year and I really don't see how the latest signings fit in with what IC was building - yes its good to have extra experience around the club both on the pitch (potentially) and on the training ground but we have all seen plenty of ex-pros fail to deliver at the Walks over the years.  As for marketing, there appear to be a number of areas off the pitch that are way short of the required level if we are serious about going up and until these are properly addresses it feels like everything is being built on sand.

In The Blue Corner Buster Chapman, who kept his hand firmly in pocket with regard to budget's ( in comparison To SC) but was the leading Sport's promoter in the Area and could be suggested a marketing genius ( You have to be good to get people to cough up 17 a week to watch Speedway)

For all Buster's faults (too long a list for this post) you knew he was never going to put the club in danger and in a way his whole tenure was built around an exit strategy.  Much of the early years of Chapman's regime had Chapman jnr pulling the marketing strings (hence vastly overpriced UCL football) and to be fair to Buster there wasn't a lot of marketing in the latter years as Setch and the budget 'found their level'

So in answer to your question, its about the same as whether I would rather be hit by a blue bus or a red bus, neither owner is ever likely to be viewed as a Jack Walker / Freddy Shepherd so I think most of us that were around in the Bobbins era have become fairly indifferent to the whims of Lynn's latest 'benefactor'.  A good crowd tonight might help IC in discussions with SC in terms of plugging holes in his existing squad but on and off the pitch needs to be sustainable not a one off 'novelty' show

General Discussion / Re: Hitchin at Home
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:11:11 AM »
Neither in the starting 11 for me, no news on Mettam which is a disappointment although understandable with all the sideshow going on yesterday.  Assuming he is out then I would be happy with a 2-1 win in front of 850.

General Discussion / Re: PITCH
« on: October 09, 2017, 12:39:47 PM »
To kick it off.... what are people expecting?...Lets not forget we have had the likes of  JJ, Such, and Andy Johnson with us in the not to do distant past, none of which pulled up any trees.

Yet you have happily posted that they won't fail.  I HOPE they don't but there are no guarantees how former full-time players age / will adjust to the step down / recover from injury without the support of a professional backroom (delete as applicable).  Personally I think Lappin will have more to offer if he can get himself match fit although playing him and Jarvis in the same side might prove a bit harder but happy that there is now potential cover in that role, also if Lappin can also do some coaching there are now plenty in the squad who are still young enough to benefit (as we have already seen with the difference IC has made to many). 

General Discussion / Re: Tiverton Saturday.
« on: September 25, 2017, 01:36:57 PM »
Thoroughly deserved 3 points on Saturday and margin of victory could have been considerably more.  Took the foot off the gas a little second half but think that the job was done than any improvement from Tiverton.  Think Ward was a much better shout for MotM than Norman, could make a case for number of players although for me I thought Jarvis had a great game, always available and just kept the team ticking.  That said I am probably with Mallard on having concerns at to whether Jarvis and Clunan are enough in midfield, particularly away from home where Gash, Mettam, Parker and Hawkins looks maybe one too many 'attacking' options.  Lets hope the weather stays kind as some of the football on Saturday was a real pleasure to watch but heavier pitches will be more of a leveller.

General Discussion / Re: Tiverton Saturday.
« on: September 23, 2017, 11:52:15 AM »
Would love to agree with Stan, but still think we are potentially weak in the middle / lack of pack at centre half so will go for a score draw.  Lets hope for an entertaining day and a decent crowd (700+), we can't expect all the pre-demise fans to come flocking back in the post-Chapman era but for me the appointment of IC is a real step in the right direction, yes there will be highs and lows along the way but still think a play off challenge is a realistic ambition this season irrespective of todays result

General Discussion / Re: Match preview v Dorchester
« on: August 19, 2017, 10:25:51 AM »
Hopefully Lynn can carry on the momentum from Tuesday with the long trip today and keep it going for the full 90. 

Based on Tuesday (didn't go last Saturday) the front two look like they will cause problems against most this season but I still have doubts over the two centre halves and whether we have enough bite in the middle of the park when we come up against a team with a bit more about them than Bishop's Stortford.  Would like to see IC experiment with including Ward at the expense of Parker/Hawkins to see if we can switch to a 5-2-1-2 formation, think both full backs are capable of playing that and would allow Clunan to sit in a bit more alongside Jarvis.

General Discussion / Re: Matt Castellan
« on: August 11, 2017, 02:06:02 PM »
Appreciate that there is a question on what sort of recovery he makes (and wish him all the best with that) but given the number of contracts handed out I find it strange that the most promising prospect within last years squad is allowed to go out on loan - does this imply that the expectation is that the recovery will be much longer than hoped?  Will it also mean that he is no longer training at all with the Lynn squad and receiving IC's input into his development?

General Discussion / Re: Gosport Borough Home Aug 12th
« on: August 08, 2017, 01:40:27 PM »
I think the above shows the development of the squad from last season with several players who were regulars last year no longer guaranteed a place in the match day squad, I suppose the question is whether they will stay with the club (possibly depend on both their geography and IC's coaching & development skills).

As for Saturday, a gate of anything over 600 would be a bonus (summer) and hoping for a 3-1 win.

General Discussion / Re: The New Season Starts Soon
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:13:46 PM »
Although I haven't seen any pre-season games it seems to be looking pretty good on the field but no surprise to see IC still wanting to improve what he has.  I guess he was always likely to have a few more contacts with players being available higher up the pyramid than Setch, which was part of my concern about putting so many of the squad onto contracts, will this make it any harder to trim the existing squad to make money available for any new arrival? 

Can't be there Saturday (unless it rains non-stop Friday / Saturday morning) but have got the buzz for the first time since the club went belly up.

General Discussion / Re: Lowestoft - what will the line up be?
« on: August 04, 2017, 06:12:13 PM »
Does anyone know if Lappin has coaching aspirations / qualifications?

It seems he does aspire [I've been working on his pen picture "just in case"] but he also has dreams of being a commercial pilot according to one article I was reading.

Thanks for the reply Admin, I guess that might make us that much more appealing if we could offer him a stepping stone towards a 'proper' coaching role and I think the same could be said for Sam's position (does he still have a role with Peterborough juniors?) in that the club now looks that more attractive for offering the chance to work with IC

General Discussion / Re: Lowestoft - what will the line up be?
« on: August 04, 2017, 01:27:46 PM »
Does anyone know if Lappin has coaching aspirations / qualifications?  Potential advantages would be someone IC trusts(?) acting as his voice on the field and obvious quality and potential leadership, downside would be cost and whether he was here for the 'right' reasons?  Personally I am not sure with the squad already assembled and how they seem to have come on over pre-season that we need to take a gamble but am sure there will be others who argue that its a risk worth taking and you can never have enough good players

General Discussion / Re: Lowestoft - what will the line up be?
« on: August 03, 2017, 02:17:24 PM »
Mallard, given that you couldn't find places in your 16 man squad for Hilliard, Warburton or Castellan I can't imagine there is much scope for another body coming in without moving someone the other way.  I think should the need arise for a more defensive minded midfield option it would probably be a case of moving one of the defenders forward into that role as we just seem to have plenty of cover in that area (pick 4/5 from Shipp, Fryatt, Castellan, Gaughran, Ward (x2?), Blake-Tracey).  Agree with others that this looks by far and away the strongest squad since reforming and with positive reports with how IC is getting them to play its looking good for the best season we have had at this level.

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