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General Discussion / Re: Notts Co at home
« on: February 17, 2021, 08:42:55 AM »
Have to say I was impressed by Lynn for the first hour last night.  Clear structure and whilst we were obviously well behind on the possession stats they didn't really break us down and we managed to carve out a couple of good half chances for ourselves.  Appreciate we went a bit more open towards the end and could of snatched something but Notts County showed why they have kept so many clean sheets lately and always looked like they were playing within themselves once they got the goal.

For me a much better performance than Torquay and maybe a model that could be adapted to keep us in this league, only tweaks I would make would be pushing the full backs up the pitch a little more when they could and to pull King and Carey inside a bit more, certainly both did their best work there rather than outside.

General Discussion / Re: Notts Co at home
« on: February 16, 2021, 05:09:46 PM »
Think if we try to go toe-to-toe with them we will come off second best.  Their fans on the national forums are constantly moaning about their defensive approach to games where they sit and hit teams on the break (the one exception being last week when they went down to 10 men and went on the attack!).  Would like to see us keep possession and move the ball quicker and try and create some openings to test their 2nd keeper but just not sure we have the quality to do that at this level. 

Whatever the result of this game and indeed the impending vote, tonight has to be one of the high points in the club's history.

General Discussion / Re: Dumb and Dumber
« on: February 11, 2021, 01:38:37 PM »
Mall, much as there is no such thing as a bad idea, I really can't see you finding a dozen, let alone 49 people willing to part with £2K even if you could convince SC selling half his share in the club with nothing going to him was a good idea.  KES has hit the nail on the head when you have called it an investment, lets call it what it is, a subsidy for running step 1 football at the Walks.  Might also be worth a mention in the prospectus for these shares that further "investment" at least equal to if not above the initial amount (without any additional ownership %) will be required year on year?

Have no idea why FotL would want shares, they are set up for all their fundraising proceeds to go to the club anyway so why would they buy shares?  I guess I was also unsure of why they sponsored matches in the past as that too seemed to be a pointless exercise.

Appreciate that people are looking around wondering what on earth is going to happen both to the Linnets and non-league clubs as a whole but hopefully as more votes come in and the short term future for the 2020/21 season is clearer, decisions can be made based on facts rather than ifs, buts and maybes.

General Discussion / Re: Dumb and Dumber
« on: February 09, 2021, 06:12:38 PM »
Whilst there is some sense in your post Cap'n, you lost an awful lot of credibility when you seem to imply that Mr Parmenter has somehow acted in a professional and morally correct manner - I can only assume that was some sort of misplaced joke?  I guess time will tell if he follows through on his threats to 'withdraw' from the league but lets just say he has form in making bold threats that then come to nothing.  I think he has seen the writing on the wall and now he can't influence the board in his (and his club's) favour he is jumping ship.

As for the situation at the Walks, we all knew that the benefactor model was likely to be a rollercoaster, the only question was how high the ride got before the stomach churning descent came.  I am also not sure the 'options' are really options:
   a) follow the lead of others is pretty much a given in that it looks likely the NL will continue, irrespective of how Lynn vote.  The NL board have deliberately thrown this back to the clubs to avoid any comeback as it is the 'democratic choice of the member clubs'
   b) carry on financing.  I guess this depends on the depth of pockets and what happens should SC decides it has become 'too much'.  Do we adopt the Billaricy policy and play kids / non-contract and accept NLN next season or gamble on the current squad staying in the division which just means greater funding will be needed next year.  Much as I hate the benefactor model we are in an 'arms race' and until external forces change the playing field it will continue.
   c) I still think supporters could do more, even if I understand why at present they might be less willing.  I would like to bring up the FotL here but not sure they are even still in existence?
   d) I think administration is a dangerous option as it would bring a great deal of uncertainty and are we sure the club could come back again?
   e) It's much easier to talk about cancelling footballers contracts than it is to do.  I think we need to get away from assuming all the squad are here to play 'for Lynn' - it is a job to many and that is part and parcel of step 1 football, the standard of player who would 'play for nothing' isn't likely to keep us in NLN let alone NL.  Going Tuesday/Saturday for the rest of the season is a commitment and whilst we can all debate what level of reimbursement is 'appropriate', the hard facts are there aren't dozens of people lining up to play for Lynn for peanuts.
   f) I guess Mr Parmenter is going to be the litmus test for what happens to teams that refuse to fulfill their fixtures but my guess is if he follows through on the threat Dover won't be playing NL or NLS next season

Much as football is in dire need of a reset, this needs to be thought through across all the tiers of the game.  Personally I would love to see an end to financial doping and money being put in as loans but to move to such a system, particularly in the current climate may well cause more harm on top of what COVID is doing to the game.  It also doesn't help when the PFA win their case against salary caps in the lower reaches of the EFL (again a knee jerk policy that may have been a step in the right direction but very, very poorly implemented)

General Discussion / Re: Bromley away
« on: February 09, 2021, 02:31:46 PM »
I won't get into the merits of continuing other than to say we (the club) were big supporters of both step 1 AND step 2 being classed as elite last year and that is now the factor that could well bring some clubs down (I really can't see the government bailing out clubs under anything but the most extreme circumstances).

As for tonight, much to Dilly's disgust I would like to see us try again with 3 centre halves as I really don't think we have been much better with just the two as it has effectively robbed us of any width in the side over the past few weeks and at some point this season I would like to see us be more than the sum of the parts which I saw plenty of times last year but we haven't looked close to this season.  Assuming Kiwomya is still unavailable I would go with:

   McFadden, Smith, Barrows
Jones, Richards, Jarvis, Denton
          Marriott, Gash

subs, Fleming, Kelly, King, Mitchell, Southwell

To be honest, pretty much every player not in the starting eleven can make a case that those ahead of them haven't done enough to justify their place but equally the same could be said for anyone left out.  Really only Jones, McFadden, Richards, Gash, Mair and possibly an improving Smith have consistently shown they have both the ability and attitude to play at this level to this point in the season

General Discussion / Re: Stockport at home Tues night.
« on: January 26, 2021, 01:27:37 PM »
Tonight's game is off per Twitter

Update | Tonight’s scheduled @TheVanaramaNL game against
@StockportCounty has been postponed due to a frozen pitch.

New date to be announced once arranged

General Discussion / Re: Stockport at home Tues night. POSTPONED
« on: January 25, 2021, 05:45:47 PM »
KES, no problem with you having a different opinion, I wish more could have a sensible conversation on here without it turning personal.

I don't disagree with your point about fostering links elsewhere, although I don't think there as many older heads looking to move down as maybe there maybe used to be and loans would still tend to be younger players, particularly if you are looking at season long loans.  As for Norwich being too high, Weymouth have signed a loanee from Aston Villa and Barnet one from QPR so I think that is the how the football world is now structured with PL & Championship u23 sides looking for a good chunk of their lads having some time in 'adult' football via the loan system.

We obviously have a different opinion on Mair, I think he is already a better keeper than Street and IC was obviously concerned about that area otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to take Mair on loan in the first place.  Given Bedford haven't played much since Street went there and there have been no (public) moves  to bring him back suggests we will be looking elsewhere for 2021-22 - this was my main concern with having a loan keeper in that it is an all or nothing arrangement and does leave us looking to fill that spot again next season.

General Discussion / Re: Stockport at home Tues night. POSTPONED
« on: January 25, 2021, 02:26:29 PM »
need to have close relationship with Norwich however when you have a loan player think they should be part of the squad and not automatic choice.

I would agree with that and from the outside I wouldn't say it looks like Norwich have ever insisted on players being given preferential treatment.  Neither Payne last year nor Power last year or this were automatic choices and Mair is only an 'automatic' due to Street leaving, without wanting to open an old argument I think IC was right to swap the keepers when he did, yes Mair has parts of his game to work on but equally has been one of the most consistent performers this season imo.

General Discussion / Re: Stockport at home Tues night. POSTPONED
« on: January 25, 2021, 01:57:14 PM »
:laughcry:Think you'll find we had one........better not go over all that again.

I do hope that by next season Lynn are in a position where Lynn can say "thanks, but no thanks to Norwich loanees. Inevitably they need to be played, inevitably this can cause squad disruption and inevitably they will use Lynn as a stepping stone before shooting off as soon as an improved opportunity presents itself, when the time feels right for the player. (All my opinion only of course).

I hope Mair stays for the rest of the season...think he has performed ok, but obviously lacks experience........and wherever he decides to go I wish him well. ......same applies to Power.
This league is so tough can't afford many in the squad who are just using it as a learning experience without putting firm foundations down for the club. (IMHO)

KES, just look around our league... I would guess that we have the lowest loanee count of all teams in the league (maybe held that title even when Power was still here).  The fact of the matter is NL clubs need loanees both in terms of quality and in terms of getting that quality at a reasonable cost so having a good relationship with Norwich should be a win-win, the question is why haven't we managed to build a similar relationship with any other club(s), I can't imagine the deal earlier in the season with Peterborough reflected well on either side.

General Discussion / Re: Eastleigh away. Tues night
« on: January 19, 2021, 06:27:44 PM »
In terms of Marriott, the previous two years the team was set up to create chances that he converted a fair proportion of (even in his dry spell post Christmas last year he still got on the end of a lot) and he also had buckets of confidence from converting those chances.  This year he was injured pre-season and didn't look match sharp when we started and the team is no longer set up to create those same sort of opportunities for a poacher type player, hence we have gone with Southwell who looks like he will run and chase down all day but isn't anything like the goal threat that Marriott could be.

I remain to be convinced that wingers are the way to go and I guess we might not have the opportunity for 'time to tell' as I can't see the season, even at step 1, going beyond the end of January with the government funding being loans not grants.  Pleased to see a new left back signed as that might help the shape of the team and I am with KES in that I would have Marriott back in the side just to see if he could regain some of that form but whether IC would be willing to change the team again to accommodate him is the question, I think a similar argument could be had for Carey who would be one of the first names on my teamsheet but just can't see how you get the best out of him in the current formation.

General Discussion / Re: V Hornchurch
« on: January 14, 2021, 07:02:44 PM »
I wonder how he’ll spin this one?

On the podcast and in the SC's EDP column -

"Our FA Cup game against Portsmouth in a normal environment would have been a great financial fillip for the club. Sadly, the home club lost £5,967.42 putting the game on and we of course rightly need to pay half of this, as our share of the losses. So imagine my surprise when I heard that Hornchurch were going to give the streaming away for our FA Trophy game next week and ask for donations in return to their supporters’ club."

Basically SC thinks Hornchurch are 'pulling a fast one' in that if they charged for the stream 50% would come to KL, however by asking for 'donations' they keep all the potential income.  Now you can argue this both ways and I can see SC's point but it certainly isn't winning the club any fans, particularly with a lower league club who are not getting any income at present.  Maybe a better option would have been to explain the situation and, given that we are hardly likely to be talking huge £s, SC could have asked Lynn fans to make their own mind up and for those that thought Hornchurch's stance was unfair to make a contribution to Lynn instead.

General Discussion / Re: Is it time to call a halt ?
« on: January 13, 2021, 02:07:20 PM »
I'll be surprised to see it happen across all levels....too much money involved at the very top....and after all money talks even in the midst of a "pandemic"

Problem is the NL campaigned to be 'elite' in 2019/20 and is now finding that coming back to haunt them.  Great for us last year in that it allowed promotion under PPG to the National but PFA only seem happy to fund testing down to EFL level.  I appreciate there will always be a cut off between professional and grassroots but I didn't think it should have been between step 2 & 3 of the non-league pyramid last year and unfortunately there will be a number of clubs in dire straits because of that decision.  Surprised the letter from NLN sides only had twelve signatories but maybe they didn't ask all clubs but that seems a pretty good indication as to where clubs are

Personally I would pause the whole of non-league now and merge the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons by starting up again in September as I can't see next season being much less disjointed than this, if the NL tries to limp on for another month then maybe they could tag on another round of fixtures next year so everyone plays everyone else three times for the combined season which for me has always been preferable to a part completed season and PPG.

General Discussion / Power on the move?
« on: January 13, 2021, 01:53:14 PM »
Seems Harrogate are keen to take him off Norwich's hands on a free.  Guess it works for Norwich who still retain an interest if he does go on to 'bigger things' with a sell on clause but equally don't feel its worth their while exercising the option to keep him for another year

Article says Lynn have offered to match his wages for this season which doesn't make any sense to me but maybe others will have a different opinion.  Personally I still think he has a lot to learn and either Simon Weaver thinks he can turn that potential into consistent performances or is just taking a gamble on a free transfer opportunity.  I guess time will tell but I do wonder about the people behind the lad as there seems to be a lot of hype which doesn't always translate on the pitch (even dropping down the ladder he hasn't been a consistent starter)

General Discussion / Re: Halifax
« on: January 10, 2021, 10:03:43 AM »
That was what Stephen Cleeve said on the live commentary. Will be out for the Altrincham game as well.

Did he actually say it was Covid?

Yes, quite clearly stated Aaron Jones out with COVID.

Yes, as Admin said also out for the Altrincham game but no issues with the other members of the squad as they didn't meet up again until the Tuesday just gone by which time he had already tested positive and was self isolating, thought he was a big miss again yesterday and Brown continues to look like he has no idea where he is supposed to be in relation to the other defenders.

Personally thought we held our own against a mid table NL side which is really what we should be aspiring to, they played the better football and tested the keeper more but we were more than worth the point on balance.  Power got Mark Hearle's MotM but I would have given it to Mair, kept us in it with a couple of key saves.

General Discussion / Re: Elite sports continues
« on: January 09, 2021, 11:11:24 AM »
There's a lot of irony and sour grapes  in the EDP today.   :laughcry:

... and some reasonable points, having agreed that the season could start it is dreadful that the authorities have let the situation get to this point where clubs (of all owndership models) don't have any idea how much they will be having to make up to pay their players this month or going forward.  I know people will point to individual clubs signing players but that shouldn't distract from the underlying issue that football has been badly let down by its administrators who have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are not fit for purpose, hopefully if changes do come in the structure and governance of the game this might be one positive from the COVID situation but at what cost to individual clubs still isn't clear.

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