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General Discussion / Re: Linnets lose at home.
« on: February 14, 2022, 01:50:46 PM »
All the Altrincham game told us was how poor Weymouth were against the same XI the previous week.  For a part-time outfit Altrincham looked more organised, were certainly as fit as Lynn and created far more going forward without ever really looking troubled at the back, all of this from a team that hasn't won in the league since November (funnily enough against Weymouth).  Presume it was TW's set up and call on the substitutions but certainly doesn't inspire you that he has been watching the same games that we have since his arrival, either that or he also hasn't really understood what is required at NL level.

General Discussion / Re: When Saturday comes.....
« on: February 11, 2022, 01:59:39 PM »
Would think TW will pick a more attacking line up to go for the much needed 3 points.  "CAN SEE BARRETT RETURNING"

I guess with the latest loaners in until the end of month results will determine whether those deals are extended or players sent back.

Seeing as he's our top scorer, has only played a few games and ran the match v Weymouth then I think that's about the most obvious statement I've ever seen in here!! LOL  If he didn't then it would be utterly bonkers!

Top scorer is a bit of a quirk in that we have been short of goals all season and he has scored all his goals against weak teams (2 vs Dover, 1 (og) vs Weymouth and 3 vs step 3 sides in the Trophy), I understand that it is good that he has got those goals as others have had the opportunity and not taken it, but I think he is more of a 'flat track bully' to take a phrase from another sport than an automatic choice at NL level.  That said Altrincham are down near the bottom for a reason and the sort of side that he seems to do better against so, yes, an obvious change in the lineup from Tuesday's more defensive minded set up, as I said earlier it will be interesting to see how TW chops and changes his lineup again for tomorrow

General Discussion / Re: KES.
« on: February 10, 2022, 02:18:16 PM »
Shame to see another regular poster go.  Had a discussion on Facebook about whether the forum had 'had it's day' and the perceived 'anti-club' bias on here but didn't come to any conclusion in terms of any medium that is currently 'better'.  Unfortunately we are seeing more subjects turned into black and white through social media and our ability to debate the grey seems to be dwindling, not sure that really leads to better decisions / outcomes.

General Discussion / Re: When Saturday comes.....
« on: February 10, 2022, 02:13:11 PM »
Again, another interesting selection dillema for TW this weekend.  At a guess Altricham will be (far) better than Weymouth but we still need to find a way of creating and finishing chances on top of our new found tightness at the back, presumably Hargreaves will keep his place from Tuesday as he is only here for the month, likewise Coulson which would mean a back three if his lack of pace isn't to be exposed.  As said, Altrincham would probably be happy with the draw as they would imagine a 12 point gap with 18 games to play would prove enough

General Discussion / Re: Grimsby Tuesday night
« on: February 09, 2022, 08:20:30 AM »
Good point earned last night, TW said he would pick teams for games and sounds like he got last night right, I thought the clean sheet at the weekend owed more to Weymouth's poor attack than Lynn's defending but another clean sheet tonight has to be seen as a positive.  Big game this weekend, a win for Lynn and Altrincham will be well and truly looking over their shoulders.

General Discussion / Re: Grimsby Tuesday night
« on: February 07, 2022, 01:19:47 PM »
Will be interesting to see how many changes TW makes from Saturdays confidence boosting win, personally I think we need a minimum of 3 if not 4 but even with a much bigger squad whether we have the right players to bring in is still open to question imo, we seem to have reverted to the mistake we made early on in the 2020-21 season of having a lot of players many of whom are not quite up to NL standard which presumably someone thinks is a better use of the budget than a smaller squad of 'better' (but more expensive?) players.  All we can really be sure of is that Grimsby will be a different proposition to Weymouth

General Discussion / Re: King's Lynn Town FC v Weymouth Town
« on: February 06, 2022, 09:05:21 AM »
Was never likely to be a classic with both sides starting the day in the bottom three and basically Lynn showed more determination and attacking threat to justifiably take the win, how much was down to Lynn playing well or Weymouth being woeful I guess time will tell but for me Weymouth gave us less of a game than Peterborough Sports or Nantwich

Positives for me - Clunan who continues to shine in spite of being played wide right in a front 3, Phipps looks a good player although thought he was a midfielder so would like to see him given a run there and Scott continues to impress at left wingback.  Barrett again showed he has a good footballing brain and some nice touches (layoff for Clunan's goal was a great pass) but whether he can do it against NL standard players is still open to question for me.

In his post match interview TW says he is picking players and formations for individual games so on that basis yesterday was a success and the best start for what is a crucial month but six much, much tougher tests to come before we talk about a turnaround in fortunes.

General Discussion / Re: New podcast 3rd Feb
« on: February 04, 2022, 05:48:24 PM »
I agree Tony it wasn’t exclusively down to one form of Club ownership and Niall was certainly not saying that.   However in another breath he was always was advocating sustainable football for each Club.   So with one single person ownership what happens when the mega rich overseas owner decides he is bored with Football and leaves a Club with player contracts that could potentially bankrupt a Club...

Sustainable football shouldn't only be achievable through fan ownership, you could argue that KLTFC was sustainable under Buster with very little (if any) extra cash coming from the owner to the club.  The bit about mega rich owners is that under the Fair Game proposals / independent regulation there would carrots and sticks to reward / punish clubs to move towards a sustainable state ie without owner subsidy.  So the examples used were Wimbledon which is living within it's means and can service it's debts on its current model so would be classed as sustainable and would probably score well on that aspect of the index whereas Wrexham almost certainly isn't so would score less well, the regulator would then take this (and other criteria) into account when allocating PL monies to clubs (the carrot) as well as issuing fines / points penalties (the stick) for more serial offenders in the way other regulated industries (from schools and hospitals through to pension companies) work in an attempt to discourage the sorts of behaviours that we have seen get so many clubs into trouble in the past

General Discussion / Re: New podcast 3rd Feb
« on: February 04, 2022, 01:36:43 PM »
Finally got through the whole podcast but well worth spending an hour and a half if you are interested in things going on around football at present.  For all his critics, SC really is a good interviewer when it comes to those in and around football - he asks questions that others might not and he genuinely listens to the answers and is prepared to kickback and have a proper debate.  I thought the most recent podcast with Niall from Fair Game / Wimbledon was a case in point with a number of topics covered and in much better depth than would be the case had one of the parties been a journalist.

Couple of key points from the discussion for me - SC critical of Gary Neville's stance given his involvement with Salford who have been bankrolled to their current position (without any sense of irony in terms of Lynn's rise up the leagues) and also his pressing of Niall around the independent regulation of directors and boards both in terms of qualifications and also supporter 'shadow' boards, obviously this is all still up for debate as there is currently no draft legislation but none the less interesting imo.

Mall, just one point, Fair Game is not about advocating any particular 'ownership model', something Niall was keen to highlight, the issue is around building a broad base of support for changes that encourage a more sustainable operational model (be that benefactor or fan owned) throughout football, including an independent regulator and redistributing the PL funds in a way that supports that aim, for example Fair Game's sustainability index model.  Not sure SC has really done enough reading around the area, either the Crouch Report itself or Fair Games aims and objectives but hopefully he will now take a bit of time to have a look and maybe add Lynn to the list of clubs who have signed up. 

General Discussion / New podcast 3rd Feb
« on: February 03, 2022, 05:44:20 PM »
For those with time on their hands SC has got back behind the mic for another podcast, this time with Niall Cooper of Fair Game, a group of clubs, fans and football experts who have come together to support many of the issues raised in Tracey Crouch's fan led review of football.  I haven't yet listened to the podcast but should be a good one

For those who want to support Fair Game and get the Crouch Review through parliament, they are asking for people to contact their local MP, more details here or your local council  I am not a North West Norfolk constituent, nor do I live in KLWN but hopefully some of those of you that do will take the time to make contact.

General Discussion / Re: Tommy
« on: February 03, 2022, 02:09:22 PM »
I think he is realist.   What does that actually look like for next season though?   Full time or part time ?   What is the ambition, to consolidate at step 2 or look to throw a load of cash at it in the hope of getting back up to step 1?   Off the field what will he do to set up a team that could help share the load and generate income.   

None of this will be a walk in the park.

I would like to think the past 24 months have been a dose of realism for SC and what 'success' would look like at KLTFC but I do fear that COVID will be used as a mitigating factor to gloss over some of the mistakes that have been made.  Personally I think we need, as fans, to be prepared to see the club revert to part-time and in all likelihood be mid-table, at best, in NLN next season based on what is likely to be another major overhaul of the squad this summer.  There are still lots of things to be improved (or just instigated) off the field and that has to take more of a priority than it has to date for the club to truly be capable of mounting a serious attempt to get back up to the NL imo. 

General Discussion / Re: King's Lynn Town FC v Weymouth Town
« on: February 02, 2022, 01:14:01 PM »
Gris, appreciate what you are saying and whilst I will be there Saturday, more than likely making some noise, I don't see why that should mean I have to stop commenting on how the club is run for now, they are interdependent to me rather than separate things that can be switched off and on.

On a positive note, just saw this being Tweeted by SC:
"We need the ground buzzing and the fans behind the team - we can do wonderful things with your help so we have tried to help you.  Buy your tickets as a block for February now and get one for free - so pay for 4 get 5.  Kids just £ 8 for all 5 games"

General Discussion / Re: Tommy
« on: February 01, 2022, 02:02:45 PM »
I really do wonder if these days, success is nearly entirely due to the amount of money that a Manager has available for their respective leagues. Does a Managers ability now play second fiddle to the money they are allowed to spend?  :dontknow:

If Setch had stayed at Lynn and been given the same budget as Culverhouse, would we have still gained promotion?

Probably.   :dontknow:

I remember saying to Loopy at the time that although I had a lot of time for Setch, I thought it was probably time for both him and the Club to move on.

Didn't do Setch a lot of harm, did it?


Much as money can be a factor, and financial doping has played more than it's part in seeing the reformed club move from UCL to NL over the past decade, it isn't always the whole story.  Good recruitment, good coaching and maybe an element of luck will all play their part - Sutton and Hartlepool were nowhere near the best funded clubs at NL last year and this year Wrexham's disproportionate wealth hasn't made them runaway leaders (yet)

Personally I find it hard to imagine Setch ever getting us out of step 3 no matter what resources were thrown his way but, like players, there will always be different opinions on the capabilities of managers.  Personally I see little benefit in calling for TW's head this season as he has taken on an almost impossible task given the players he inherited and seemingly little 'new money' to make meaningful changes.  That said his signings have been indifferent given his past history on the scouting side so, for me, the jury is still out if he is the best person for the job in 2022-23 at NLN level with a part-time squad.

General Discussion / Re: Stephen Cleeve - Are You a fan Yes/No
« on: February 01, 2022, 01:48:50 PM »
Interesting comments from the Borehamwood chairman in last weekends programme notes, wonder if SC read them?

Couple of quotes to highlight with my thoughts at the end of each.
* "Throughout my tenure I’ve always tried to think of the bigger picture, by improving not only the things the fans wanted on the pitch but also the structures that would allow the club to thrive off the pitch, in terms of an ever-improving facility and a vision that will I hope stretch itself to one day put us in the Football League."  - not putting the cart before the horse
* "When I look back to my inexperienced arrival here in 1999, I have to acknowledge that I failed to improve things on and off the pitch quickly enough in those very early years ... because we all worked so hard together to overcome many of my shortcomings, that I learnt so quickly, and it’s a fact that when I did get things wrong which was often, you always stood by me because, as I said earlier, “god loves a trier” and for that you will always have my eternal thanks" - working together seems to be the message, even for a club predominantly owned and funded by a sole benefactor
* "that it was the supporter’s patience and trust, that allowed me to stand the test of time as your Chairman" - moral for us all there?

Now, there may well be a bit of rose tinted glasses by Mr Hunter when looking back over his tenure and the fact that they are going to Bournmouth in the cup next weekend will help that 'warm glow' but equally there are some valid points in there too.

General Discussion / Re: Fans on boards
« on: January 28, 2022, 01:46:47 PM »
How does anyone get a seat on ‘The Board’ at a club like Kings Lynn when you have one man who thinks he can run it all himself?    What a ridiculous argument.   Plus IF there was one available who in their right mind would buy a position at a Club that is in debt to the tune that we will see when the next lot of figures are available.

Attributed to a FOTL's committee member:

"There's always another White Knight".

Really? Where is he then?

Not wanted, even if such a thing still exists.

White Knight or cowboy, you can never really sure about strangers on horses riding into town?  Hopefully the Crouch Report will get through parliament which will then make owning a football club under the benefactor model less attractive, might be a bit of pain in the short term for existing owners but well worth it for the longer term benefits

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