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General Discussion / Re: Meeting on Monday
« on: March 28, 2017, 07:33:56 PM »
If I was a CUSTOMER of King's Lynn Town FC, I might question price increases and raise issues like value for money and other materialistic clap trap but I'm not: I'm ( I know you don't agree with this Adam) a SUPPORTER! The clue is in the word: I SUPPORT the club and if that support is realised through paying more at the turnstiles and that results in a bigger budget and a bigger and better squad, then I will put my hand into my my pocket and pay the extra money that the club needs to fund success. If  that success doesn't materialise well, at least we tried: better to have a go and fail than not to try at all.

Can you blame Cleeve for avoiding a dialogue with a mob of penny pinching reactionaries who quibble over over the the price of a packet of cheese and onion? Cleeve, the club and its ambitions would have been a hostage to fortune at such a meting; he was wise to avoid it.

General Discussion / Re: Tonight's game
« on: March 22, 2017, 07:14:44 PM »
Blips along the way are going to happen.  It's all a slow burn until the real thing starts in August.  I am sure come the start of next season the full Culverhouse squad will be in place and the need for experiment will be a thing of the past.  He will have his team set up how he wants it to play.

The guy has come in, settled things down no throwing money at the project for short term  impression .  Culverhouse is quite prepared to work with what he has got and try and improve players. A nice relaxed  method and it seems he is winning over the players

It all looks a very safe pair of hands.

Anyone have any thoughts/feelings on Culverhouse, after his first few weeks in the job ?

I have every confidence in Culverhouse. He is trying out players and formations which, at this stage of his tenure and at this stage of the season, is how it should be.
Results are irrelevant at the moment.
Lynn have looked stronger when set up as a 352 and it is a shame that he now has to deal with the loss of 2/3 of the very impressive centre-back trio.
We definitely need a goal-scoring striker. I think Hilliard has a lot of potential and should be looked after; Dylan Edge needs to "up his game" to make it at this level.

General Discussion / Re: Tonight's game
« on: March 22, 2017, 06:23:40 AM »
Culverhouse experimented with a 442 formation. This made Lynn look exposed in central areas against St Neots' initial 433 set up. 442 gave Lynn some width and they got some decent crosses in during the first part of the game but without a big striker to challenge in the air this never looked likely to produce anything.

We have looked stronger and more compact as a 352, although with injuries to 2 of the 3 central defenders it may be difficult to use this for the next few games.

Many Lynn players looked off their game and St Neots were possibly more determined as they need points near the foot of the table.

General Discussion / Re: Today's gamea
« on: March 19, 2017, 08:45:58 AM »

Lacking width with no wingers to speak of (Warburton or Zielonka). A stop-start game where ref blew up for every little bump and stumble. Pearson in goal had a decent game but kicked a lot of clearances out of play. Goals from full-backs but nothing threatening from strike force.

Manager was giving fringe players the once-over before he starts building "his" team for next season.

Who will stay and who will be gone?

Particularly agree with the comment about lack of width.

Setchell coached from the touch line but Culverhouse keeps them "at it" constantly. Lynn defended from the front: Hilliard worked his you know whats off and deserved a goal for his endeavour.

Dylan Edge had a frustrating game: poor first touch and slow to get the ball under control; slow to second balls and didn't anticipate situations as well as he should have. I know he is young but have not seen any real SPL quality from Edge yet.

Back three: Ward, Ward & Fryatt - look very strong.

News of former Linnets / Re: Gary Mills
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:23:39 AM »
Doing a very good job as most Lynn fans knew he would. Its nice to see him doing the business and proving the one Lynn "supporter" that seemed to take delight in him losing his first few games, wrong (again)!

So there I was Adam, enjoying seeing Lynn winning their Norfolk Senior Cup semi- final, after a penalty shoot out, only to get home to find your comment!

Although you have not named me (just name me and deal with it Adam - what are you worried about,) I can't recall any other poster saying anything that might be construed as negativity towards Gary Mills, other than myself, so I assume it must be me that you are referring to. Some posters avoid naming other posters that they disagree with so that any response can be met with an "It wasn't you that I was referring to - don't get so touchy etc., etc.

I do recall someone - I think it was you - saying that I was having a "pop" at Gary Mills. I asked you to back up that comment with evidence and you could not.

So, I say the same again Adam: point out where I am "taking delight" in him losing his first few games and if you can prove your point, I will happily retract this and apologise for offending anyone. I would prefer an open discussion rather than these sort of bitchy insinuations.

To be honest Adam, I think these sort of personal attacks on a forum against other posters are cowardly. Disagree with me by all means, but attack my argument and try and keep these cheap shots out of it.

To be fair, many of your posts are thoughtful and interesting; you just seem to take criticism of your viewpoints a little too personally sometimes.

Your post also stated that I was "wrong (again)" What else are you referring to Adam? Spell it out and will happily discuss it with you.


Quote from: Stan on February 28, 2017, 06:00:12 PM

The elephant in the room is of course Culverhouse.

Why is no one asking questions about Culverhouse, whose positive credentials as a coach don't appear to extend to his man management by all accounts.

Sorry Stan I must have misunderstood these comments.
Don't worry Mallard,it's all about context really.
The context of the extract that you have taken from my longer post was a discussion about the causes of Lynn's defeat against Hitchin. I was curious as to: "why is no one asking questions about Culverhouse," because from my own experience as a manager, albeit at a much lower level than Step 3, you still have to set a team up and motivate them, even if you have just taken over the side: it's still your responsibility. Others have posted that Culverhouse: "by all accounts," has some "history" when it comes to managing players - I don't know if you are aware of this - so within that context I was simply asking why no one was raising this as an issue.
As I have said, Culverhouse admitted in the Stratford interview that he had made some mistakes when setting the team up for Hitchin.

It would of course be unfair to judge him on that first game; my first post on this issue said that I felt Culverhouse would get it right. You don't appear to have noticed that but not to worry.

General Discussion / Re: New Contract Announcment for Lynn Player
« on: March 07, 2017, 06:29:29 AM »
I thought the new announcement as heralded on twitter was going to be something major, like the appointment of a commercial manager or something?  :dontknow:

I think this is something major Grissles.

Looks Like he has won you over Stan, despite initially having doubts.

I have not had or expressed any doubts about Culverhouse's ability to improve the team. My first post after the Hitchin game said as much Mallard. My bone of contention was that people were too quick to solely criticise the team after the Hitchin game, weren't taking account of what must have been a difficult week, a very difficult match and failed to acknowledge that even though it was Culverhouse's first game he should take some responsibility for that performance. On his post match interview after the Stratford game he alluded to not getting things right for that first game. I have every confidence in Culverhouse. I stood next to the dugout at the Hitchin game and thought his management of the team was very impressive. You could see evidence of his coaching against Stratford and I applaud his team changes for the Stratford game.

General Discussion / Re: Stratford today
« on: March 05, 2017, 04:41:20 PM »
I thought that yesterday was a step in the right direction which is what the rest of this and pre next season should be all about

Agreed Rod. I could see his impact on the team already.

I like what I hear from Culverhouse, particularly the pathway from the U18s and reserves into the first team and not wanting to get loan players in if he can help it. He sounds like a man without an ego: lots of practical, sensible ideas.

General Discussion / Re: Aspirations and assumptions
« on: March 02, 2017, 06:35:11 AM »
Stan glad you have  finally agree with me.  I take note the point about fact/maybe. ( are you an English teacher by any chance lol)?  Life is all about opinions, and especially on here. 

Rather than exit the post, Stan I will add...., it would seem rather than maybe.  Does that fit  or do I need to see you after class ?  Lol

Sorry Mallard - it did come across like a teacher correcting his student's work!

Although Setchell issues will soon be behind us, I have wondered also whether he was too close to players - I have no evidence for this. It seemed to me that Stevenson, great player that he is, had almost free reign to do as he wished on the pitch, when I feel that his main job was to provide for Mettam, which he clearly failed to do. This is where Setchell failed for me: setting up the team to get the best out of players, particularly Mettam who was meant to be the move finisher. I can count with the fingers on one hand the amount of times that Stevenson put Mettam in for a shooting opportunity.

If he did give too much freedom to the likes of Stevenson then it has now come back to haunt him!

General Discussion / Re: Aspirations and assumptions
« on: March 01, 2017, 06:22:50 PM »
All about the mind set.  Look at the facts.

1.  The manager who signed you and was maybe a good mate off the field is sacked
2. You are away from Home
3. 2 of your quality players have jacked in and are not there.
4. You are up against a bloody good team who are going for promotion
5. You go a goal down inside 2 mins.

Put all of that into the mix and you will get some characters who will roll up their sleeves and give it a go  otherwise who will hide up and just want the game to be done with.

A defeat anyone can take on the chin and move on.  A drubbing is hard for the fans, Manager and the owner to accept and people will dissect it and look for the reasons why.

Culverhouse will have gained a lot from that performance and certainly about certain individuals.  The time to judge The new guy will be 10 games into next season.  If he is around top 5 then we could be onto something.  I fully expect to see changes in the summer.  As he want  will start next season with his own team not that which is inherited from the previous Manager.

Mallard: it's nice to see that we agree (more or less) for once.

I'm intrigued when you say that it's a "fact" that Gary Setchell was "maybe a good mate off the field" to some of the players. I'm not sure how the words "maybe" and "fact" can be put together; this bit sounds more like an opinion, to be honest. Do you know for sure that Setchell had this sort of relationship with some of the players?

General Discussion / Re: Aspirations and assumptions
« on: February 28, 2017, 07:35:15 PM »
Maybe some on here were happier with a no ambition chairman like Buster.

Thats the spirit Paul Stan has already tried to cast some of the blame for Saturdays loss on the fans and now you are dwelling into the past to drag up Buster,newsflash, Buster has gone ,the past is gone,its about time to look into the future! :banghead; :banghead; :banghead;

I wasn't trying to blame anyone, Grissles. Just defending the players from unfair comments about their lack of character and trying to show some understanding of the reasons behind the poor performance.

General Discussion / Re: HITCHIN away
« on: February 28, 2017, 07:13:58 PM »
Just watched the horror video - truly embarrassing!
I have also just watched the goals on Hitchin TV and the defending (lack of) was truly shocking. A must watch.

"A must watch!" Anyone would think you are getting a kick out this Paddy!
From what you can see on the video the Lynn players were not getting a kick out of this, nowhere near the ball.
Remember highlights are, by their very nature, edited versions of a match. Lynn were much better 2nd half.

General Discussion / Re: HITCHIN away
« on: February 28, 2017, 07:04:07 PM »
Sorry Stan if players need motivating they are in the wrong game I've never heard such rubbish, have played and been payed the only motivation needed is seeing your name on the team sheet and know you are playing .

Did the managers of your teams not do pre-match team talks Jackdaw?

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