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General Discussion / Re: Golden Gold
« on: March 11, 2023, 07:11:09 PM »
do wonder if TW will ever change and play ponch and cosgrave up front from the start and give defenders something to think about , Barrett and Gold donít have the pace and work rate  I feel to put other teams on the back foot from the start just think weíre huffing and puffing results and know weíre being found out and donít have a plan B

General Discussion / Re: The Ox
« on: March 09, 2023, 09:53:40 PM »
I  watched him a few times when he played for Aldershot when I working down that way and thought what a terrible player, badly disciplined too, was only in the side because of his name. On Tues it was clear to all he is playing way beyond his ability. He can't dribble or take on players and his defending is dire. TW go and watch local players in Downham, Dereham or Heacham where you will see strong local men who know how to defend. What do the others think ?

I hope Aaron returns soon...

Iím in agreement with  you .. frustrating player  I came to the game and after Saturdays performance and see heís starting thought ok as he wasnít that bad , but after the first few over hit crosses and then watching him give the ball away when unable to get past the man I became frustratingly annoyed with him ,remember his first game v Doncaster he looked a prospect but it seems heís not all cracked up to what we hope,given that I was unable to see what Hughes bring but tbh last couple of games heís proved me wrong letís hope ox can turn out a bit like his bro 😂  jury still out on jj jones . Be interesting to see who we have in goal Saturday TW was in deep discussion with Blair after the game ,feel for the lad if dropped as heís come in at a  critical time .but both goals feel he may of done better .

General Discussion / Re: Well?
« on: March 08, 2023, 10:21:41 AM »
Interesting,I do think we could advertise the club more ie signs on the main roundabouts coming into the town ,if you go to other clubs itís team is not splattered around the town in the shops or pubs .even Norwich isnít shouting about the club and their Hub shop is now closing .
Imo weíve a good 800 /1000 hard core fans , but I just think missing fans arenít knowledgeable about the standard weíre playing, you talk to a floating footy fan and say lynn v Chesterfield wouldnít mean as much if it was v Ipswich as non league fans are lynn fans so if youíve grown up supporting league team I donít think you can convert their preferencesÖ to me weíve got to get the younger generation in before they choose Man Utd or mobile phones and become bedroom supporters.
Entrance is what it is but I think in the ground is expensive food drink and club shop especially £17 for a scarf £7.50 for a badge .. get kids wearing the colours !!

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground in title race
« on: March 08, 2023, 09:14:17 AM »
There maybe players returning from injury Tony, but having listened to Tommyís post match interview it seems 3 are done for the season.

Lots more in that interview to digest as well.  Seemed like Tommy wanted to attack everything and everyone
You mention TW wanting to attack .. I sit in the stands and TW musings are quite something.. but very little encouragement comes from him very negative, I wonder if the players are stifled and scared of playing ..itís like the players are playing with hot potatoe so to speak . I honestly do wonder if is well in the dressing room .. heard Hargreavesís could be an op Olly may return soon , whereís Zain injured,dropped ?
Iím not Anti gold and I do feel at times heís a scapegoat but why ainít we attacking teams like this from the start  no pace up front and Celtic liked comfortable defending,I think with Barrett vision he could pick out ponch or cosgrave playing on the shoulder of the defence instead off hoof ball to gold .. ..suppose in TW we trust

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground in title race
« on: March 08, 2023, 12:00:34 AM »
Has anyone seen chamberlain tonight .. apparently never turned up at the ground before kick off
Ok so gold won the flick on for goal but time to try ponch  and cosgrave starting and gold super sub

General Discussion / Re: Fantastic fightback
« on: February 25, 2023, 05:21:35 PM »
Well after coming home from Gloucester last week and me resorting to kicking the cat and being a grumpy so-so a week later Iíve given the cat extra chicken with his tea and Iím buzzing Ö what a week itís been following the boys absolutely chuffed and canít wait for Tuesday night !! Safe journey back boys  :scarf: :bus:

General Discussion / Re: How does Tommy put it right ?
« on: February 20, 2023, 06:37:08 PM »
Early doors I thought Theo came in for unfair criticism, up to his injury and especially Doncaster I thought he was outstanding but the whole midfield was .Clunan was back to his awesome self and I didnít realise the miles Hargreavesís was putting in  .perhaps being unfair but TW decision to play his boy V Stevenage after a hamstring thought there was a bit of  keep it in the family .
Drop Theo put in chamberlain,/Hughes  Iíd go cosgrave and ponch to start use gold as super sub and Iíd use zain more see if that makes Barrett buck his ideas up . Love Barrett but I think heís peaked in fitness bit of a luxury player but we can play 10 hoping for a peterísport moment .

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground on leaders Flyde
« on: February 18, 2023, 08:55:15 PM »
Will Tommy stay if we donít get promotion ?  Interesting question.  Letís swing it around from the other end.   Will SC want to keep him if he fails ?

As far as I can see from the outside it would seem SC wants promotion.  It seems he has given TW all the ammunition he has asked for

1. Full time squad.  Tick
2. Two coaches        Tick
3. Full training facilities. Tick
4.  Overnight stays         Tick
5.  Increased squad during the season.  Tick
6.  Really good budget.  Tick.

Tommy is very good with the media.  Good copy.  However there comes a time in adversity where he is now expected to deliver.  The recent run has been poor in anyoneís book.  Next 7 days could well be pivotal.

Great answer .. hopefully this time next week Iíll be in a better mood when  TW has delivered.. but 2 defeats and I think the most loyalist of fans will be Questioning the set up

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground on leaders Flyde
« on: February 18, 2023, 08:07:25 PM »
I only managed to start attending matches this season from the Darlington game.....which raised my expectations! And i haven't been to any away games. Since Darlington, at times results have flattered us. Not least against Telford when our first half performance was abysmal...As if our team had not played together before and frankly, the second half aside from the goals was not much better. We lacked cohesion and seemed strangely lethargic..Hence i asked the question about being full time at this level: positives v negatives?

Today much the same. It is far too easy to blame the pitch, injuries, the officials and even the time wasting tactics of the opposition for our disjointed, apathetic and once again lethargic performance.....and this from a full time squad!  IMO Gloucester were up for it more than we appeared to be. Why???

We also pay a premium to watch this stuff. I am 'fortunate' to qualify for a concessionary ticket but having spent £51 plus travelling costs to watch this dross over the last week, do i think i have had value for money?..Emphatically no.

I of course don't always expect us to win or even to play at our best level in every game but i do expect to see us on the front foot and giving 100%.

I sincerely hope i am wrong but the bubble appears to have burst.

Think youíve hit the nail on the head for many a fan inc myself and todayís frustration .. like you Iíve forked out £51 on tickets and travel and many a folk wouldíve spent more .
But sine Xmas if not before and especially tues night games in the freezing conditions have I been entertained NO  I went to Buxton and that was awful and now this dross !! Yes Iíll be there next tues v Buxton and hopefully Banbury.. but how much can a supporter take before crowds dwindle.

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground on leaders Flyde
« on: February 18, 2023, 07:27:22 PM »
I agree John this squad would be way short in the National League, but we are playing step below that.

I thought we were poor today, despite going with an attack looking line up.  Certain players looked tired even lack lustre.  Tommy has a real job on his hands over the next seven days.  First to go to Banbury on Tuesday and put out a team to get three points.  Then to move up another level to try and get something next Saturday at Flyde.  Next Saturday night  we donít want to looking at a nine point gap between Flyde and ourselves with them also having a game in hand.   

I saw SC take his seat halfway through the first half.  It didnít take him
long to let TW have his feelings in no uncertain terms.  As you would expect Tommy wasnít just going to take it.   Letís hope they had a clear the air meeting after the game.  We donít want another IC/SC situation to appear, yet again.
Do you think TW will stay if we donít get promoted?? Thereís certainly none to many loving stares from either way at the moment ,personally SC must be worrying in our change of form and the prospects off playoff lottery and another season in NL and the cost and running of the club if we fail !! Never a dull day at the walks

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground on leaders Flyde
« on: February 18, 2023, 07:20:09 PM »
Seems TW is much same as IC he doesn't have a plan B.How can you take of Cosgrove and replace him with Barrett a defender shoul have been taken off everyone else in Stadium new that.
Cosgrave imo gives a hell off a lot more than most players here permanently, Barrett is a great player but no pace , no defensive play when needed or chasing the ball down as ponch and cosgrave do so Gloucester defenders  sat back and swept up anything gold won comfortably , think TW plan B isnít to win the game just donít lose  . Clunan ticks better along Hargreavesís with our midfield at the Moment to much for Clunan on his own

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground on leaders Flyde
« on: February 18, 2023, 06:25:05 PM »
Agree with you Bluboy. First half was lifeless, it took us until the 28th minute to have a shot, which we scored from of course. Omotayo didnít show any enthusiasm to jump for balls, but we still targeted him with high balls. If the first half is drab and it was today, why canít we change something until the second half. I wasnít actually disappointed today, Iíve seen enough games to know we are not that good, certainly not to win the league. We would be lambs to the slaughter in the National League.
Exactly , I hate being negative as this , but címon  this isnít something thatís happened over night . Weíve huffed and puffed since December yes weíve results sometimes but we donít even look a comfortable side anymore .. he blames the pitch and there was a stare out with cleeve and a comment of the pitch is Fín s**t  and another Theo pass had gone astray ( who I canít see how he  hold a place in the side since his return) the two new boys Hughes an JJ are average if that and TW recruited them . So I agree this side at the moment is top 10 North side . TW had a free shot at NL last year he isnít a NL manager ( for me his negativity restrictes the players ) but as you say it would be a case of slaughtered if we go up weíd need serious serious cash input and another 1000fans at least

General Discussion / Re: Lynn lose ground on leaders Flyde
« on: February 18, 2023, 05:26:21 PM »
Well that was utter s**t
Blame refs , pitch .. how about today we blame the manager and players absolutely clueless at Times  resorting to hoof ball chasing the game TW decides to take off ponch and cosgrave and replace our front line with no pace or urgency, should off got his boy off at HT and got stephens on sooner , TW seems heís losing the plot all this chasing refs has lost its appeal get on with getting behind the players not chasing officials , our bubbles burst and behind the scenes something isnít right .. be lucky to be top 3 for the playoffs

General Discussion / Re: Linnets knocked off top
« on: February 11, 2023, 06:33:20 PM »
Desperately needing Hargreavesís , scotty back and gold making a return (will say this is where the club needs to engage with fans about players returns after injuries never hear anything how or when their for again ) 
But Iíll take the flack but neither Hughes or jj jones look like holding a regular place in the side feels panic loaning /buying by TW or SC  , chamberlain is ok but never has the urgentcy and bite  of cluns and theoís high tempo has never been same since injury think thisíll be where weíll lose this league is midfield
Something not right around the club at mo , donít fancy play offs

General Discussion / Re: Bad day for the Linnets
« on: February 05, 2023, 08:38:22 PM »
People blaming yesterdays artificial pitch. Do we not train on artificial pitches?
Very true and thatís my thoughts also , we do not look a full time team , Buxton I thought looked a decent outfit  , much more up for it than us . Iíll take the criticism but Barrett I feel some games weíre carrying him all hoping for a Peterísports moment  , and like tues night to many hopeful punts down the line leading to nothing , this is where weíre now missing Gold and height upfront for cosgrave/ponts to feed off . Hate being negative but I feel last two games painful to watch and I think we may of been found out . Keep the faith all teams have a bad spell look at Liverpool

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