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General Discussion / Re: Grimsby at Home Easter Monday
« on: April 18, 2022, 08:19:05 PM »
Hi Guys
well I am no pundit or ex footballer but here is my two penny worth, well actually my 63 worth as I took my adult sons with me today.  This was my first day back as threw my toys out the pram some time ago but couldnt stay away.
  We had four or five players good enough today but as they were carrying the rest they were totally tired out by second half. Can somebody with more football knowledge than me tell me why we keep playing Gold Amatayo, he looks very fit and muscular but can't hold or shoot a ball for toffee and Denton, Barrows and a very unfit looking Barratt kept passing the ball to him in front of goal and as soon as they did he either missed it or fell over- by second half I could see Denton and Barretts frustration in their facial expressions.
  Barratt although looking unfit ran for every ball, dribbled and passed, defended and worked his socks off, unlike Gold who seemed to prance around falling over every few minutes and despite his muscular build and tallness seemed to get bundled off the ball and get out jumped for headers every time.
  I am not sure why Charles didn't come on till last five minutes as he added what was missing up front and ran for everything and I thought he was going to get an equiliser. The managers son seemed to play with some passion and can hit the ball but I think Clunan and Widdrington  had a difficult game, Coulson was big and strong but too slow and beaten quite often on the ball as was Fernandez.
Best players for me were Jones in goal, Barrows was immense, Barrett- so skillful, imagine if he was fit and Denton.Charles was good but only for 5 minutes :-)
Happy to be shot down but thats the way I saw it,

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