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General Discussion / Re: Fundraising
« on: August 10, 2020, 09:48:52 PM »
In reality, different people will respond to different methods of fund raising.

Some will be willing to donate to a war chest, others a Race night, others a quiz night, others a raffle etc etc (some to all, some to none).

It's the same with marketing and advertising. If someone could identify the right button to push so everyone responded to the same thing, they would be the richest person in the world.

The Club needs to have the right people in place so they can run the raffles, quiz nights, race nights, do the 50/50, meet the players evening, end of season presentation and dance (for the supporters)..............................even buckets at the gates (loose change adds up)etc etc etc. Its not just a case of putting people who appear willing in charge of such things. They need to be cut out for the job.

The other Clubs that have previously been mentioned, and have raised nearer the 100k mark, didn't do this by one event. They got as many people involved as possible (literally an army of supporters and Club Officials) and had all sorts of different fund raising initiatives.

Its also not unusual to have players and management involved as well. Has the Club even considered that?

Think about it...............A player not involved with a game due to injury or suspension, going around the ground with raffle tickets....................who's going to refuse to buy a ticket when its the likes of Gash, Marriott or even Backie?

Has anyone ever see our current Chairman walking the Terraces prior to the game, thanking and encouraging supporters (if they have, fair enough, but I haven't)? Even Buster and his son were not adverse to pressing a bit of flesh prior to a game (and that was before Sanitiser was on tap). When the old Club was still running, it was unusual NOT to see one or more Directors on the terraces, even during the game.

Be inclusive, not exclusive. Appeal to as many as you can. Know your audience and what you are trying to achieve. If you decide to walk over a different bridge, don't burn the old one down.

A message every now and again which basically says "give me your money" has very little appeal to the majority of people.

The current Pandemic will limit whats possible for the time being, but it won't always be here. Planning such things now,for the future, is as good as an investment.

£1,000 here, £5,000 there, all adds up. It may involve a lot of work, but this is Kings Lynn and reality. I believe it's a case of doing it this way or no way. I really can't think of any single event that's suddenly going to generate 50K or more.

I also believe that if Supporters keep getting hit with expensive match days, be it entrance fees, cost of food and drink etc, they will be less likely to take part in other fund raising events (that's just my opinion though).

With regards to the current raffle for the GDF, well done to the Trust Officials, and thanks for your efforts.
Turn the clock back 10 years or so. So much money was being raised but where did it go. Club went tits up! Brilliant effort by the Supporters club and a management committee that were actually thanked for their efforts.
I know of one person who offered to put evbents on in the clubroom FOR THE CLUB who was told he would have to pay the hire fee first ???????
Also someone who wanted a 60th there but with his own DJ to be told the cost would be much more to cover the electricity!!!!!!!!!

General Discussion / Re: New sponsor
« on: August 10, 2020, 09:41:07 PM »
No probs Graham.  Nice kit and logo with Reeds.  Are these newbies a bit more upmarket ?
What from Reeds. Thats a little unkind.

General Discussion / Re: New sponsor
« on: August 10, 2020, 09:39:58 PM »
No connection whatsoever but nice to remembered as a previous sponsor
Hi Graham, how are you doing. You are extremely lucky to be remembered for your past sponsorship.
All the best.

General Discussion / Re: Dover
« on: August 04, 2020, 07:47:43 PM »
I would like to think that after 53 years in the clothing trade i haven't ever knowingly screwed anybody and don't intend starting now.  nothing.

Anyone that knows you and Graham would think that anyway. How you can be accused of screwing anybody, when you have probably put more money into the Club via sponsorship over the last 30 years or so than any other local business, is beyond me!

Maybe there lies the answer with regards to why sponsors and advertisers are more difficult to attract than in years gone by.   :dontknow:

Now, if its come down to the toss of a coin as to who to believe..................that will be a difficult one!   :laughcry: :laughcry: :laughcry:
We estimate that we have handed over in excess of DOUBLE the amount of sponsorship over the years that a certain local waste company were approached for this season. Obviously they refused. Telephone numbers.
Has anybody ever thought why Double G bailed out and sponsored the first team (as well as the Reserves) in the early regime. We believe if we hadn't that we would not now be basking in the glory of the top league of non league football.
As for the coin it depends who supplies it. Mine would be a 2 sided one!

General Discussion / Re: Dover
« on: August 04, 2020, 12:31:26 PM »
GC what, for example would it take for to get back involved in Sponsorship ?  Iím sure MH would appreciate feedback on what could be done to bring more revenue in.
I don't think certain people would appreciate my answer.  Certain person thinking that we  (Double G)and Joma were shafting the club with prices. Did you know allegedly that Joma are having their kits made for between 50p and a £1 according to certain person (which means that Adidas and Nike etc are also. If you believe that bull you will believe all the other crap.
I have mountains of emails as proof of the crap that Double G put up with in the past few years all from the same persons hand so don't expect any more multi thousands of sponsorship from Double G anytime soon. Perhaps i should write a book. I would imagine it will be  a bestseller!
I will never say never but certainly under totally different circumstances.
I would like to think that after 53 years in the clothing trade i haven't ever knowingly screwed anybody and don't intend starting now. Also 58 years of going through the gate/turnstiles stands for nothing.

General Discussion / Re: Dover
« on: August 03, 2020, 08:01:45 PM »
Mallard, your remark re previous business ventures probably sums up the attitude of the Town's business community towards the present owner.
 What goes round comes round.
And round and round and round and round just like the magic roundabout. LOL!

General Discussion / Re: National League Play off Final
« on: August 03, 2020, 07:59:03 PM »
Congratulations Simon and George on your amazing achievement and to your club thanking their supporters for their past support rather than shank them financially for the new season in the Football League.
Very commendable and obviously their set up in respect of commercial etc is able to allow the freeze in prices.
I wonder if they change sponsors and kit suppliers as quick as they change their jock straps?
Good luck from from a fan who saw both of you in the blue and gold and followed your careers since. Certainly will continue to do so in the future.

General Discussion / Re: Club and Community Football.
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:01:50 PM »
Let's go to war again!
Predictable as ever and proof if needed that this someone lacks the personable and business skills so badly needed at the Club.
Success on the field for the Club has been gained by two main elements.The money that has been loaned to  the Club to enable it to punch well above its financial weight and being lucky enough to regain the services of Culverhouse.The first is down to the Chairman, and I don't think that should be seen as any sort of endorsement of him.As far as I can see,he's never declared how he expects the Club ever to be in a position to repay this amount.The debt,and whichever way you look at it that's what is is,is now horrendous for a club our size.It's not a gift and won't be until its written of by the creditor.This is the Achilles heal of the Club.Be careful what you wish for.
The second element of the on field success,the return of Culverhouse was entirely down to other people at the Club.Remember that Cleeves answer to the departure of Culverhouse was bringing Clarke in.What a joke that was!
With regards to the subject of this post,Mr Cleeve should try to understand that he controls Kings Lynn Football Club.He does NOT control football in Kings Lynn!
I really do question the ability to work harmoniously with anyone.Does the Club really ever look at the bigger picture when they respond in this manner? Apparently they are trying to get more sponsors and advertisers on board,and more people through the gate.They must realise that issuing statements such as this  are counter productive.Many potential sponsors or advertisers will see this continual abbrasive attitude towards others when things don't go the way a certain individual wants them to, and will just not want to be associated with the Club because of it.You don't have to be a genius to work that one out!You need to make friends and not create enemies.
If the Club does not want to work with others for whatever reason,then that's down to them.It's pointless posting something such as this just to try and prove a point or to get a reaction so to be able to go on Twitter again to try and prove how important one is(fail).
You don't wash your dirty linen in public!
My biggest disappointment with this current episode at the Club is the endorsement of all this by certain local boys involved at the Club.All managers and Directors are apparently in agreement with this according to the piece on the Clubs website. Even if they do really  believe that the Club should break ties with Community Football,despite their previous history with them,I really don't think they should have been involved with this method of communicating this news.
A case of some people being more concerned with protecting their positions at the Club than doing the right thing?If so,shame on you.If not,I and many others look forward to seeing or hearing their individual comments on the matter.
Perhaps the plug will be pulled on this less than 48 HOURS before it fires up exactly as the ACADEMY was last season. Leaving all those that were signed up to then be without their promised coaching and football education. What did they do? Several went along to the College of West Anglia and joined the Sports Complex so that they could continue their education and football coaching otherwise they would of been up s**t creek without a paddle. I wonder if their parents were ever refunded their signing up fee by KLTFC?

General Discussion / Re: NEIL FRYATT
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:50:42 PM »
Liam, Ryan and now Neil. Would love to know the truth after what this family has given KLTFC over many years.
Unless it comes from one of them I don't expect it from anywhere else.
Good luck to all of them whatever and wherever they decide to do next. Total Respect.

General Discussion / Re: The big vote
« on: May 14, 2020, 11:59:46 AM »
but that would be so simple but the numptiers want to make difficult.

General Discussion / Re: Southport Saturday POSTPONED
« on: March 02, 2020, 01:04:26 PM »
Many people bought tickets for the Bradford PA game that was called off, which I assume are valid for the rearranged fixture. This is money already in the bank.
and the Southport game.

General Discussion / Re: Boston
« on: February 26, 2020, 10:16:56 AM »
Gateshead won only their FOURTH away game of the season last night and joined KING'S LYNN as the only other team to have won at Boston this season!
Great achievement.

General Discussion / Re: Atrincham on Saturday POSTPONED
« on: February 21, 2020, 02:00:23 PM »
Yet more rain in the forecast for the north west over the next couple of days which isn't likely to help us.  Big question for IC is how much he rings the changes from the side that lost at Chester, even though the winner came in injury time and he thought we gave them their goals they also had plenty of other chances on the highlights but hardly unexpected as they are a good side. 

I am not a fan of Burrows at left back but IC seems to want to shoehorn him in there, for me I would go with a back three and play wing backs, leave Richards and Alfie to sit in the middle of the park and then we have plenty of options for the front three.  I think Sonny has been unlucky to be the one sacrificed for Power and maybe Saturday might be the time to give Southwell his first start but I think you could make a case for any of the attacking options to slot in with Marriott, just need to find the right combination as maybe teams have started to work us out a bit more.
[quote/Altrincham may be the biggest scorers in the league at hoem but KLTFC are the biggest away scorers so 0-0 then. NOT!

General Discussion / Re: KL Internationals Eleven
« on: February 18, 2020, 04:03:14 PM »
Ludo the flying winger, sadly killed in a car crash in the west Indies, international for one of the smaller islands, his cousin was William Gallas ex spurs and Arsenal.
Also Chuck Martini, Morocco? goalkeeper.

General Discussion / Re: Random requests
« on: February 05, 2020, 08:16:31 AM »
The first thing would be to find a UK manufacturer to make and supply the shirts. These are very few and far between and there would be minimum quantities if you can find somebody to actually make them. Normally anything from 25 to 50 at a time to make it worthwhile for the factory to obtain fabrics, labelling, trims such as collars and cuffs etc.
It is not as easy as it sounds.
For instance Joma on a special order is minimum 300 garments of a style.
Also i was responsible for supplying all the kits from the Lynn News days and that particular manufacturer i have not used myself (Double G Clothing) for at least 2 years as they were scaling down the business and subbing out lots of the work which created numerous problems such as black trimmed garments that should of been dark green with the response being the member of staff that produced them is colour blind!
Great idea but not an easy fix.

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