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General Discussion / Dumb and Dumber
« on: February 09, 2021, 04:23:11 PM »
What a mess!At a time we need leaders of men,we find ourselves subject to sheep (some may say clowns) that are apparently incapable of making a decision. A decision that the man in the Street would be capable of making.Solely blaming the NL Board is so easy to do.Some of the Chairmen of the NL Clubs appear quite happy to criticise them but ignore their own part in it all.Quite happy to support them when free money was being given away,but not so keen when its not.Nothingís new when it comes to finances in football.Are Chairman only now realising that it takes serious money to run a football club at this level?Are there really no contingency plans at any of the Clubs?Money can run out for reasons other than a Pandemic,for example when a clubs sole benefactor has to call time on things.The Pandemic has been with us over a year and  many would say we look in a far worse shape than we did a year ago. I have to feel for some Clubs and their Chairman as they have conducted themselves in both a professional and morally correct manner.Take a bow Mr Parmenter! Itís a shame there are not a few more such as you and Dave Newton around.
To be granted as much money as they have been,and spend it in the manner that many of them have,only to cry can we have some more please,is nothing short of disgusting!Whatever sort of people do we have running this sport? Itís no good crying that they were told they would be granted more money,unless they can evidence this.They have been asked to do so but as far as I can see,not one Club or supporter has been able to do so.These are supposed to be successful businessmen running these Football Clubs.This in itself proves a lot.What other business would be given so much,then expect more? Iíll tell you. They are the same so called business people that always expect the hard working supporters to bail them out when they mess up,Pandemic or not!A policy of charging the absolute maximum they dare and then still ask for more when they have spent more than whatís come in!
Plan A or Plan B? Thatís laughable. What Plan? The only one Iíve ever seen is to open the gates and let it happen.If that is plan A,whereís Plan B?
As far as I can see there a few options going forward for The Linnets but probably very unpalatable to certain individuals.
a)Do nothing and follow other peoples lead.The easiest to do and suits people who act in a reactive manner rather than a proactive manner and have no ideaís of their own.Dangerous,as it gives you little time to react when you need to.
b)Carry on financing.Very apt that it sounds like a carry on film! Itís no secret that the Chairman has LOANED the Club several hundreds of thousands of pounds to get the Club to its current league standing.Pandemic or not everyone has now seen that despite this,unless money continues to be pumped in at such an alarming rate or much higher rate,this level is too rich for a Club such as Lynn. The important word here is LOAN.Itís basically a debt that the Club has taken on.If itís a loan it has to be paid back unless the person that lends the money is prepared to right it off.Please donít believe any statements such as it being loaned for tax purposes,unless the person saying it wants to tell you how that works.Unlikely!
c)We hear Supporters of other Clubs have raised this amount or that amount for their Clubs.Many are huge sums,some in excess of over £100,000.Our Chairman seems to be bemused that the same doesnít happen here.This could be for a number of reasons but the Lynn supporters probably donít like to be called Buffoons,see other football supporters being trolled and insulted on social media,think its throwing good money after bad,or they want to have a say in where the money goes etc. One thing that seems to have flown below the radar when other clubs fund raising is quoted against Lynnís is that these clubs mentioned are very often Fan owned clubs,or clubs that fans at least have an involvement in. Its not difficult to work this out and its only natural that supporters will give more freely if they are actively involved with the running of their Clubs.This is not just a football Club thing or indeed a Sports thing.It happens everywhere.The Clubs not only benefit from the increased opportunity to the availability of money from far more supporters willing to offer their financial support which is could well help the long term sustainability of their Club.Sharing the workload,sharing the responsibility and in my opinion something that is very important,share the knowledge and ability to get things done.If Clubs want to compete with the big boys on the pitch they need to compete with them off the pitch.WeItís no good being miles behind with this.If  Chairmen wants to continue with a sole ownership model they need to continue with the sole benefactor model as well and supply all the money required themselves.Itís all down to the people that have made the decision to put themselves in this position.Thereís been several attempts to get supporters to donate money to the Club money but sooner or later the penny is going to drop that itís just not happening at Lynn,and probably wonít in sufficient amounts unless there are some major changes.
d)Go into Administration to protect the long term future of the Club. This would probably enable the Club to survive albeit at the expense of its NL position.
e)Cancel contracts/furlough players/reduce wages and play reserves.Youíd really see which players wear the Linnets badge on their hearts and those that choose to kiss their chequebooks. The argument about these players being part time and having to travel all over the country and hold down other jobs comes up here.I suppose itís a pain when you are playing but a bonus when you are not,as they will all probably still be receiving their main income from their day jobs,unlike the poor full time professionals.Even if the wage bill was to be cut in half,carrying on until the end of the season is still likely to cost 10ís, maybe 100ís of of thousand of pounds to do,so appears as if its all down to the Chairmanís willingness or ability to do this.
f)Refuse to play and see what the result is.Relegation?Where would they put us?What if half a dozen clubs followed this route?Let them do it and put then put them in Court?What court in the land is going to go against a club that is forced to take this decision during an unprecedented Pandemic?Other Clubs would very likely support those that take this route and could make it very awkward for the NL Board if they want a fight.
Whatever happens or is decided upon,for our sanity and for the sake of basic common sense,just get it done!
Other ideas from anyone?

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