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This is all just another big embarrassment by those running this club. TW constantly blames others for his own significant shortcomings in recruitment, man management and tactics. Heís brought 8 players in I believe, 7 out of 8 of them are significant downgrades, and that has come with what can only be an increased , and as a result of this all we have are two more points than ICs time this season. They can talk about an increased PPG but it couldnít be more obvious that during Widdringtons with his PPG we would still go down without a fight.
All we do is defend, loose and TW blames either the players or the previous management team who left 5 months ago. Has he had no impact over that time or only mentions his impact if we donít loose.
As for SC, he is more concerned about getting one over IC and his staff than realising what is going on at his own club, which he is running into the ground. His fortnightly EDP columns are embarrassing and Iím sure are littered with lies and untruths, all again to put down the previous regime, whom gained 2 promotions with the club and over achieved, again masking SCís shortcomings in running a club or business. What other self respecting chairman would constantly try and slag off a previous manager, let alone after two promotions and putting the club on the footballing map. Iím also very surprised the EDP or other local papers and reporters donít pick up on this or are they all under Cleeves wing and failing to do their jobs sufficiently?
Anyway, whatever happens this season and beyond Iím sure it wonít be Cleeve picking up the pieces.

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