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General Discussion / Re: V Hornchurch
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:06:42 AM »
Morning Linnets fans, a friendly Hornchurch fan and supporters association committee member here. Having read some of the comments on here I feel as though some explanation is needed -

- Hornchurch Supporters Association is a non profit part of the club who support the club and raise money for charity as well as fundraising for community projects.

- we spent near on £1000 of our money to buy the camera, microphones etc to film games for our fans. (Kings Lynn Game would have been the 1st)

- these games were going to be streamed for FREE to all fans. If fans wanted to they could donate however much they wanted for the free stream but this wasn’t necessary. We were doing this for the fans and the community

- money donated would’ve gone towards paying for the filming equipment although we know we wouldn’t have got the £1000 back

- the game is now £7 thanks to lots of hard work from our club to yours to make it fair for all fans to watch during the current climate. The chairman of Hornchurch is gifting fans who buy the game a £5 bar credit when we open again. This is obviously more then the £3.50 we will get from Kings Lynn for the streaming fee.

- Also, the rationale behind the donation approach certainly wasn't to "pull a fast one".  We had visited Hampton & Richmond in the FA Cup, along with Tonbridge Angels and Dulwich Hamlet in the Trophy.  All 3 National South sides streamed for free with an optional donation element.

As an example, Dulwich's justgiving page for their stream:

We never looked at these free streams as money lost, nor did we expect to take a cut of their donations, we were just extremely pleased that our supporters could get to watch their team in a behind closed doors fixture.

I feel the above explains a lot of the maybe unjustified comments on here and hopefully there will be a lot more understanding now that we wanted to give this game to the fans for free!

Good Luck Saturday, Luke

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