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General Discussion / Re: End of the line?
« on: January 13, 2022, 05:36:12 PM »
I think one of two things will happen. If we get a bit of luck I think beating the drop is a possibility. This season isnít a lost cause as of yet. Thereís a lot of winnable games left and thereís enough positive signs (however small) that this isnít yet time to call it a day.

But if we do go down, I see the possibility of a double relegation. If we go down, the squad will be decimated, the NLN is a good standard with some good teams and it wonít be easy.

I feel a strange sense amongst some fans that they will take some pleasure in a relegation as it will somehow be a slap down for that Chairman. But regardless of who runs the club, I want to see national league football so we will be there supporting hoping the little part we play helps us stay up another season.

General Discussion / Re: I want to buy the club
« on: January 11, 2022, 09:27:25 AM »
Nobody will be buy the club as arguably the club has a negative value.  Few assets with significant debt.  Not only does it have a negative value, if this turns into a supporter owned club, the supporters will have to put in significant cash on a week to week basis to keep the club afloat.  So whether you like the Chairman or not, he's keeping the club afloat and it would be hitting his bank account.  So you can wish the Chairman goes, but be careful what you wish for. 

However, it would be interesting to see if enough fans stumped up the cash to make a serious bid.  You could try to raise the money, set up a GoFundMe but I doubt you were be able to raise enough money to pay off even a couple of percent of what people on this forum claim the debt the club has.  Whilst everyone is an expert on how the club should be run, few will put their money where their mouth is. 

General Discussion / Re: Stockport
« on: November 23, 2021, 09:32:21 AM »
With IC stating he's refusing to change his style of play; is he just orchestrating his own dismissal?  A decent manager would have a decent chance of getting Kings Lynn out of this mess by playing a different style (as Mallard has suggested).  It seems to be the team aren't as bad as their league position suggests.  If the Chairman wants to beat relegation a new manager has to come in.  IC seems to be playing Russian roulette.  Stick to same game plan which means relegation.  IC is either inept at his job or he's playing this way on purpose knowing full well it leads to defeat after defeat to pile pressure on the Chairman to sack him.  Either way, its not doing much for the managers reputation.  Unfortunately for us fans we are stuck on the sidelines watching it unfold.  The more defeats, the smaller the crowds, smaller gate receipts, less money available for a striker.  We are in a vicious cycle.  Now that I've written this, Murphy's Law would suggest we win the next 3 on the bounce.

General Discussion / Re: A bit of fun ( hopefully)
« on: November 15, 2021, 08:54:25 PM »
Always look on the bright side of life
Monty Python

General Discussion / Re: Time for a change?
« on: November 15, 2021, 08:46:39 AM »
Thank you for the post.  We moved to the area several months ago and my children play in the Kings Lynn junior teams and we've been to all but 1 home game.  Your post gives me a lot of background as to the state of the play.  As a complete new comer who doesn't know the Chairman or manager I'm not as emotionally involved as others but my take is this: the football philosophy of the manager (and maybe its that of the Chairman too) cannot be executed with the current players in the squad.  It would be like Pep Guardiola trying to implement his style on Burnley.  Your style of play needs to be built of the players you have.   If he wants to constantly play from the back he needs a new squad, if a new squad cannot be bought in he needs to change his style.  The team is trying to play like Man City whilst getting battered in the National League whilst in a relegation spot. It doesn't make sense.  We just can't keep putting the players under pressure at the back.  I think the team is good enough to beat relegation if tactics are adjusted to play to their strengths.  Obviously a new striker is needed  but outside of that the team can compete.  Morias wasn't anywhere near good enough so selling him isn't an excuse at all.   I guess my view is change the style of play or change the manager if we are sticking with this group of players.  Whatever happens my boys love coming to the games and we will continue to be there to support. 

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