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Stratford Away
« on: October 23, 2016, 12:04:27 AM »
Not seen anything on here regarding today's match, so thought I'd start a thread.

At a guess there were 40ish of us who made the trip to see Lynn get a good point and in my opinion could easily have been all three.

Yes Pedro made some important saves, but I would guess we had by far the most possession and the best chances.

Metts hit a great free kick in the first half which cannoned back off the bar.
Kurtis had a one vs one with the keeper in the second half which he dragged (miles) wide
Metts had a one on one where the ball got tangled between his feet and the keeper smothered it.
Jacek hit this overhead kick just over the bar which would have been goal of the season!!

I read about the "doom and gloom" but todays result showed a willingness to battle - to the point of the melee which saw one of their players sent off.

Setch was pretty animated which I was happy to see - it must be hard for him (and the club) to lose his right hand man 48 hours before the match and tactically, I think today Setch got it spot on.

I have to talk about Metts.
At the start of the season I wasn't convinced, but his last few performances and the interview he gave on Radio Norfolk have won me over.
He'll be "Marmite" amongst fans in that people will either love him or hate him, there'll be no in between.
But, he works his nuts off, he plays on the edge, he riles opponents up, he scores goals.
For me, he sometimes gives the other lads a hard time, but I think that is just his desire and frustration to win - he gave Kurtis a really hard time when Kurtis missed his one on one.......yet when Kurtis got completely taken out, Metts was the first player to go and put his arm around him.
Metts is an asset to this club.

If I have to mention any negatives, we do lack a bite. Kurtis (in particular) and Clunan often shirk a 50-50, when I just wish they would be a bit stronger.

But, as I said earlier, a good point today - the boys played well

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Re: Stratford Away
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2016, 12:33:45 AM »
Well said good point


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Re: Stratford Away
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2016, 09:51:31 AM »
I thought Curtiss caused them nightmares in the second half. Mets tried to be to clever with his one on one but he has passion in bucket loads.

The cross for the goal was perfect. In the second half we had most of the ball  and played very well. We had a shakey start but Pedro kept us in it. We slowly grew into the game.

Maybe a little less backchat to the ref might reduce the number of cards; but when it's one for all and all for one we are top notch.

Setch the effort was 100% we just lack that last ball or shot. Team was right formation was right players were right.

A good point well deserved.