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Re: Hungerford away 23th NOV
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Mallard, I don't want to dig myself into a political hole but we do now live in a society where some, encouraged by the availabilty of easy credit expect everything on a plate and now - rather than later....Showing my age here but we used to save up for stuff...How old fashioned is that. But more to the point that attitude spills over into their leisure pursuits.........Instant success at any cost being the order of the day and not the patience to wait a little and to watch things develop............IMO many who 'support' premier league sides whilst sitting in front of the TV in their replica shirts are of this ilk.......The majority will never have paid to watch their heroes play live and following their local team just would not apppeal?

... and all the kids had rickets, we had outside toilets, and had a tin bath once a week in front of the fire, it was brilliant. Those were the days.  :coffee:

........and patience used to be considered a virtue! For your information also, the incidence of nutritional rickets is on the increase!