Author Topic: King's Lynn Town v Norwich City XI Pre-Season Friendly  (Read 5089 times)

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Re: King's Lynn Town v Norwich City XI Pre-Season Friendly
« Reply #30 on: July 13, 2017, 01:36:57 PM »
Tony it is all pure conjecture on Grant Holt signing.   Let me put this to you.  IF Grant Holt was the missing ingredient to get you promotion by his own ability plus what he can give to others in the team, then factor in how many extra he would put on the gate and what would be brought in terms of sponsorship on the back of his signing.  How much would that we worth a week ?


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Re: King's Lynn Town v Norwich City XI Pre-Season Friendly
« Reply #31 on: July 13, 2017, 02:03:16 PM »
I accept that Holt may attract a degree of additional commercial income and more people through the turnstyles but, and this is a personal opinion, it wouldn't be enough in itself, so the answer to your question is "too much".  As I have stated before I don't see promotion as a realistic target for the season, playoffs is, so with that constraint/criteria, I would rather see more development over the next 2-3 years on and off the pitch rather than taking a punt to "buy success", we have seen where that has got us in the past. 


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Re: King's Lynn Town v Norwich City XI Pre-Season Friendly
« Reply #32 on: July 13, 2017, 02:23:12 PM »
I  agree Tony it is a personal thing.   I just see it that we have been starved of success  over the last 3 seasons and the  Clubs needs a massive pick-me-up.  Culverhouse has put together a young, local exciting squad.  For me, ( back to that personal thing) if funds allow ( sponsorship included) if they can get a player in like Holt, who could 'knit' the whole thing together, then why not ?  I understand what you are saying about it being a short term gain, but if it helps develop on the talent that is there then why not ?   If they guy can stick 100 a week on the gate that's over a grand.    Holt doesn't seem to be pre-season training anywhere right now, so maybe his services are not being that sort after, which in term should be reflective in his demands.


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Re: King's Lynn Town v Norwich City XI Pre-Season Friendly
« Reply #33 on: July 13, 2017, 03:11:59 PM »
Very impressive show by the young lads of Norwich City.

Could we be in for a few loanee's from Norwich or even Ipswich during the season?

I was impressed by the new signings that were on show - Dylan Edge just looked lost, Toby Hilliard was better and can win the high ball. It needs some players around him that are able to get on to his flick-ons. Mettam worked harder last night than he did last season.

A better defensive set up in the second half which would be improved by a fit Matty Castellan. The new lads in midfield worked well as a unit. A very interesting evening with the first half played by the "Possibles" and the "Probables" taking over in the second half. A little bit of tinkering and we have the makings of a fair team.
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Re: King's Lynn Town v Norwich City XI Pre-Season Friendly
« Reply #34 on: July 13, 2017, 08:42:06 PM »
Football was as expected.  An early season knock-a-bout with plenty of errors and a few glimpses of plenty to come.  Decent crowd for a July evening (football don't start till September) good banter and great to catch up with a few familiar faces, and Wayne.

Thought one or two of our lads looked out of their depth if i'm totally honest.  Nothing a few hours on the road and in the gym wouldn't hurt.  They need to start using bikes more often than cars looking at some of the lumber on one or two!  This season, looks like any other season to me.  Proper non league.  Decent manager, ambitious chairman and cynical fans.....   proper football

And proper bar as well.......   Like a proper non league football bar, none of those fancy dan arty farty bars.  Don't get me wrong, it still looks like a fancy dan arty farty bar, but I asked for Guinness..   there wasn't any.  I asked for the Scottish Stout.  There wasn't any.  I opted for the IPA and was told by the staff that it was warm.  So we went for a Larger.  Something resembling IPA came out, so we got a larger from another tap....   It was ok.   I expect this as non league football.  It's what we live for.....

It's more and more like a proper non league club every day.........

To prove it beyond doubt, i fancied one of them sausage rolls ppl had been raving about.  Was served by the lad who asked for 3.50 for a sausage roll! I did say I'll save him the embarrassment and buy this one, but i wont be back if those prices are not sorted.... thankfully a lady came over, said it was 2.50 (still 30p to much in my mind)  but it was rather nice. 

Then i bumped into the Friendly table with the nice man of portly proportions.  Got my 100 club for the yr and was told about the 12th man scheme (in the guise or the fiver club)  Now this is brilliant for those who want to contribute.

Pledge to pay a fiver every time we win.  All money goes direct to the boss.  Not Mr Cleeve, but IC.  Every penny the 12th man raises goes to the team/squad/playing budget.  At present they are set at a fiver to make it worth while, but I reckon that by setting up a standing order and letting people decide from as little a quid would be better, or even having a collection bucket on a table with the programmes might help as well.  The 12th man scheme could win us the league this yr.

A 12th man is really really important and everyone should be the 12th man in one way or another.  Vocally, supportive or financial.

Imagine 150 people at a fiver.  What's that..... potentially an extra 750 a week,  a non-taxable gift to IC to put diesel in cars, boots on feet and goals in nets.... 

Anyway, the football.....  I reckon the boss got a glimpse of the task he has ahead.  He'll need support. 

Let's give it to him......   In abundance.