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Re: Stephen Cleeve Twitter
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What has this got to do with where I work? If the comments to Mr Cleeve were personal then he has every right to restrict access to anyone he wants. In the same way any business has the right to refuse entry to undesirables. This whole matter is now getting ridiculous and personal to anyone who has an opinion different to the regular moaners on here or anyone who has any support for the chairman past or present.Thank god for the likes of Buster and SC who have got us here today if you lot had got it we would still be playing the likes Denver & Terrington etc crap football, in a crap setup run on car boots and raffles Good Bye
lmao this mans bang on the money

I presume this is meant to refer to the trust?  The very same trust that Mr Cleeve asked for money?  The very same trust that gives the fans a vehicle on which to air their views?  And it doesn't matter how money is raised so long as it is raised?  :dontknow:
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