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Sense of proportion
« on: February 26, 2018, 01:15:58 PM »
Not sure what has brought this on this season, perhaps its testament to how much we have improved on the pitch, but there seems to be a lot of criticism of off the field operations when there has to be an acceptance that we are what we are - a non-league outfit playing semi-pro football at step 3 in the pyramid with aspirations of step 2 (anything more is pure fantasy imo).  So with that everyone, myself included, have to accept that there will be times when roles that are covered by professionals in a league club are undertaken by volunteers at KLTFC and when you are dealing with volunteers you have to accept that however willing, there will be times when they are unable to meet the same standards as a professional, whether that is in the standard of stewarding, media coverage, marketing expertise, programme editing, website moderating, grounds maintenance or whatever.  This isn't to knock any of the people currently in the roles mentioned, far from it, but however much we may wish for things to be 'better' unless we are prepared (and can also prove a greater level of competency and commitment than the current postholders) to take things on then I think we all need to be a bit more grateful for what we have.

Attleborough Doug

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Re: Sense of proportion
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Very well said that man !


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Re: Sense of proportion
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My thoughts entirely Tony M