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Blimey 50!!  You would need a real vantage point to count that lot.   I guess free admission and no travel makes for a good day out.

Good to see you take every post literally. Obviously it wasn't 50.....but they had a lot!

I was trying to make the comment (badly obviously) that maybe it we had that many you may actually be happy with the media team!!


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Now you are talking silly... As if any Club at this level needs that many people on media.  Just need ones who can do their job.  Like I said I offered praise at the start of the season, for a job being well done.   Chris told me a the end of last season that they knew they hadn't been good enough last season and were looking to up their game.  He, however wasn't around to carry out his intention.  However things did start of as promised.  Now we seem to be slipping back into the bad old ways.  back to the days when no one from the media team attends a game.   Then again if Mr Cleeve is happy with the situation who are the fans to worry about the poor coverage the Club receives.

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Normal service resumed on pricing, whoever we are playing?  :dontknow:
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 For FA Cup/FA Trophy games there is a minimum charge as set out by the FA, the clubs then have to agree the prices to be charged, with the FA acting as arbitrator's if the clubs can't agree.


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5 weeks into the season and already feel like I have to say something, one of the main things at the moment is we are all volunteers, I feel this sometimes gets forgotten, we all spend hours putting bits together to do the best we can. If we get to lge football then media becomes more of a full time role as footage has to work with the EFL etc so itís a lot more work and time.

The start of the season there was a lot going on, plenty of things to focus on, new manager for one, new players, we even caught up with the new groundsman, once the season starts it really starts with a bang, we went, sat, tues, sat, sat, mon, sat, for me personally itís a lot of work involved.

To say the media side of things have faded is an unfair statement to me, there are areas to improve on maybe, things in place already this season include media write ups released before every game for the build up, post match interviews go up 99% of time a few hours after the FT whistle and the highlights generally follow the next day, we have videos playing around the ground before matches and when we can radio Norfolk have agreed to let us use there commentary on the highlights.

There are more ideas in the pipeline, i want to do more stuff with the players etc but like I said earlier we are not far into the season and with the way the season started its hard to try chuck new ideas around as the staff are focused on improving what was happening on the pitch, thatís a personal

i have just got back from Corfu and although I missed the Histon games, Halesowen agreed for me to use there footage, so didnít really lose much, Iíll be back at The Walks on sat and looking forward to it. Going forward like Iíve said before a few times, if any one has any ideas of what they want to see etc then please let me know, Iím always happy to listen. If we get to Christmas and you still think the coverage is getting worse then fair enough but to say itís going downhill after a few weeks of the season is harsh.

Mark, good to see you are paying attention  :salute:

Happy with the media team's performance ?  Well I sure was at the start of the season where it looked a fresh, new approach.  Plenty of news coming out, a few interviews with players etc.  This has since somewhat faded, in line with the team performances.  That's the way it is coming across to me, Mark do you think that is a fair statement ?  You guys set the standard at the start of the season, but it does seem to fallen back to the way it was. 

Im fine on the apples and pears, have a load ripening in the garden right now.  Plus not everyone eats Pork, so no apple sauce needed by me. 

As for the not attendance of a media representative of the Club, yes I have to say that is disappointing.  I guess if the Chairman's idea ( dreams?) of gain league status then the media team will be changed to people who can fulfil such duties as travelling to away games.

With regard to the new manager ( or otherwise) has the situation now changed with regard to the Chairman's idea that a decision would be made in 10/12 (?) days ?.  Don't tell me the famous table is being brought out again and there are 3 offers on it   :thanks:


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You donít need to explain yourself Mr TV. Everyone entitled to a holiday!

Iíve been impressed with the highlights done so far, was also nice that we heard from the groundsman during the summer.

As for Mallard, he seems to have a personal issue with the media team and has done for a couple of seasons now. No idea what it is but I for one think all the media team do a decent job considering youíre all volunteers and have full time jobs & family issues as well like the rest of us do.

Keep up the good work.


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« Reply #21 on: September 18, 2018, 06:44:27 PM »
I think your all doing a fantastic job, anyone who expects more is delusional when itís unpaid work.