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Re: Royston v Kettering
« Reply #15 on: November 18, 2018, 12:20:38 PM »

Interesting to see the massive drop at FC Utd. Honeymoon period well and truely over there.

Salford City helped with that.


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Re: Royston v Kettering
« Reply #16 on: November 18, 2018, 02:49:44 PM »
What did I learn?
1. Kettering can play 352 in a manner that reminded me of Lynn when they play that way.
2. Kettering a very well-organised side who keep hold of the ball well.
3. When not playing wide, their strikers: Holman, O'Connor and Hoenes who joins the attack from left mid to make an attacking 3,  play mainly through the channels. Holman drops the deepest to pick up from midfield.
4. Midfield are very mobile and technically very good.
5. Royston are an average side who threatened Kettering sporadically. They did push on in the last 20 and almost got something out of the game.
6. The club house was buzzing at half-time, clearly bolstered by the large contingent of noisy  Kettering fans - but it made me realise how flat the bar is at Lynn.
7. Entrance fee 10.
8. At their best, Lynn a better side than Kettering. Not by much but Lynn are better.

If we could replicate 6 and 7 Stan we could be pushing 1500 a game on current form,bar prices always go a long way to pullin people in? Maybe a happy hour next week could attract people,especially as I have been told that the Napier is closed at the moment? I stand to be corrected on that? :dontknow:

Not often I agree with Gris to be honest but yes drinks prices is an issue. The big issue I have had is how unprofessional the bar looked, now admittedly I havent been yet this season but the many times I went last there were no uniforms, you would queue for a beer and be told it was in the other bar or one time being told the bottles werent cold.

Some years ago I used to serve before the games and at half time in the bar whilst studying, the bars were busy and served good drinks and reasonable prices. Also the decor in the bar is HORRIBLE... Bring back the Blue and Gold of old, even the days of the projector on the wall showing the football scores, it just doesnt feel the same welcoming place before, during and after the game.