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« on: January 26, 2019, 06:49:19 PM »
Iíve thought this for most of the season but with injuries recently itís been about whoís been fit enough to play. But what does everyone think our midfield 4/3 should be. Our top 2 pick themselves and our back 4/5 does aswell but we seem to chop and change an awful lot in midfield, Iím not sure Ian Culverhouse is 100% sure in there either. In my opinion we miss the balance Lappin gave us last year to allow the more forward thinking midfielders to play freely.

If we play with a flat back 4, I would have Jarvis and Clunan centrally with Hawkins and Henderson playing in front of them with Hawkins on the left cutting in. For me his best position that he hasnít been utilised in enough recently and Henderson drifting in from the right to a more central position to link the play up.

In a 5 with wing backs, Jarvis and Clunan centrally with Parker just in front of them. Iíve felt that Henderson and Hawkins are quite ineffective with wingbacks drifting out the the game far too much.



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Re: Midfield
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Hawkins and Richards on the right wing and FBT and Henderson on the left caused a lot of trouble today the strikers were queuing up to receive the ball and shoot. Only trouble was they were hitting St Ives players instead of the goal. The ball passes nicely across the midfield by Clunan. But there was no way through the massed ranks of defenders.
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