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A few things about Warrington
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:35:53 PM »
 Few things about yesterday and questions raised etc:-
1’ attendance was probably 2500+ spoke to regular. Their capacity was actually 2200 (local council) they believed Lynn would only sell 200- they sold 2200 to home fans, bloke said they will announce 2200 as gate. Which they did. Also they took cash at the gate. Several lynn paid at the gate.
2. The organisation was shocking. No signs to car park. No police. Stewards were at best a joke. Must of been the tea lady in high vis vest. No segregation was asking for the minor scuffles. Through the first half street had several objects thrown at him. The stewards just watched. When the first skirmish happened surely the police should of  been called to support the useless stewards. At the end of the game there should of been an exit plan to stop both sets of fans clashing. This didn’t happen. It was obvious some lynn fans were waiting for the home fans to go before leaving.(sensible) then some old bird started ordering everybody to leave. How ridiculous. Again outside no police. No stewards. The police arrived 20 mins later.
3. If Warrington had won, next season they had planned to ground share with Warrington wolves. We worry our ground is not up to scratch. How can that ground be equal status to ours?
4. I am writing to fa to ask for the risk assessments etc for yesterday’s game. H&S rules undoubtedly broken. Although no major issues occurred their were still issues. The man of in charge of H&s at Hillsboro just been found guilty I believe. Warrington, the fa, and Warrington council have much to answer.
5. Great turn out of Lynn fans. A long journey for so many. Good show of strength.
6. First time in two years that iceman culver house has showed any emotion👏👏
7. The team played well. Standouts for me were Richards, fryatt, mcaully and Jones . Also limb did well when on after weeks with game time,
8. Warrington not a bad side. A very good game. I think Lynn did edge it.
9. Well done mr Cleeve . Good to see a few now giving him praise instead of insults
10. Shame presentations not organised better. Done away from Lynn fans and missed by many.
11. To get promoted we won three cups. How stupid. Runners up. Play off cup. Then super play off cup
12. Isn’t it kind of nice that no one likes us.
13. Next season going to be a challenge. Some new additions will be required. Shame that maybe 50% of the squad will have to change
14. Bloody good day out,


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Re: A few things about Warrington
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2019, 08:12:59 AM »
Glad someone else raised the organisation (or lack off).

As soon as I got to the ground it was obvious there wasn't enough stewards (we have more on a gate of 6/700). I don't like segregation but it was obvious the lack of it was a bad idea, which it proved at various times during the game.

The lack of any presentation announcement was poor, no PA announcement and the plate just seemed to be handed to Lynn without any real thought the fans would like to see it!

At least twice in the first half items were thrown at Street. The 2nd time (a bottle) the "steward" pointed out the culprit yet just stood there afterwards and done nothing about it.

Fighting between the Warrington "fans" seemed to be a clash of sports - the football fans v the rugby league fans. Looked like one had to hide in the portaloo out of the way!

Also, when the final whistle went again no thought of how to get people out, with Warrington fans (some probably not even 18) goading and throwing things at Lynn fans (including stones over the top of the small stand) as they went past. Luckily nothing major kicked off.

Some Lynn fans ran on the pitch after Gashy's goal - certainly not a good idea but thankfully the other Lynn fans and some of the players soon got them back into the stand.

To me, it appeared there was more than 375 Lynn fans (from walking round the ground) which fits with the point raised about cash being paid.

Still, at least we won!!