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Consider this......
« on: March 29, 2020, 01:35:15 PM »
Locked down, so more time to read items from sources I wouldn't usually follow.

I think its fair to say that many are expecting a very different world when the current crisis is finally over (whenever that may be), and not just with regards to football. All sorts of things will have to change and the billions of pounds that is being returned to the taxpayer will obviously have to be recouped over a period of many years to come. How we go about our everday life is going to change and effect us all one way or another, and not just finacially.

I've just read an article by Maidstone Chairman. He seems to have managed to get his head around this to a certain degree.

He is of the opinion that non league football needs to press the reset button. i.e. going part time, as their wil be fewer people buying season tickets, fewer advertisers, fewer sponsors etc. Basically a lot less money available for people to spend on football (and of course other pastimes and even things in general).

He continues by saying that some Clubs have made it difficult for themselves by existing on an owner subsidy for years and now the owners are having  trouble funding Clubs because their own business's are experiencing financial problems themselves.

He goes on to say that there are too many clubs in the country, TV money is expected to be less, so even less will filter down the leagues. The league structure will have to be different in terms of Clubs travelling from one end of the country to another (every cloud.........).  He expects to see Clubs go the wall and when one does, it could have a domino effect.

Doom and gloom? Maybe but imo if this is coming from a Chairman of a Club, this kind of warning as to what we can expect has to be listened to.

If you tie that in with what our Govt , its Officials, scientists and health specialist are saying regarding life in general, then going forward, then things could get even worse as far as football is concerned.

It sounds to me that the lockdown will be extended, with some thinking as far as June. Social distancing could go on even longer, maybe as long as 18 months.

If that happens its goodbye to next season, but by then I suupose we will all have far greater concerns than football and even the individual football clubs we support.

Who knows whats to come. We are entering uncharted territory. If people think that this will not get far worse before it gets better, ask yourself if you ever thought we would be in our current position only a matter of 6 weeks ago?

#stay safe.

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Re: Consider this......
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2020, 09:19:12 PM »
Listening to Dr Jenny Harriess on BBC Website she is coming up with 6 Months before we start getting back to normal.  Thatís October, though they expect social distancing will still be required after that. 
Could Football Clubs at all levels cope with being mothballed to re-start for season 21/22?   

Awful times in the World and despite me being lover of the game,  there are far important things than Football.


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