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Lynn News article on pricing.
« on: July 06, 2021, 04:40:43 PM »

A fairly comprehensive statemment from the club. Credit where credit is due, telling supporters not to buy a season ticket if they would want their money back in the event of a further lockdown. Streaming will be offered as an alternative if needs be. Combination of cost, experience of last two season, and caution going forward will have an effect on season ticket sales imho.

I'm still not sure about this "frozen ticket prices" for this sesson as there will be a 1 "donation" added to the cost. If the 1 is mandatory, which it appears to be, then its an increase whichever way you look at it.

Theres also the little matter of tax. Admission prices attract VAT, donations don't. If this was allowed, why not charge 1 to get in and have a mandatory 19 "donation" (I say this in jest). I just can't see it being permitted by HMRC.

What's the point or benefit of doing it this way? The 1 increase is apparently being ring fenced to go towards repaying the debts that the Club has incurred, but it wouldn't  have to be a donation for this to happen. A 1 is a 1 wherever it comes from.

I know there's quite a few accountants that follow this forum so maybe one of them could kindly  give their opinion on this.

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