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Re: Boreham Wood
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2021, 01:55:29 PM »
Listening to the Boreham  Wood Manager's interview postmatch he loves the way Lynnplay and wishes he could play that way and get the results,but he can't..or words to that effect.

People were saying that about Lynn in the NLN,but Lynn proved them all wrong.

However at step 2 the midfield and forwards were able to make inroads and create and take chances. We are not currently creating enough chances and hardly taking any.

Playing IC's desired style (which has to be the way to go if he's in charge) we are always likely to concede a goal per game, so we have to find a way to be more creative. The defensive side of things is reasonable at the moment.

Personally I feel we should be getting more out of Sundire, Gyasi and Linton.
Who do Lynn have as attacking coach at the moment I wonder ?
Sundire has a good engine , Gyasi unpredictable and exciting skill, lacking an end product.
Linton has looked classy in patches, but we need more of it.
I feel we should.put emphasis on getting work into these guys, to try and improve their end product.

Omotayo and Morias are the two contracted forwards and need to work on their partnership....Morias has been absent for a large part of the season and needs to ensure he stays disciplined........ hopefully both will start to feel more of a pattern developing over the next few games which will lead to a few goals and a rise in confidence.

Unless Lynn have an incredible cup run, it seems most of the improvement needs to come from what we currently have......I am not sure we are getting the best from said players currently.


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Re: Boreham Wood
« Reply #16 on: October 27, 2021, 02:04:47 PM »
I think before the chairman wastes anymore money someone  must get through to the manager that Gold should not be the first name on the team sheet every game. He didn't win one aerial battle last nigh he brings nothing to the team..
Funny how opinions vary GS several of us near me thought he had a lot better game last night Dribbled and ran with the ball on several occasions which we haven't seen often.
He also won several headers , flick ons right in front of us in the stand in the first half Maybe we watched a different game
Also a strong defensive header in the second half

I am sort of with you Linnet, in fact I have said it for a while - we have to stop thinking of Gold as a 'target man' as he plainly isn't however if we think of him as someone who can run the channels and move defenders around then he may have a role so long as someone tells his teammates not to hit balls in the air!  What he is crying out for is a partner who is going to stretch defences and on current evidence that isn't Linton (who looks willing but hasn't formed any sort of partnership with Omotayo and doesn't look anymore likely to score than him) or Morias (who came on and played left back for some of the game last night and could easily have found himself with another red for lashing out - I also think he was booked for something he said - and doesn't look anymore likely to score than Gold or even get himself in the box).


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Re: Boreham Wood
« Reply #17 on: October 27, 2021, 03:00:58 PM »
Reading through the posts on the forum regarding strikers, it seems seems we havent replaced the duo of Gash and Marriott. It must be frustrating for IC to see, game after game, the front men hitting the side netting, posts and everywhere else apart from the goal. We are stuck with the front men, we have, them , being on contract, but in fairness how many games have we played the same two up front for two games in a row. Gash and Marriot played untold amount of games together and had an understanding of where each would be. This takes time,  Morias seems on the edge all the time, is he going to get booked or sent off. I cant get to games living where i am, so have to rely on here and Radio Norfolk for my info. There is time this season yet to turn this around, but we need consistency up front to form a partnership.


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Re: Boreham Wood
« Reply #18 on: October 27, 2021, 04:53:03 PM »
Couldn't possibly comment Nikki :laughcry:


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