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Do We Have A Game Saturday
« on: April 08, 2022, 06:00:37 PM »
It really sums up a lot of posters on this site that here we are on the eve of the next match after picking up some really good points over the last few games and there are no posts but they are still posting about an SC article in the EDP on 26th March.


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Re: Do We Have A Game Saturday
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2022, 08:30:22 PM »
Lots of stuff going Norm.  Last Saturday at Dover.  The excellent win a Tuesday night.  The Friends having issues with fund raising.   SC wanting to run 4 music events on the pitch in the summer ( can the pitch take that and be turned around?).

More to a Football Club that Saturday’s game.  Just had a listen to TW’s Friday lunchtime view on the game Saturday.  Seems to be confident we can tackle the big sides in a one off game so If we are on the front foot Saturday no reason not to be looking at 3 points.

Tommy was well pleased with the uplift in the gates and the fans seem to be buying  into the new team, new ‘style’ new Management team.

What’s your views Norm ?
What if the Hokey Cokey really is what it’s all about ?


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Re: Do We Have A Game Saturday
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2022, 09:27:10 AM »
Well Mall,
             Being a firm supporter of IC even I had to eventually admit that the style of play he was attempting with the group of players he had was just not working.
Would we be where we are today with IC in charge I doubt it, so lets give TW credit for at least getting the team fighting for each other and the club to give us an outside chance of survival
I agree there are many off field problems and am not sure SC is the man to solve these going forward.
As for today's game I think Yeovil will be very difficult to beat and would be satisfied with a point


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Re: Do We Have A Game Saturday
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2022, 10:03:16 AM »
First up - Well done to all at the club for recent results….and very good luck to them for today’s game vs Yeovil.  I believe SC’s EDP article made a lot of sense.  He is honest about the difficulties in the way of progress towards his dream, and correct about the reasons for those difficulties increasing.  I often read that the club and dream are his “hobby”, but they are also the hobby of the supporters.  No one in an official capacity at the club has done as much to push the project forward, and I can’t see why people aren’t more grateful for his efforts, his generosity, and his success.  Over the many years that I have been watching the fare at The Walks, I feel there has always been a “local” wish - a local manager/local players etc.., and I realise it is good to see “local boy made good” headlines occasionally, but it is no requirement for progress of the club.  We get too hooked on “name” managers, at every level. TW has done better in this league than IC - and even Neville and now Lampard show that names don”t always have a bearing.  Good luck SC, TW, and the team today !!!

John H

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Re: Do We Have A Game Saturday
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2022, 10:06:33 AM »
Good morning Normski
If we do manage to stay up it would be a remarkable achievement, given our situation only a few weeks ago. So the fact that we still have a fighting chance of National League football again next season, then we really need a win today. Home games are where we need to win. The next two games are tough games, so a win today would be good. I know it won’t be easy, TW said he was happy with a point at Dover, well if you watch the highlights of that game, you can clearly see the disappointment from the players at the final whistle.
If we play with the same commitment and effort as we showed Tuesday, then we will be ok. We need to take the game to Yeovil and don’t give them time on the ball. Hopefully after the game, we will all be very happy.


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