Blue & Gold Forum


  • £2 per entry - no maximum number of entries per person
  • Payment is by monthly standing order or by cash/cheque paid at least 6 months in advance
  • Standing orders will be debited on or after the 15th of each month with the draw being made on or after the 1st of the following month
  • All standing order forms are to be returned to the promoter (full address is on the form)
  • Each draw will be made by at least 2 Trust directors and an independent witness
  • Prize monies to be paid out will total at least 20% of income generated as required by the Lotteries and Gambling Act 2005
  • Lottery is open to members and non-members aged 16 years and over
  • Winners names will be displayed in the local media and on the Trust website unless requested otherwise by the winner
  • In the event the same number is drawn out more than once in any one draw then only the highest winning amount will be paid out.