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Statement 12 December 2009
Blue and Gold (Kings Lynn) Supporters Trust – Kings Lynn’s football club to return

It’s been an incredibly emotional time for anyone who cares about Kings Lynn Football Club. To say we feel devastated and utterly let down by what’s happened over the previous few months and more is a total understatement. We have all felt powerless to do anything to save the Club that we support in its 130th year. However, this is not the end of Kings Lynn’s senior football club, but the chance for a new beginning.

As fans we’ve all had some time to prepare for what eventually happened on Wednesday the 9th of December, and we are now focusing our efforts towards ensuring that football in the Town does not die, and carries on into its 131st year and beyond: the reforming of Kings Lynn’s football club as a supporter-owned club, following in the footsteps of those at AFC Telford United, Scarborough Athletic and AFC Wimbledon, amongst others

Looking at clubs like Telford, Wimbledon and Scarborough, we know we have an exciting future ahead of us, and we call on all fans and interested parties to join us and take part.

However there are now a number of formal procedures we must carry out to turn this vision into a reality, and we outline them below:

How the Club will be owned in the future
Private ownership has not been a success at Kings Lynn Football Club, and so we aim to reform the Club under full ownership by the Supporters Trust. This will mean that major decisions affecting the Club will be made democratically by Members and their elected representatives, in line with the ownership structures at other supporter-owned clubs. This will not however mean that fans will be picking the team, as we believe that’s the manager and coaching staff’s job.

The lease at the Walks
We have already had positive formal discussions with the Council regarding the lease, and are maintaining a regular dialogue.

Acquiring Senior Status to enable us to apply to a league
We have already approached the Norfolk County FA about applying for Senior Status as a Club, and we understand both from them and our advisors, Supporters Direct, that this will be a relatively simply process.

Applying to a league
This is the most difficult issue for fans who find themselves in the position we all are at this moment in time, as it is not possible to join a league part-way through a season. We have however ensured that the relevant parties at the Football Association are aware that we are undertaking the process to reform as a successor to Kings Lynn FC, and will be applying to the National Game Division to a league for next season. If we are regarded as a successor club, we may only have to suffer up to three divisions relegation. Whatever happens we will though be seeking as high a level in the football pyramid as is possible. We will continue to keep you updated on this issue.

The name of the Club
It is absolutely our intention, within what is permitted by the authorities, to choose a name that is as close as possible to that of the old Club.

The sale of the assets of Kings Lynn Football Club by the Official Receiver
We have already lodged our interest with the Official Receiver who will be selling off the assets of the old Club to pay the debts it owes.

On all these issues we will continue to keep you up to date with as much information as we possibly can, but we ask for patience at this time. If you are not already a member of the Blue and Gold Supporters Trust, we urge you to join and be part of an exciting future for us all. Join us at

Although we’ve lost one of the most promising Kings Lynn teams we’ve seen for some years, we now have the chance to take our destiny into our own hands, and to ensure that no one single individual ever again has control over our destiny.

We must all now be focused on ensuring the continuation of the history of the last 130 years of football in Kings Lynn.