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Statement from the New Chairman
Firstly, I would like to thank Neil Timms for the tremendous amount of effort and zeal he has put into leading the Trust to the position it finds itself in today. From early last year up until the official launch in November, the administrative and organisational hurdles that had to be crossed in order that the Trust could be recognised by Supporters Direct, and then officially registered as an Industrial and Provident Society were achieved largely to Neil’s commitment and leadership. He without doubt established an enthusiastic steering group, and gelled them into a cohesive team who all had the same long term interests of senior football in King’s Lynn at heart . Thanks Neil.

Although some may think otherwise, the Trust was not formed specifically to submit a bid for the lease of the Walks after the old club folded. As I alluded to earlier in this post, the idea of forming a Supporters’ Trust was born very early last year, with the intention of forging supporter links with the old board of Directors. Unfortunately that did not happen, and the rest is history. It is regrettable that there are still a few who perceive the Trust to be some sort of protest group against the new owners of King’s Lynn Town FC. I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Moving on, I would like to thank my fellow Directors who have elected me to the post of Chairman. I have accepted this position until the first AGM which is likely to be held sometime in November of this year. Having worked alongside the Directors and other Committee members for the last 10 months, I am confident that we have the drive and commitment to see the Trust flourish, and therefore to be in a stronger position to achieve all of its aims. I would also like to acknowledge the fantastic work done by the Administrator of our website. I'm sure you will agree that the website is a tremendous and invaluable asset to the Trust.
You will know that the Trust has held talks with the Directors of KLTFC, but they have made it clear that they are not happy to involve the Trust in the running of the club. I am hopeful that this stance may change in the future, and should they wish to open further dialogue with the Trust, I am always contactable via the Linnets' website.

It is testament to the early and continuing work done to promote the Trust, that membership continues to increase. A tremendous amount of work has been put in by the committee, but I would be more comfortable if we could recruit more Directors and committee members to share the workload and to add more experience. This will be one of my initial priorities. If you are interested in becoming involved in the management of the Trust, please contact me or any of the Trust committee members. Additionally, if anyone has any questions regarding the existence, aims or structure of the Trust, please forward your questions via the “Contact Us facility” on the website. Every question will be answered.

Finally and most importantly, it will be great to see football back at the Walks. I wish the management team of KLTFC best wishes for the new season, and I am looking forward to being back on the Terraces in July.

Let's Achieve More Together
Len Candlish