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Open Letter to the Supporters of King’s Lynn Town FC

The Blue & Gold Supporters’ Society (aka The Blue & Gold Trust) is a Co-operative and Community Benefits Society representing a group of supporters of King’s Lynn Town FC.
The main aim of the Trust which was formed some 9 years ago, is to establish a formal and legal stake-holding in the football club (not necessarily ownership) thus ensuring democratic supporter representation in the running of the club.
The Trust has no official affiliation to King’s Lynn Town Football Club.
Funds raised by the Trust are to be used appropriately to benefit the long term stability and future of the football club, its supporters and the community.
The Trust cannot support the current single owner/investor/director management model being used to run KLTFC.
Whilst it is hoped that Mr Stephen Cleeve is successful in achieving his ambitions, this management model is precarious to say the least and has proven to be the downfall of many football clubs particularly at non-league level.
On taking up the reins, Mr Cleeve made it clear that his ambition was to see the football club achieve promotion to the national leagues and beyond.
A bold ambition indeed, but he seemed confident in his abilities stating that KLTFC was a “sleeping giant”.
The end of the 2008-09 season saw King's Lynn Football Club finish their first and only season in Conference North in 17th place and relegation followed as improvements identified during a Ground Requirements inspection had not been carried out despite the Club having been given ample notice.
With that in mind, the Directors of the Trust decided in some small way to help Mr Cleeve achieve his ambitions by launching a Ground Development Fund.
Any monies raised would be ring-fenced and used to support any ground improvements identified by relevant ground inspections as the football club progresses through the leagues.
The conditions of the fund were explicitly detailed on the Trust website at www.thelinnets.co.uk Those who have donated to the fund have done so on this basis.
The heartbeat of any Football Club is its supporters.
The directors of The Blue and Gold Trust feel that it is important to appraise supporters, both Trust members and non-members, of the extreme negative attitude of Mr Cleeve towards the Trust and particularly towards the recently established Ground Development Fund.
Mr Cleeve contacted the Trust to request that the GDF pay £2,500 for a new boiler to be fitted in the changing rooms.
He was informed that the fund was established for a specific purpose and not to fund maintenance issues.
We quote from an Email sent by Mr Cleeve to the Chairman of The Blue and Gold Trust on Friday 19/10/18 at 1754:
“As it is you are now raising money under false pretences, I want nothing to do with this charade and I will personally pay for any ground improvements.
You must stop raising money with immediate effect and you must never imply to anyone that you communicate with that you support or work with the club in any way as you don’t.
Your organisation has never given a penny to the football club and is not fit for purpose” The implication of this is that the Directors of the Trust are in some way fraudulently enticing people to donate to a fund for their own use.
This could not be further from the truth, but if anyone who has donated to the Ground Development Fund is uncomfortable with this situation then please let us know and we will provide a full refund.
The Trust as a body has never claimed to be associated with the football club, and we find it bewildering that our efforts are dismissed in such an aggressive manner.
In another unwarranted rant in his programme notes on Wednesday the 31st of October 2108, which contains many inaccuracies and untruths, Mr Cleeve has decided to terminate any further communication with the Trust.
So be it. He is the current owner of the club.
The Trust Directors will only comment further to individual requests for information regarding this matter and will not be drawn into any form of tit-for-tat argument.