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King's Lynn 1 Boston United 4
1st May 1935
Entertaining about 2,000 spectators to a display of football of good quality, Boston United, who were the holders of the trophy as far back as 1901, deservedly won the Lynn Hospital Cup at The Walks on Wednesday evening, defeating Lynn Town by 4-1 in a well-contested game. Although outplayed, Lynn gave a plucky exhibition and were not without their misfortunes.
The discouraging effect of two early goals did not wear off for some time. Brumpton, the home goalkeeper, took the field in a semi-fit condition, and this explains his failure to save those first two significant goals. In addition Sizeland and Burrows both were injured, and Baker was engaged as right wing at the last minute. Considering his inexperience he played a wonderfully good game.
Playing with that assurance characteristic of a professional team, Boston showed Lynn the value of accurate ball control and swift decisions. They achieved results with an apparent minimum of effort, whereas Lynn, although maintaining a strong resistance, were doing so at the expense of a maximum of effort.
It is to the credit of the amateurs, however, that they so strongly defended their goal against the attacks of a full Midland League side which has every prospect of closing the season high up in the table. The "Linnets" relinquished many valuable chances, were slow on the ball before goal, and finished poorly.
Lynn Town: E. Brumpton: J R Massingham, G A Way: P Henry, F T Massingham, J D Raper, C Baker, W Pearman, R V Fenton, E W Reynolds, F Fakenbridge.
Boston United: Taylor: Bradbury, Ellis, Simons, Cringan, Baxter: Munnings, Stocks, Bungay, McConnell, Marshall
Referee: Mr A L Spridgeon (March)
Lynn commenced with ten men, Baker being absent until after the first goal had been scored. Working with the sun in their eyes Boston nevertheless showed no signs of experiencing any inconvenience, and had opened the scoring within the first three minutes. McConnell took a shot from the left wing, and the ball went into the net from the inside of the upright. Boston continued to attack steadily, but found it unnecessary to extend themselves and easily increased their lead four minutes later, when Bungay hooked the ball past Brumpton during a goal-area scramble. Subsequently Lynn saw more of the game, but the visiting defence was predominant in most instances. Increasing their pace Boston again took up the running, and clever passing endangered the Lynn goal. In a reply attack Fenton raised the Lynn hopes by beating Bradbury for possession and working an opening. Taylor saved well, and a few minutes later pushed out a great cross-shot from Fakenbridge.
By far the best home effort came from Baker, who hit the cross-bar with a swinging shot which had Taylor beaten by a foot. Immediately Boston successfully retaliated. Munnings cut in after an unchecked run, drew Brumpton, and hooked the ball past him into the net. An improvement in the Lynn defence became apparent and, although Boston continued to press strongly, Brumpton had less work. There were triers in the Lynn forward line who kept the defence busy, but the visiting backs were much faster on the ball.
Taylor was beaten for the first time after play had been in progress for about half-an-hour. Pearman, hovering on the outskirts of a goal-area struggle, found the net with a laudable first-time shot. The Lynn goal had an escape when Stocks shot following a corner. Brumpton was unsighted, but J R Massingham cleared from the goal-line. Towards half-time Lynn again began to press, and a shot from Fakenbridge it the side of the net.
Interval score: Lynn Town 1 Boston United 3
Opening play in the second half was rather more even, but Boston were not long in resuming an aggressive policy. In a dangerous goal-area struggle Way was the salvation of the Lynn side when he scrambled the ball off the Lynn goal-line. The goalkeeper pulled down a high shot from Marshall before pressure was relieved. Another spell of Boston pressure was followed by a well worked Lynn attack but Fakenbridge and Baker both missed chances. At times Lynn were very slow and their shooting gave Taylor very little employment. Boston were using Munnings as much as possible, but the winger found Raper a difficulty. In attack Boston continued to play neat football , but the Lynn halves were lying well back and the defence presented a fairly solid resistance. Way cleared from the goal-line from a well placed Boston corner kick, and Marshall had bad luck when he hit the right hand corner of the goalpost. F Massingham failed to make use of a free kick, and Marshall again got through. Bungay first headed the resultant centre onto the crossbar, but retrieved the ball to score the first goal of the second half after 30 minutes.
Lynn replied with a brisk raid which ended with a spinning shot from Fakenbridge. Reynolds tried desperately to run the ball in, but failed. For a time Lynn's vigorous attacks were maintained, but the forwards made poor use of openings, finishing badly in most instances. Boston broke away but the wingers were carefully watched, and Bungay, who had developed a limp, could not do much.
Report by permission of the Lynn News