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Worksop Town 2 King's Lynn 3
1st September 1955
The feat of scoring two goals in the first 17 minutes against King's Lynn at Central Avenue had, one fears, an adverse effect on Worksop Town. Having done so, they seemed to pause and ask themselves, "Can we do this sort of thing against the likes of Ron Capewell, Keith Bannister, Bill Whittaker, Jimmy Hartnett, Johnny Downes and Co?". And while they were deciding, the Linnets settled about the task of overhauling the arrears, It was one in which they succeeded.
Worksop had forged ahead in the 12th minute when inside right Dean hit the mark with a beautiful header, and five minutes later Capewell made the mistake which presented Town with a second success. The goalkeeper collected from a corner on the left but Rhodes, with customary enterprise, harassed him into letting go the ball which spun into the net.
Then, gradually but none the less surely, Worksop allowed the initiative to pass to the opposition. Their confidence gave place to hesitancy and sweeping advances by the Linnets' attack began to tell, handicapped though the front line were by an injury to Murray.
It was something like poetic justice when Lynn reduced the arrears in the 42nd minute. Wilson had ventured from goal and was in no position to deal with the situation when a throw-clear by Capewell set going a quick thrust on the Lynn left and Hartnett lobbed the ball over the head of the advancing goalkeeper. In the 50th minute came the equaliser - headed by Edwards from a corner by the limping Murray, and in the 65th minute the Lynn winner. Edwards again finding the mark by slipping through a static Worksop defence, whose members were apparently under the impression, though wrongly, that he was offside.
Lynn gave a splendid exhibition off fast, open football and had in Edwards a leader well capable of rounding off their smooth advances.
Report by permission of the Lynn News