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King's Lynn 2 Bradford Park Avenue Reserves 0
2nd February 1957
WHEN LEE who last week scored four goals, found the net in the eleventh minute on Saturday at the Walks, it looked as though Lynn, was in for another goal banquet, but missed chances-and second-half slackening kept the score down to two goals. Lynn were ,well worth their two points and, particularly in the first half, looked easily the superior side. The most promising feature of this game was the fact that this was the first occasion this season that Lynn's Midland League opponents failed to score.
Lynn's team was unchanged from the combination that beat the other Bradford team 5-2 the previous week and It seems that this heavy Lynn team is the answer to the problem posed by the heavy, muddy pitch. It was little better than last week. State of the ground has caused much discussion in Lynn recently, and the general opinion is that, the new stand Is partly to blame as It keeps the drying wind oft the ground. It is thought, however. that a few Inches below the surface the ground is dry but the water cannot seep through.
Hardly any of the players can be faulted on Saturday's display. Many times, only Inches separated the ball and the goal, and the ball did not run kindly for Lynn forwards. Defence, as usual was sold. Only once did Bradford look like scoring a n d on that occasion, with Manning on the floor. Heagren raced across the goalmouth and took a full blooded drive In the stomach. But he saved a goal.
Little was seen of Lynn's defence in the first half, for the forwards had ninety per cent of the play. When the ball did get near the Lynn penalty area, Neal usually was the one gain possession although Heagren gave another sterling performance. Bannister and the wing halves did not give such a good account of themselves, as they did against the other Brad ford team, but nevertheless acquitted themselves satisfactorily.
Up in the forward line Downie started in great form but slackened off considerably at the game wore on while Williams was a constant danger. Morris, Todd and Lee all had their great moments but were not consistent.
A good movement between Downie and Williams straight from the kick-off ended when the latter's toe stuck in the mud as lie was about to centre. Then Morris ran down the wing and centred for Todd to head just over.
We had seen only Lynn's attack in action up to the eleventh minute when Bunn, Todd and Williams combined for the winger to place the ball finely on Lee's head. The centre forward headed high by the outstretched keeper's arms into the net.
In an odd but harmless looking retaliation, Houghton forced a corner at the other end but Bannister cleared and set Lynn's forwards weaving once more.
Todd ran through the middle and his shot hit the cross-bar and rolled over.
A faulty back-pass nearly gave Lee another goal. but Malan just managed to smother the ball in the nick of time. He shook his fist at the guilty defender, and then Lee had Malan diving; full length to save a stinging 30 yard drive.
By now the Lynn defenders were getting a little tired of doing next-to-nothing and first Grant and then Heagren came tip-field for a share of the game. Grant's shot was on target but was safely held.
This really looked like a forward line and Bradford could thank their lucky stars they were only one goal down at the interval.
Lynn had had their chances but always somet1ling had gone wrong. Malan, who did not look particularly safe to between the sticks was deceptive.
His anticipation was partly responsible for Lynn's only scoring once. Coupled with this, the home team's shooting was not always timed well,
Bradford looked more dangerous on the restart but the Lynn defence, although busy were never under real pressure.
Doggedly the young visitors kept pegging away by speeding up their game, several times they caught the home defence hopping. Consequently tile forwards now concentrated more on defence and resorted to tile old style of heating that one man too many-or at least trying to.
In tile first quarter of an hour of tile second half Lynn, did not have a shot at goal and then Heagren broke the spell when he took the ball well upheld and slipped it to Downie. Although well-placed the inside-forward shot too close to the advancing keeper.
Lee and Williams then shied goalwards without success.
Morris, haring down the right wing, cleverly slipped the ball to Downie well in position. He fired hard and straight and the keeper seemed to have the shot covered but the ball hit Todd's head and was sharply deflected into the net. It seemed that Todd did not know he had scored, but by getting his head to that ball he had made the issue fairly safe for Lynn. The goal came in the 71st minute.
Lynn had regained some of that first-half fire now and the three inside men again went near to scoring. But Bradford fought back.
After Houghton had had a shot saved by Manning, Cameron fired in the rebound. The goal-mouth was empty. but Heagren tore across It and took the full force of the drive m his stomach He had to leave the field for a few minutes.
Lynn's last chance to score came a minute from time when Williams looked sure to net, but his shot was too slow and a defender cleared off the goat-line in the nick of time.
Lynn: Manning; Neal, Bannlster; Grant, Heagren, Bunn; Morris, Downie Lee, Todd, Wllliams.
Bradford: Malan: Baker, Hindley; Bradley, Batt, Hudson; Jordan, Houghton, Brolls, Cameron. Priestley.
Referee: H. V. A: Stott (Boston).
Attendance (excluding season-ticket holders) 2,821.
Report by permission of the Lynn News